6 Video Marketing Benefits You Need to Know About

Business 11/07/2019 3 min read

With more people than ever plugged into the web and the cost of video production decreasing, the benefits of video marketing can no longer be ignored. Video is quickly becoming the go-to format for spreading a message.

But it’s not only convenience that’s has so many marketers jumping ship from print, image, or text strategies in favor of video. The return on investment is pretty impressive, too. Learn more about the benefits of video marketing and why you should be incorporating video into your business strategy.

Why You Should Use Video in Your Marketing Strategy

1. Video Drives More Engagement

Compared to text-based content marketing, videos are way more likely to grab the attention of your audience and keep them engaged.

On average, a 90-second marketing video will hold 53 percent of viewers all the way to the end. Pretty impressive when you consider that a blog post loses 55% of readers within the first 15 seconds. Speaking of which, thanks for sticking with us this far!

Videos also generate 1200% more shares than both text and images combined and when featured on a company’s landing page, can boost conversion rates by up 80%. When integrated into marketing emails, videos have also been shown to bring about a 200-300% increase in click-through rates.

And what do all these numbers mean exactly? They mean that by simply packaging your marketing message into a video, you’re guaranteed to get more eyes on your product.

2. Improved SEO Performance

SEO Video

With all this increased engagement, your company will naturally see a bump in its SEO. And by how much exactly? Well, obviously it varies from brand to brand but one good ballpark indicator comes from a recent Comscore study which found that by simply integrating an optimized video into your company’s website, you’re 53 times more likely to be featured on front page Google search results.

3. It’s What The People Want

People love videos. In fact, we love video content so much that a third of the time we spend online, we spend engaging with it. We’re also 19% more likely to open an email if the word ‘video’ is included in an email subject line. For more jaw-dropping stats like the ones mentioned above, check out this article.  

And it’s not just a regular folk either! When given the choice over how to consume content, 59% of executives and decision-makers will opt for video over text-based formats.

4. Video Strengthens Brand Recall

The visual and auditory elements of video make it much easier for marketers to evoke in their audience a sense of connection to their brand. Even though this connection may not lead to an immediate flurry of sales, it almost guarantees that consumers will be more likely to remember the video, and in turn, the brand in the future.

While print marketing can have a similar brand recall effect as video, it pales in comparison. When watching a marketing video, consumers are able to retain 95% of its message. When receiving the same message through text-based content, this retention rate drops to 10%.

5. Capture More Data

Video Analytics

When we first began researching this post, we were stunned to find how many statistics were out there on branded video content. Although it soon all made a lot of sense. Because of the interactive nature of video, there’s a multitude of ways in which one can measure its effectiveness and reach—certainly more so than with other marketing formats.

You can measure how many times a single individual watches your video, where they stop watching it, where they skip, fast forward, rewind, and more. Marketing initiatives like blog posts and banner ads are limited in what data you can glean unless you have a Google Tag Manager wizard on staff to help you out. That said, when compared to video, they’re much harder to optimize.

6. Video Increases Customer Conversions

Last but not least is the single most important thing that any marketer care about: customer conversions! Yep, you guessed. Here, once again, video is king with a whopping 90% of customers indicating that marketing videos play a role in whether or not they ultimately decide to purchase a product.

Better yet, when it comes to product videos specifically, studies have found that viewers are 64-85% more likely to purchase the product after watching the video.

Businesses can no longer afford to ignore the benefits of video marketing. As this phenomenon continues to grow, video should be now seen as an integral component of everyone’s marketing strategy.

In 2019, video is expected to account for 80% of all web traffic and according to YouTube, online video consumption is growing by 100% every year. Our advice to you: do yourself a favor and get on the video marketing bandwagon now!