Ash Thorp Presents NIHON: A Short Film

Filmmaking 08/08/2018 3 min read

Let me ask you something. Have you seen any of the following movies: Ghost In The Shell? The Amazing Spiderman 2? Spectre? 

Well if you have, then you’ve definitely also seen the work of Ash Thorp. Ash is a graphic designer and the founder of Alt Creative, Inc., where he has worked on everything from top Hollywood productions, high-profile commercials, and even some Triple-A video games too! But showing is always better than telling, so to get a clearer picture of what he does for a living, just take a look at his demo reel from his work on Ghost In The Shell.

But his talents don’t just end at graphic design and visual effects.  Ash has had his hand in all things film, including directing. Which is why we’re proud to display Ash’s newest short film: NIHON.

When you spend most of your time creating the visuals for summer blockbusters, it can be challenging to find the time or energy to create personal passion projects.  But somehow, some way, Ash finds a way:

“This summer, I was fortunate to be able to return to Japan for a couple of weeks, and I didn’t necessarily have a planned project in mind at the start of the trip. Originally, I just wanted to capture the experiences with my new camera gear, but as I started to notice collective patterns and so much cinematic beauty during my journey, it inspired me to create the project of NIHON.”

NIHON short film

Ash describes this film as “a personal work… that explores the uncanny vertigo I enter when I am pulled into Japan. It’s my closest attempt at expressing to others what I experience as a foreigner traveling through its many levels of stimulus.”

NIHON short film

So why are we so excited about Ash’s new project? Well, it’s because in order to launch his new short film “Nihon,” Ash decided to host it’s debut to the world using Motion Array’s Portfolio Builder. We know that while creating a film itself is the main goal, marketing it and presenting it to the world cannot be neglected. Creating a visually appealing website for your film is always a necessary first step to get more eyes on your project.  

NIHON short film

We’re pretty excited to see Ash’s work using Motion Array’s Portfolio Builder, but we couldn’t just show it off without asking about his experience using the website builder. So, how did he feel about it?

“It has been great! The Portfolio tool is very user-friendly and easy to use.  I can now spend less time building a site and more time working on my craft as a creative person.”

You’ve heard it from an industry professional yourself! If you want to save time building a website and spend more time creating your films, Motion Array’s Portfolio Builder is the right tool for the job!  But you wanna know the best part? The portfolio builder comes included with your Motion Array subscription! Start building your video website today!

Make sure to also check out the Q&A session we did with Ash where we delve deep into his career, his philosophy, and his experience creating NIHON.