Get Inspired in 2022: Motion Array’s Top 20 Female Creators to Follow

Motion Array 04/03/2022 4 min read

To celebrate Women’s Day, we are highlighting some of the most talented female creators at Motion Array you should start following in 2022. Each artist offers a unique style and look, from neon titles to stomp typography social content. Whether you’re using Premiere Pro, After Effects, Davinci Resolve, or Final Cut Pro, these amazing creators are worth all the hype and most definitely will help you create amazing videos! 

Inspiring Female Creators on Motion Array You Should Follow

1. Bessonica

by Anastasiia Malai

Anastasiia Malai offers an eclectic selection of After Effects templates, audio, photography and stock video assets. With a fun, bold style and an eye for composition, Anastasiia is definitely a creator to watch.

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2. Animasy

by Lia Chachanidze

Lia Chachanidze is part of the 2 person Animasy team, creating After Effects templates for businesses and influencers.The bold visual style of Lia’s pieces offer trendy typography and motion graphic elements with a unique look.

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3. Ambedo Sounds

by Amber Waldron

Amber Waldron has created a collection of mellow trance tracks, ideal for promotions, slideshows and presentation videos. The cool tones and rhythmic percussion are relaxing and smooth while not distracting from your video.

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4. Motion’s Eleven

by Elena Pliuta

Elena Pliuta is an AE and Premiere creator with a massive range of fantastic Stories, social posts, and title elements. Provided in packs of 8-12 templates, Elena is the ideal creator for influencers and content creators using Instagram.

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by Alena Bandarchuk

Alena Bandarchuk creates stunning full-screen title effects with a trippy, warped feel. Using warps, glitches, RGB splits, and displacement maps, the bold typography projects are ideal for title slides and stand-alone social media posts.

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6. Donatella Loi

Donatella Loi is a photographer with a unique, quirky style and a wide collection of images. Amongst the fantastic business-ready stock images, you’ll find a guinea pig’s birthday party, a dog celebrating Halloween, and creepy masked figures.

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7. Zubenko 

by Anna Zubenko

If you’re looking for easy-to-customize openers and slideshows, Anna Zubenko has a fantastic collection for Premiere and Final Cut Pro users. From fashion events to your kids’ first birthday, you’re sure to find a template you like.

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8. JuliaDesign

by Yuliya Buzo

Yuliya Buzo has created a massive collection of over 350 templates for After Effects and Premiere Pro. The eclectic selection includes full dynamic slideshow videos, typography elements, and promo projects, ideal for marketing and creative agencies.

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9. Vernacolmusic

by Andrea Vernò

If you’re looking for a trendy music track for your business presentation or promotional video, you should follow Andrea Vernò. With over 50 music tracks with a fun, upbeat style, you can find everything from Halloween to summer tunes.

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10. TTP999

by Tetiana Torokhtii

Tetiana Torokhtii’s collection focuses on 3D abstract elements and Prores Alpha layers for your promos and SPFX work. The stunning particle elements, liquid effects, and geometric patterns offer great backgrounds for your typography videos and presentations.

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11. Oksana Fedorchuk

Oksana Fedorchuk has created over 650 stock clips for Motion Array, from stunning snowy landscapes to a cat celebrating Valentine’s day. Oksana excels with close-up abstract shots such as sparklers, Christmas lights, and cookies, ideal for your celebration videos.

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12. PixelFrog

by Eugenia Korzun

Eugenia Korzun offers a beautiful collection of Premiere and After Effects slideshow templates and titles, ideal for businesses, marketing agencies, and content creators. The collection includes outstanding HUD callouts with a stunning sci-fi feel.

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13. Animotion0508

by Anita Walvekar

Anita Walvekar creates stunning 3D style openers, titles, and logo indents for Premiere and After Effects. The beautiful particle effects offer a unique look for your video projects, with a vast range of Festive and celebratory indents.

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14. DripDrop

by Zahra Shamsian Jazeh

Zahra Shamsian Jazeh produces stunning corporate and promotional elements, titles, lower thirds, and logo ident templates. The clean and modern projects include neon, particle, and flare effects with bright, bold color palettes. 

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15. Sophie

by Sophie Barenbaum

If you regularly post videos on social media, then you won’t want to be without the stylish collections from Sophie Barenbaum. Featuring easy-to-use templates, lower-thirds, stories templates, and a wealth of titles that every content creator should have in their library. 

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16. Criskcracker

by Cristina Patino Sheen

Cristina Patino Sheen offers a stunning collection of high-quality classical scores for your projects. From Boccherini to Vivaldi, Cristina expertly produces popular and timeless classics with a whole orchestral arrangement.

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17. RealVFX

by Ezgu Gonenir

Ezgu Gonenir is an After Effects VFX artist with a fantastic range of unique designs, from openers to slideshows. Using a range of fullscreen titles and media placeholders, the assets are elevated through the stunning use of glitch, warp, and distortion effects.

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18. Beside

by Anna Harchuk

Anna Harchuk creates stunning title packs in After Effects and Premiere Pro for all occasions. From hand-drawn wedding title badges to bold modern corporate callouts, you’re sure to find titles you like in Anna’s portfolio.

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19. EGProductions

by Esther Garcia

Esther Garcia is a composer producing both original and classical pieces with beautiful pianos, strings, and woodwind arrangements, ideal for documentaries, movie scores, and emotive promotional material.

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20. Amelia Fox 

Amelia Fox is a photographer with a unique style and a massive collection of model images. The beautiful compositions focus on people with bright exposure, clean tones, and diverse subjects.

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Motion Array works with many creators to ensure we have a wide range of templates and styles available for you. Our 20 female creators to follow is just the tip of the iceberg, so why not have a look around to discover your next timesaving video project template.