Create a commercial in the Motion Array Creative Challenge yet (July 4 – Aug 6)

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We’ve got some HUGE news about the Motion Array Creative Challenge. We’ve loved seeing your weekly submissions and all the fun you’re having creating amazing videos. So we’re thrilled to announce that the next challenge will run for a whole month (July 6 – August 6, 2023). 

That’s right, this challenge is our biggest challenge yet — and you’ll have a whole month to come up with your concept, explore amazing assets on Motion Array, and flex your creativity. 

To get you in the mood to create the most epic commercial of all time, we’ve put together our top 4 tips for creating a spec ad and some awesome templates to get you started. 

Good luck! 

4 tips for creating a scroll-stopping commercial

Understand your audience

Before you kick off your creative process, take some time to research your audience and have a clear idea of who they are, where they live, and what they like. This will help you to make creative decisions and design the ad to appeal to their style and personalities. 

Tell a story

The most effective way to connect with your audience is to tell a story. Craft a narrative that engages your audience and communicates your message well. Try using a beginning, middle, and end structure to create a memorable and well-thought-out storyline.  

Be creative and original 

Use the opportunity to add your own creative spin to any idea or reference you like. You don’t have to reinvent the wheel, but your ad won’t stand out from the crowd if it’s the same as everyone else. Add innovative visuals, unexpected twists, or memorable moments that make your ad different and shareable. 

Have an impact

In today’s fast-paced world, attention spans are limited. Aim to create a video that’s concise and impactful. Try to deliver your message in the first few seconds or create enough suspense to keep your audience interested. It’s always a good idea to end with a strong call to action or a memorable closing shot. 

Now that you have our top 4 tips for creating a commercial — it’s time to have a go at making your own. Remember, there are some awesome prizes to be won and a lot of fun to be had. Why not start your ad with one of these awesome templates from Motion Array? They’re completely customizable, so don’t forget to add your own creative flair and show us what you’ve got!

Commercial templates

Trendy Product Promo

This fun and vibrant product After Effects promo template is perfect for any modern product commercial. There are 18 text placeholders, 4 media placeholders, and 1 logo placeholder, so you can fully customize it to your needs. 

Download Trendy Product Promo

Wire and Color Fashion Opener

This colorful and modern commercial template for Premiere Pro is perfect for any fashion brand or stylish product ad. The template is fully customizable. You can add your own media, text, and logo to showcase your unique style and bring your ideas to life. 

Download Wire and Color Fashion Opener

Grunge Typography 

Add a little grungy street style to your next commercial with this Premiere Pro template. It has 12 different grunge effects; you can play around with them and add them at any stage of your story. 

Download Grunge Typography

Creative Instagram Stories 

Take your product ad to the small screen with this dynamic and creative Instagram stories ad template. This template contains 5 vertical designs. You can edit the text, images, logos, and more to show off your style, tell your story, and connect with your audience. 

Download Creative Instagram Stories


Tell your story with typography using this modern and dynamic template. Move your audience with flowing visuals and captivating textual design. You can change the composition to any aspect ratio so you can design an ad for Instagram, TikTok, YouTube, or anywhere. There are 16 professionally designed typography slides to choose from, so you definitely won’t be lost for words with this template.

Download Typography