Introducing Team Plans!

Motion Array 01/10/2020 3 min read

Motion Array is excited to announce the launch of Team Plans to provide better account options for groups of 2 or more editors needing access to the same resources. The best thing is all team accounts can download unlimited assets and manage their licenses in one place!

Easily Add & Manage Team Members

Add Members

As the main account holder, you will have the position of an Admin. The main benefit of your role is that you have the ability to easily Add Members via an invitation sent to their email. Once the member accepts your invitation, your team has been formed.

Manage Members

Now comes the fun part! You can manage your team via the Team dashboard located under your account by clicking on Manage Members. You also have the ability the give an Admin role to any of your team members. Under each tab within your Team account, you can see who is an Admin and who is a member.

Manage All Your Stock Assets & Licenses In One Place

Manage License Assets

Now you can easily find the assets used in your projects and easily make updates and changes. By using Collections you can organize the downloads that were used for each project by creating its own folder. You can also store and save other resources you want to use later. You can also share the final project folder with your clients.

You can update the team members in your account and make sure the right people have access to your files. You can update the team members in your account and make sure the right people have access to your files.

Collaborate & Review Projects Remotely

Now you can easily work together with your team using your own accounts in unison and make the necessary comments on projects to finalize your post production process faster. Before submitting to the client, you can work on and manage all versions to present the final project for approval. You can even work remotely over your phone!

Save Time and Money

To provide additional benefits and efficiency to your team account, each account will be annual and receive a 10% discounted rate for all paid members. Make sure to invite the exact members that will use their account as additional members can be added later at a pro-rated price during the annual billing cycle.

For additional value, Motion Array offers a simple payment for all members on one invoice and direct credit card payment. Even if your team members change, you can always easily replace the empty spots without additional charges as you reuse the account that was initially created.

So now you have access to all you need to work and manage your work as a team. Get your Team Plan today and easily manage, collaborate, and grow your creative team’s efficiency.

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