How to Create Reflections in Adobe Premiere Pro

Premiere Pro 30/12/2018 2 min read

In this tutorial, you’ll learn how to easily create reflections for any element in Premiere Pro. This tutorial works with text, logos, images, and video — all you need to do is play around to get your desired result. Best of all, this reflection technique doesn’t require any third-party plugins or edits in After Effects. So, let’s jump into how to create a reflection in Premiere Pro! 

How to Reflect Text

Step 1: Create the Background

For this example, we’ll be using a 2D background, but you can apply this lesson to some of your other video project needs. 

  1. To create a colored background, go to new Item Button > Color Matte. Select whatever color you’d like to work with. 
  2. Now enter the Height and Width.
  3. We will then apply a couple of effects to this layer. For this, click on Effects and then Ramp
  4. Next also apply the Mirror Effect. 
  5. Under Ramp > change the shape to Radial Ramp from Linear Ramp. You might want to adjust the colors at this point, to your liking. 
  6. Next, increase the Ramp Scatter. What this does, is introduces noise into the gradient so you don’t get bad banding when you export. 
  7. Turn the Mirror back on, and bring it to the center of your video. The center of a 1920×1080 video is 960×540. 
  8. Change the Reflection Angle to 90 degrees. At this point, you should start to see a bit of a psych wall look.
  9. Bring your Reflection Position down. 

Step 2: Create a Title

  1. Now, from your Project Window, click on Title.
  2. Enter a title of your choice and adjust the font. Tip: You’ll want to make sure the text is near the bottom of the clip. 
  3. Now, drop it on the timeline, and position above your background. Leave a video track open between the title and background.
  4. Duplicate the title using Alt or Option and drag it down.
  5.  Click on Effects > Basic 3D Effect
  6. Tilt it to 180 degrees under Tilt and adjust its position so that it is lined up just underneath.
  7. Adjust its Opacity, and apply the Blur Effect to it as well.
  8. Also, apply the Linear Wipe Transition to it. Under Effect Controls, change the Wipe Angle to 0 and increase the Transition and Feather.  
  9. Fine tune until you’re happy with the results. 

Bonus: Nest Your Tracks

  1. Highlight both of the text tracks, click Nest. 
  2. If you apply the 3D effect, both will move as a uniform element once nested. 

Try creating your own reflections in Premiere Pro! This is a great effect you can use in a variety of video projects. Apply these fundamental steps to start reflecting text, logos, and more.