2020’s Top FREE & Premium Assets Every Filmmaker Needs

Motion Array Premiere Pro 14/02/2019 5 min read

From titles and transitions to animated flourishes, templates are a great way of expanding your editing capabilities, and the production value of your videos. Templates come in all shapes and sizes, but the right template can save you both time and effort during the post-production process. In this article, we’re going to show you our top 26 free and premium downloadable templates.

Top 26 Templates & Plugins to Download Today

1. Free Cinematic 80’s Style

The Cinematic 80’s style titles template is a fun and retro style for your After Effects video projects. The glitchy style zoom effect works well for promotional films, titles sequences, and music videos.

Cinematic 80’s Style Free Download

2. Premiere Pro Transition & Effect Plugins

Level up your videos and films with unique transitions and effects that everyone will love. Quickly enhance your projects with these amazing native Premiere Pro plugins. Try out the Shifter plugin pack today, which is now available to download for free!

Download Premiere Pro Transition & Effect Plugins Now

3. Generation Intro

The Generation Intro template is the perfect intro sequence for your video, but can also be used as a stand-alone piece. The funky text animations and speedy stylized transitional effects make this template perfect for short promos, showreels, or video indents.

Download Generation Intro Now

4. Free Glitch Transitions

The Adobe Premiere Glitch transitions pack features 10 unique and stylized effects to spice up your video. A mix of RGB and distortion effects create the perfect digital glitch transition, ideal for use in fast-paced, energetic videos.

Glitch Transitions Free Download

5. Wave Aberration

The Wave Aberration template offers two different style distortion effects. Unlike your standard glitch effect, the Wave Aberration has a melty warp style distortion, which is perfect for using over text.

Download Wave Aberration Now

6. Creative Typography

The Creative Typography pack is a set of 5 dynamically animated graphic slides. Both super easy to customize and a huge time saver for your video projects. Use individually as title slides with your other media, or string them together for a sleek and clean typography video.

Download Creative Typography Now

7. The Glitch Constructor Kit 

This upbeat and energetically animated After Effects template is perfect for title sequences, events videos, and promos. The flickering warped titles create a cool digital effect to your clips, excellent for technology-based projects.

Download The Glitch Constructor Kit Now

8. Emotional Slideshow

Emotional Slideshow is a dynamic and modern style graphic After Effects template. With a massive 24 text placeholders and 12 media placeholders, this AE project can be used as a complete project, as well as being broken down to use individual slides.

Download Emotional Slideshow Now

9. Free Animated Instagram Stories

This pack of 5 Animated Instagram Story templates is perfect for influencers and businesses alike. The After Effects project is super simple to use, making customizing your text and design a breeze.

Animated Instagram Stories Free Download

10. Astero Dynamic Typo Opener

The Astero Dynamic Typo opener is a hugely impressive template; not only does it consist of a massive 40 text placeholders, but the whole template also comes in vertical, horizontal and square video formats. The simple text animations and chromatic effects make this template the perfect solution for a range of different video types.

Download Astero Dynamic Typo Opener Now

11. Film Color LUTS

Film Color LUTs is a pack of 10 cinematic color grading LUTs that give your footage a brighter, richer feel. Simply install the .CUBE files to access your new color effects straight from the control panel.

Download Film Color LUTS Now

12. Infographic Graphs

If you are looking to create line graphs for your project, this is the template for you. The Premiere Pro template contains 12 different graphs, with a range of customizable controls, perfect for corporate presentations, promotional videos, and infographics.

Download Infographic Graph Now

13. Free Fast Modern Slideshow

The Fast Modern Slideshow makes a great intro sequence for your videos, as well as a stand-alone piece. The snappy titles and dynamic media transitions create an energetic feeling slideshow, perfect for presentations, promos, events videos, and showreels.

Fast Modern Slideshow Free Download

14. Typography Titles

Typography Titles is a collection of 10 full screen text animations for Premiere Pro. The sleek style and smooth animations make these titles perfect for corporate presentations, slideshows, and promotional videos. 

Download Typography Titles Now

15. Cinematic Urban Opener

This awesome template is perfect for music and events videos, or as a title sequence to your film. The modern and gritty style includes split screens and color overlays, as well as a freeze-framing function, which allows you to transition the background and foreground separately.

Download Cinematic Urban Opener Now

16. Zoom Hit

Zoom Hit is a selection of 36 unique movement-based presets for Adobe Premiere Pro. Use these effects to create cool camera zoom elements in your videos or transition between clips. These zoom effects are a great addition to any editor’s toolbox and can be used across a wide variety of video types.

Download Zoom Hit Now

17. Free Parallax Opener

The Parallax Opener is a stylish, modern transition template for After Effects. The beautifully animated transitions add a 3D element to your photos and videos, creating the feeling of the camera zooming from one location to the next. This creative template can be used in a range of video types but looks best when used with landscapes or wider angled shots.

Parallax Opener Free Download

18. Lines Transition

The Lines Transition pack contains an incredible 98 stylish yet minimalistic transitional effects. Change the color and size of the lines to suit your project and away you go. This template has a vast range of possibilities and would make a significant part of your standard editing tool kit.

Download Lines Transition Now

19. Sports Package

The Sports Package is an action-packed slideshow template that mixes energetic transition effects with big, bold typography. Perfect for sports, events, and promo videos, the Sport Package template is sure to get your audience excited and ready to go.

Download Sports Package Now

20. Abstract Background

The Abstract Background template for After Effects gives you an easy way to create stunning light-based motion graphic backgrounds with a few simple clicks. These eye-catching backgrounds come in both horizontal and vertical video formats, perfect for digital content creators.

Download Abstract Background Now

21. Cyberpunk Glitch Transition

This Cyberpunk Glitch transition pack offers ten funky, futuristic-looking transitional effects. The fast movements and sleek animations make these transitions perfect for use in music videos, adverts, and film trailers.

Download Cyberpunk Glitch Transition Now

22. Creative YouTube Pack

Whether you’re creating promo videos, trailers, or vlogs, the Creative YouTube pack is perfect for all YouTube content creators. The massive pack contains transitions, animated elements, titles, logo indents, and lower thirds. Everything a YouTube creator could need.

Download Creative YouTube Pack Now

23. Wavey Glitch Titles

This pack offers 9 vibrant animated text animations, all with an awesome neon wavey liquid-like style. Perfect for a title sequence in a film to impactful titles in a presentation, this is one worth keeping at hand.

Download Wavey Glitch Titles Now

24. Bokeh Light Generator

The Bokeh Light Generator Premiere Pro pack includes several beautiful bokeh light leak effects, perfect for bringing out the beauty in your shots. You can control the color, glare, and speeds of the floating lights, allowing you to match the energy in your video.

Download Bokeh Light Generator Now

25. Trendy Titles Pack

Are you looking for that slick, professional style? Look no further; this pack is home to 12 elegant background animations and animated full-screen titles. Easy to customize and perfect for all forms of videos; this pack has plenty of choices to give your project that extra something. 

Download Trendy Titles Pack Now

26. Stop Motion Typography Promo

Stop Motion Typography Promo is ideally suited to add energy to your projects. Containing a massive 36 editable text layers to play with and a simple interface, its versatile options are guaranteed to impress. 

Download Stop Motion Typography Promo Now

So, there you have it, 26 must-have templates and plugins for any budding editor. Not only can these downloads save you the time creating the animations from scratch, but they can also expand your editing capabilities, allowing you to create compositions beyond your skill level. Now you have a bunch of free and premium video templates to try out in different combinations, go get creating.