How to Edit a Video like Gawx Art

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Who is Gawx Art?

Gawx Art is a Mexico-based filmmaker and illustrator who rose to fame on YouTube thanks to his unique cartoons and cinematic style. 

He has produced more than 120 videos since launching his YouTube channel in 2019. The channel features a mix of tutorials, high-speed art, and design projects, and the young content creator has created a community of over 2 million subscribers eager to see his work. When you watch Gawx’s videos, it’s easy to see why, as at just 20 years old, he is able to produce content with the level of quality you’d expect to see on Netflix, not YouTube.

Many creators use YouTube to showcase their art. But what makes Gawx Art stand out isn’t his exceptional illustrations – it’s that these videos are an art form of their own.

Gawx has created an engaging and unique style for his videos, mixing fast cuts with whip-pans from his constantly moving footage, and applying a whole toolkit of techniques, from sound design to grading.

5 Ways to Edit a Video Like Gawx Art

Gawx Art uses several techniques within his edits to produce the high-quality and exciting style his fans love.

We are forever inspired by his work, so we created a video tutorial so you can learn how to edit just like him. Watch the video and read on to discover how to create your very own masterpiece.

Add Depth

You may think you need the best cameras, lenses, and editing software to create a cinematic look, but the key to a beautiful cinematic shot is depth. Of course, you can create focal depth in your camera, but with a little filmmaking magic, you can also add stunning hazy lighting depth to your shots.

Canned Mist and Fog Machines

Adding haze or fog to the scene is the simplest way to create depth in your shots. By using a fog machine or a can of compressed mist, you can generate a hazy look that results in the stunning light rays and flares frequently seen in Gawx Art videos.

Digital Overlays

You can also add a mist to your scene digitally, using overlays. While the result won’t look as organic as what you can achieve on camera, you can create a convincing hazy scene with some rotoscoping, layering, and blending.

Sunbeams in Final Cut Pro

A final trick for achieving a cinematic haze is to use the Final Cut Pro Sunbeams effect. Drag it to your clip, and the effect will enhance the rays of light from any light source in your shot. The light beams even interact with the movement in your shot, with customizations available for strength, length, brightness, and color.

Organic Film Grain

Film Grain isn’t essential for giving your shots a cinematic look, but Gawx Art certainly uses noise and grain to create a stylistic look for his videos. Most creators now use digital cameras, and while the picture quality has vastly improved over the years, the processing has lost the warm fuzziness associated with shooting on film.

Artificial grain overlays are a fantastic option for adding a filmic look to your scene. Most editing platforms have a Noise and Grain effect built in, which can look amazing with a bit of tweaking. Motion Array offers a Film Grain plugin that can recreate the look of a range of film types, including 8mm, 16mm, and 35mm.

Download Film Grain

Color Grading

Color grading is essential for giving your shorts a cinematic look, and Gawx Art uses a simple tone curve to produce the stunning, deep colors in his videos. While you may be familiar with using the tone curve technique in your videos, Gawx takes it a step further.

It might not be obvious when you first watch a Gawx Art video, but there is very little black or white in any shot. Instead, Gawx uses tone curving to remove true blacks from his shots, creating a milky black look. Similarly, the whites in a shot are toned down, making them an ashen grey. Adjusting the blacks and whites in your tone curve gives your colors a more natural roll-off.

Motion Array has a vast library of LUT presets available for download if you’re looking for color-grading inspiration.

Download Neon Color Grades

Sound Design

Sound Design is vital for any video, but for GAWX Art, sound effects are essential to creating his unique style. GAWX’s videos are so seamlessly edited that you may not have noticed that every movement or action has an accompanying sound effect.

Whether it’s a doorbell chime before entering the scene or scribble sounds when writing on paper, GAWX uses Foley effects to keep you engaged, even if you’re not consciously aware the sound is there.

Creating such a comprehensive sound mix can take time, but finding your sound effects is easier than ever. Motion Arrays SFX library has thousands of royalty-free effects that are ready to download and use in your projects today.


Most creators will choose music to accompany their video, often selecting based on the tone and message of the content. However, music can become an integral part of your brand identity as a content creator, and GAWX is a fantastic example of this in action.

GAWX uses a mix of classical and electro-funk to create a tone that is immediately identifiable as a GAWX Art video. The music tracks used are often orchestral and jazzy, giving the content an upbeat and emotive pace.

You can easily find similar tracks using keywords or shape your own brand identity by sticking to a theme within your music choices. We’ve put together a collection of 9 Motion Array tracks to give your videos the GAWX tone.

Wrapping up

There is no doubt that GAWX is an extremely talented filmmaker and illustrator, but he is also incredibly clever with his branding. His content has created a distinctive look that perfectly matches his subject. Replicating a GAWX look to your videos won’t necessarily replicate his success. Use these amazing techniques to find a style that suits you and elevates your content.