How To Create A Facebook Cover Video In Premiere Pro


If you want to grow as a video content creator, an essential piece is to put your work out into public view.  One of the best ways you can do this is through Social Media and Facebook is no exception.  The new Facebook cover videos feature is becoming accessible to more and more users and can be an excellent way to showcase your video work.  

Sequence Settings 

In order to set up your video to work specifically as a Facebook cover video, you will need to set up your sequence correctly ahead of time.  Set up a custom setting by going to File > New > Sequence Settings.  Specifically what we need to set up is a custom frame size which the minimum suggested requirement from Facebook is 820 x 312 (pixels).  However, if we choose a larger video height it can give the ability to re-frame once you upload to Facebook.  So for this example we will select  820 x 462.  

Working With Your Footage

When working with your new sequence, your videos will likely look zoomed in as your sequence settings are set to be smaller than the actual size of your videos.  Decreasing the scale can help to solve this problem, but another solution is to right click your video clip in your timeline and select "set to frame size."  

Another additional requirement to keep in mind is that Facebook cover videos must be between 20-90 seconds in length in order to successfully upload and be played.  Be sure to include enough footage to land somewhere in that time-length requirement.  If you're not able to compile enough video to successfully do this, you can duplicate all the footage you have on your timeline and effectively loop your clips.  

Exporting Your Facebook Cover Video

Now that your video is ready to export, go to File > Export > Media or use the shortcut key Ctrl (or Command) + M.  When exporting your Facebook cover video you can select a variety of different options, but we would suggest using H.264 as your format.   Regardless of what you choose, make sure that your selection doesn't change your frame size.  If it does, you can manually key it back in below your video tab settings.  

Uploading Your Facebook Cover Video

Now that your video is exported, go to your Facebook profile and sign in.  On your profile cover there should be a camera icon.  Select it and click "Upload Photo / Video."  Find the video you just exported and select it.  It will take a moment to upload and then it will begin to play so you can see it as it will look on your profile.  This will also give you the opportunity to resize it and re-frame it in order to make sure it properly displays thee elements that you want.  Once you're ready, click next and you'll be able to select a thumbnail from different points in the video.  You'll also be able to select whether you would like the video to loop with a toggle icon in the bottom left corner of the cover video.   Once you're satisfied, click publish and your video will be up on your profile!

Congratulations! You've set up your Facebook cover to display a video that showcases your work! 

We hope you found this video helpful.  If you did, we’ve got lots of other tutorials for Premiere ProAfter Effects, and filmmaking in general! If you have any questions, let us know in the comment section below.  Thank you so much for watching and we hope to see you in the next video!

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