Free Adobe Motion Graphics Template

Last week, Adobe made a big announcement about Motion Graphics templates. You might be thinking “Oh, you mean After Effects templates, like the ones Motion Array has a huge library of.” But, no they don’t mean After Effects templates.

You might then be thinking, “Oh, then it’s Premiere Pro templates, like the ones Motion Array set the standard for.” Thanks for that, but they don’t mean Premiere Pro templates either.

Instead, Motion Graphics templates are something new, and they mix the best of both worlds when it comes to After Effects and Premiere Pro templates. We wrote about about them last week in our post “Adobe Announces Motion Graphics Templates”, but here are the key details.

Motion Graphics templates can be built in the newest version of After Effects. A designer can set up a project and add key effects and animation properties like rotation, scale, tint, and a host of others to something called the Essential Graphics Panel.

This panel is designed with easy to adjust controls that don’t require a lot of design know how or knowledge of how After Effects works. The template can then be exported and imported into the newest Premiere Pro release where the Essential Graphics Panel will show up.

This way, and editor can update graphics created in After Effects without ever leaving Premiere Pro. Pretty cool huh? We thought so too. That’s why we immediately started creating Motion Graphics templates for our users.

We’re so excited about them in fact, that we created a free Motion Graphics template for you to try. Why? Because we love what we do, and we love you.

So, here’s a little info on the free Motion Graphics template. It’s loaded with 5 different simple title animations to choose from. Options are built into the essential graphics panel for scale, position, rotation, color, and for text replacement.

It couldn’t be easier to use. Simply import the template into Premiere Pro by clicking “Graphics” from the top menu, and then “Install Motion Graphics Template”. Remember, you have to have the current release of Premiere Pro CC 2017 to use it.

Once imported, drag the file down to your timeline, and open the essential graphics panel to make your changes.

Here’s a preview of what you can expect from this free Motion Graphics template along with a link to download the file.


We expect these types of templates to be very popular with video creators and editors who don’t want to dig around in After Effects to make changes. So, look for many more to be coming in our newly created Motion Graphics templates section on Motion Array. And enjoy the freebie on us.

What do you think about Motion Graphics templates? Do you think they’ll become popular? Do you have a use for them? Let us know in the comments below.

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