After Effects Template Tip: Don’t Template Puke

After Effects 12/05/2019 2 min read

In all our years of creating templates, one of the biggest mistakes we see people making while using After Effects templates is that they “template puke.” What is template puking you ask? Good question.

tem·plate puk·ing

templət pyook ing
1. The act of using too many mismatched After Effects templates in one video.

We see it time and time again. People that are new to using After Effects templates oftentimes can’t contain themselves with their newfound treasure trove of motion graphic goodness, and they stuff in as many different templates as they can into one single video. Using lots of different templates is not a bad thing if, and only if, they are of a similar style and look.

I wish we could post an example of template puking here, but we wouldn’t want to embarrass anyone. So instead, we’ll post examples of After Effects templates that do work well together if used in the same video.

The Corporate Look

If you’re looking for a clean corporate look, the following After Effects templates will work well together.

Elegant Display

Business Thirds

Come Together

Wipe Transitions

The Grunge Look

If you’re looking to make a grungy, dirty looking video, the following After Effects template work very well together.

Down and Dirty

Cinematic Grunge Trailer


Urban Grunge

The Flat Look

The flat look is very popular these days with motion graphic designers and video makers. The following flat style templates will work very well together if used in the same video.

Elegant Slide Show

Flat Pack

Tip Top Type


The Ink Look

If you’re looking for ink style animations and reveals to add to your video, these templates will all work great together.

Ink Type


Inked Elegant

Ink Path

The Glitch Look

If you’re looking to add a distorted, glitchy look to your video, all of these templates will look great when paired together.

Glitchy Titles

Glitch Type

10 Glitches

Glitch Promo

Even in the examples above, a little work needs to be done to the templates to make them integrate even more into a cohesive style and look. Consider changing the fonts to be the same throughout, and tweaking the colors to match from template to template.

It’s understandable given the vast number of After Effects templates available on how one could get carried away and template puke. But it must be avoided as much as possible as it is a dead giveaway of an inexperienced, greenhorn video creator. If you need any advice on whether or not templates will work well together, do not hesitate to contact us. We’d love to help out.

Consider us your video Pepto-Bismol.