Create a music festival teaser in the Motion Array Creative Challenge

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Welcome to week 2 of the Motion Array Creative Challenge. This week’s theme is music festival teaser videos. Simply create a music festival teaser video and include music, SFX, and footage to be in the running to win big.

The vibrant world of music festivals is a celebration of rhythm, energy, and pure exhilaration. From pulsating beats to electrifying performances, these events create an atmosphere that is nothing short of extraordinary.

Get inspired to create your own music festival teaser with our curated list of sensational assets and example video from Motion Array. 

Friday Night Dance 

This track by infraction will set the mood for your festival teaser video. It’s a modern, punchy royalty-free EDM anthem with cool synth leads, groovy bass, pads, SFX, and pumping beats.

Download Friday Night Dance

Those Fiery Latin Nights

Give your festival teaser a Latin feel with this upbeat track from  Mauricio Zavala. Get the party started with a cool brass section, percussion, guitars, organ, pianos, vocal chops, and drums, best for promo, vlogs, travel, party, or youthful montages.

Download Those Fiery Latin Nights

People and Music At Outdoor Music Festival

This sound effect will transport your audience right into the heart of a music festival. You can hear the music playing in the background in each clip while people walk around to vendor booths.

Download People and Music At Outdoor Music Festival


Everyone knows it isn’t a music festival or a celebration without some fireworks. So add this authentic SFX and video footage to your teaser and make your audience ooo and ahhh with excitement. 

Download Fire Works
Fireworks at Music Festival

Crowd of people at a Music Festival 

Create some serious FOMO with this clip shows a packed crowd of people jumping up and down at a music festival as the stage lights illuminate their faces with shades of purple, pink, and blue.

Download Crowd of People at Music Festival

Dancing in the Sun

Capture the festival spirit with this ethereal footage of a woman dancing slowly in the sun at an outdoor festival.

Download Dancing in the Sun

Music Festival Aerial

This bird’s eye view will give your audience the perspective they need to stop what they’re doing and get tickets for your festival. 

Download Music Festival Aerial

Sunset at Beach Music Festival

There’s nothing better than being with friends, surrounded by amazing music and lots of colors, and watching a beautiful sunset. Show your audience the full festival experience with a sunset beach music festival clip.

Download Sunset at Beach Music Festival