Quick Look at the New Features in Portfolio

Motion Array 22/10/2020 2 min read

This week, Motion Array is excited to share 2 new features designed for Portfolio that is all about workflow enhancement and better first impression for filmmakers. These new updates will allow better visualization of your work, as well as providing stats for tracking project success.

Portfolio Now Opens Your Video Galleries in a Lightbox


Now you can keep your viewers on your Portfolio for longer and better focus their attention on your videos. This new lightbox feature allows a larger view of your films and you can easily link any of your Youtube or Vimeo links as well. By using the arrows viewers can easily see the series of videos linked together in the lightbox and never have to go back or leave the page.

Portfolio Now Offers Analytics

As a freelancer or business owner, it helps to see how your website is viewed and interacted with clients. Now you can easily track this by linking your Portfolio to Google Analytics to review everything from how visitors arrived on your site to what they did before they left. Your Portfolio is your first impression; it is good to know when you need to make updates and see your general performance.

With these new features, your workflow will have additional efficiency and added value when using Portfolio. You can easily showcase your brand’s value and now better track and keep up with your brand’s online presence. To learn more about creating a portfolio site that stands out, check out our article here.