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We’re excited to announce that we’ve just passed 1 million assets on Motion Array. That’s right — over 1 million assets, and we couldn’t be prouder of the community we’ve created together. 

Thanks a million to our community for being part of this milestone.

– The Motion Array team

Our resident Motion Array expert, Jordan, has sifted through over 1 million assets and picked his top 5 to celebrate this milestone. Some are even 100% free. So whether you’re new to Motion Array or have already started creating, there’s something for you. Watch here and read on to see a roundup of his favorites.

1. Glass titles for Premiere Pro

If you’ve seen any Motion Array videos on YouTube or social media, you’ve probably seen us use this template before. It’s earned its place in the top 5 because it’s easy to use and will make your videos look polished and professional. 

The template comes with integrated square and vertical versions. It can even distort your text behind portions of your edit, giving you a quick and easy 3D feel. All you have to do is type in your word or phrase, and the work is done for you. There are loads of styles and color combinations to try, so why not have some fun and see for yourself? 

Download Glass Titles

2. Number counter preset for After Effects

Invite your viewers to follow your story with our easy-to-use number counter preset. If you just slap a number on the screen sometimes, that’s great. But by giving it a counting effect, either up or down, you give context to more information around that number. For example, if you’re making a video for a small business and you want to say, we’ve grown to 30 staff members, the number on its own is great, but by showing it counting up, you’re telling a story about the growth of that company through an effortless effect. And the best part is that it’s a drag-and-drop solution, so all you need to do is change the starting and ending numbers, and the animation itself is all taken care of.  

Download AE Simple Counter Presets

3. Graphics, graphics, graphics

Ok, maybe listing our whole graphics section is cheating a little, so we’ll focus on a Photoshop document. You can upload it to Premiere Pro or After Effects and choose to keep the layers separate. This means you can use this Photoshop document as a scene to move elements around individually. For example, you can scale everything up at different speeds to make it look like there’s parallax in a real 3D world.

4. Sunbeams for Final Cut Pro

We’ve never seen an effect be able to so easily, effortlessly, and flawlessly re-create the look of real light beams like this one does. It’s unbelievable. Usually, you’d have to get some fog or atmospheric haze and shine a harsh light to get these beautiful beams, but with this effect, it’s the closest thing we’ve seen to actually just being able to “fix it in post.”. It will save you time and make your videos look amazing. Give it a try!

Download Sunbeams for Final Cut Pro

5. True 3D assets

We think you’ll love these 3D asserts so much we have a whole separate blog. They not only look great, but they’re the fastest and easiest way to create 3D titles. We’ve done the hard work for you and created real 3D text in cinema 4D. All you have to do is pick a template, and you can edit it in After Effects. You can also check out our video tutorial

Download 3D assets

These are just our top 5 favorites, but now we have over 1M assets, including templates, presets, audio, videos, and images to help you tell bring your story to life. Have fun creating, and here’s to the next million and counting.

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