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Check out Motion Array’s Top 10 After Effects Typography Template Competition Entries you can download today.

Motion Array recently ran a competition with our incredible creators to create stunning, innovative, and unique animated typography templates for After Effects. The skill and creativity on display blew us away, and while narrowing down our favorites was challenging, we’ve selected 10 of the top entries you can download today.

Plush Typography Kit by Kimchi Nussembaum

The Plush Typography template includes the English alphabet, special characters, and numbers. The fun and trendy After Effects template allows you to build full-screen titles with a simple drag-and-drop and easy color controller.

The design features bold fluffy, furry characters that bounce and shake on screen. The chunky typeface creates a soft and cuddly look, while the realistic fur effect makes you want to reach out and stroke the font.

Download Plush Typography Kit

Paint Brush Typography Kit by Olga Kirsanova

The Paint Brush Typography kit includes the English alphabet, special characters, numbers, and paintbrush flourishes, with customizable colors and scale options.

The incredible design feels modern and retro and offers a new take on paintbrush designs. The soft brush typeface leaves open blurred edges and a soft glow, while the neon rainbow colors create a 90s cartoon feel.

Download Paint Brush Typography Kit

Iridescent 3D Typeface by Taras Rusan

The Iridescent 3D Typeface collection turns your titles into shimmering glass blocks with prism-style color reflections. The collection includes 51 animated elements, each with a fabulous diamond look.

Each element uses scale and spin animations to create a 3D style that would suit most brands and content. The smooth glassy look offers a classy but exciting style to your typography elements and will stand out on most backgrounds.

Download Iridescent 3D typeface

Flower 3D Type by Gucci Gang

The Flower 3D Type typography template is an incredible design mixing urban grey styles with colorful nature elements. Each character scales and spins on the screen as a large grey concrete block before being overgrown with bright spring flowers.

The contrast between the grungy grey stone blocks and the beautiful flower arrangements is striking, giving a sense of nature fighting back. The easy color control lets you match the flowers to your brand in just a few clicks.

Download Flower 3D Type

Pop Art Typeface by Zarina Rai

The Pop Art Typeface pack includes 3 background designs, 13 preset looks, and 6 extra elements to use in your typography videos. The colors can be easily altered to suit your brand, and the 4K design is ideal for upscaling.

The design features spinning character elements with a pop art style pattern and crisp black edges. The dynamic animation and smooth spin transition make this typeface as bold as it is fun.

Download Pop Art Typeface

Grunge Titles by Andrius Tamosaitis

The grunge titles pack features hand-drawn animation with a big chunky typeface. The line detail in the characters gives the impression of a highlighter pen used to color in a blocky type. 

The collection includes 5 different animation styles, shake, bump, rise, spin, and fun, allowing you to use the typeface in a multitude of ways. Building your titles is easy, with options for drop shadow and stylized hand-drawn 3D.

Download Grunge Titles

Brights – Animated Typeface By Zeno

The Brights Animated Typeface typography template is a whimsical font collection ideal for bright, colorful brands and kids’ content. 

Each character uses a unique font, pattern, and background style, creating a set of colorful letter stickers that you can collage to form your message. The dynamic animation bursts your text on screen, each with a slightly different movement complimenting the sticker background. 

Download Brights – Animated Typeface

Drawn Stop Motion Type Hype Constructor by Yan Petrovskiy

Drawn Stop Motion Type Hype Constructor is a typography template with a difference. Not only does it contain the whole English Alphabet, but you also get 10 sketches, 10 falling ink drops, 10 strokes, 10 dots, and 2 variants of dust and scratches.

The hand-drawn grunge typeface scribbles your text on screen with a trendy stop-motion style. Your titles continue to pulsate and jiggle around in that classic stop-motion style.

Download Drawn Stop Motion Type Hype Constructor

Terms Typeface Pixels by Anastasia Baranova

Ideally suited for gaming channels, you can probably guess the classic that inspired the Teris font. The beautifully clean and modern font is built of blocks, creating a pixel art feel to the typeface. 

The smooth animation slides and rotates the blocks together to form the alphabet, with options to have all characters appear at once or offset them to appear one after the other. Each character can contain multiple colors based on interlocking shapes, creating a cool puzzle look.

Download Teris Typeface Pixels

Candy Shop Typography by Antonio Nintendo

The Candy Shop Typography template is a unique and stylized 3D font bursting with flavor. The cartoon-style font has a 3D jello texture, while particle effects are used for an orbiting candy cluster.

The typography template includes 3 candy designs with separate color controls for the typeface and particles. Ideal for events, party invites, and celebration highlights reels.

Download Candy Shop Typography

One of the best things about typography templates is that they’re great for almost everything and anything, showreels, promos, presentations, short films, essentially endless possibilities. You can even import the typography templates into other After Effects templates, giving you full control over the look at the style of your projects. We hope you’ve enjoyed our top 10 competition entries; why not check out more of the creator’s fantastic work on Motion Array? 


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