Celebrate Valentine’s Day with Motion Array

Creative Assets Home 13/02/2024 3 min read

As Valentine’s Day approaches, it’s time to let your creative heart beat a little louder, and your projects glow with a touch of romance. Whether you’re crafting a heartwarming video for a client, designing an enchanting social media campaign, or simply adding a dash of affection to your personal projects, we’ve got amazing templates and more to help you express the spirit of love like never before. 

We’ve created a video to get you inspired ahead of the big day. Check out the assets we used and dive into our treasure trove of love-themed assets. From mesmerizing animations and templates to stunning graphics and effects, all are designed to make your Valentine’s Day projects not just seen but felt. Let’s explore how you can harness the power of Motion Array to create content that captures hearts and leaves a lasting impression this Valentine’s Day.

Neo Brutalism Valentine’s Day Intro 

Check out our “Neo Brutalism Valentine’s Day Intro” template on Motion Array. This After Effects template mixes cool, modern styles with the sweet vibe of Valentine’s Day. It’s perfect if you want your project to really stand out. You’ll find bold shapes and cool text effects, and you can even change the colors to make it just right for you. Whether you’re making a special Valentine’s video or an ad or just want to send a unique message, this template helps you grab attention and share the love in a modern way.

Download Neo Brutalism Valentine’s Day Intro

Love Elements Overlays 

The “Love Elements Overlays” collection from Motion Array is a perfect choice for those looking to add a sprinkle of romance to their projects. This stock motion graphics pack comes loaded with heartwarming animations that can overlay directly onto your videos, adding an instant touch of love. From fluttering hearts to romantic symbols, these elements are ideal for setting a Valentine’s Day mood in your videos, social media posts, or any project that could use a dash of affection. Easy to use and versatile, these overlays will help your content stand out with a genuine expression of love.

Download Love Elements Overlays

Cartoon Titles and Animations

This template is a fun, vibrant collection for After Effects that brings a playful and animated charm to your projects. It’s packed with colorful, cartoon-style titles and animations that are perfect for adding a cheerful and engaging touch to your videos. Whether you’re creating a whimsical Valentine’s Day greeting or just want to lighten up your project with some fun graphics, this template has everything you need to make your work pop with personality and joy.

Download Cartoon Titles and Animations

Heartbeat Reveal Pack

This template includes several animations that mimic the rhythm of a heartbeat, combined with creative reveals that are perfect for messages of love, health campaigns, or any project that aims to touch the heart. With its unique concept, this pack allows you to convey a powerful message of love and life, making it a great choice for Valentine’s Day content or any heartfelt communication.

Download Heartbeat Reveal Pack

3D Heart Gift Box Opening

This stock motion graphic offers a beautifully rendered 3D animation of a heart-shaped gift box opening, revealing a burst of glowing hearts. It’s an enchanting visual perfect for Valentine’s Day promotions, romantic video messages, or any project looking to show love and affection in a visually stunning way. The detailed animation and vibrant colors make this clip a ready-to-use element that can instantly increase the emotional impact of your projects.

Download 3D hear Gift Box Opening

Colorful Hearts Pop Loop

The Colorful Hearts Pop Loop is a lively and bright stock motion graphic that features vibrant hearts popping in a seamless loop. This cheerful animation is perfect for setting a festive and loving atmosphere in your videos, social media posts, or event backdrops. Its looping nature makes it incredibly versatile for longer scenes or backgrounds, adding a continuous stream of joy and affection to your Valentine’s Day projects or any content that benefits from a splash of color and happiness.

Download Colorful Hearts Pop Loop

Purple Hearts and Clouds Sky Loop

 This stock motion graphic presents a dreamy loop of purple hearts floating among fluffy clouds against a serene sky background. It’s an ideal backdrop for creating a peaceful and romantic setting in your projects. Whether crafting a Valentine’s Day video, a love-themed event invitation, or just wanting to add a touch of whimsy and romance to your work, this loop provides a visually soothing and emotionally warm element that’s easy to integrate into loads of different content.

Download Purple Hearts and Clouds Sky Loop

Clay Assets Type

This After Effects template brings a unique and creative twist to your projects with its claymation-style typography and assets. This template is perfect for infusing videos with a handmade, tactile feel that stands out. Whether crafting a special Valentine’s message, an engaging social media post, or just wanting to add a charming and distinctive look to your content, this collection offers a range of clay-textured letters, numbers, and symbols that you can customize and animate. 

Download Clay Assets Type