6 women creators you need to know now

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According to the advocacy group Women in Animation, 60% of US and European animation students are women, but only around 34% end up in professional roles. Research suggests that there are many reasons for the gender-based discrepancy in the creative industry, including gender bias and stereotypes, pressure to conform, self-doubt and imposter syndrome, unequal access to resources, and lack of mentorship. 

A survey by the Young Creative Council revealed that 88% of women creatives feel they lack role models. Ahead of International Women’s Day, we have partnered with Moment to help address a lack of professional resources and mentorship for women in the creative industry. Check out Moment’s list of handy resources for creators, and read on for our roundup of inspirational women creators.

6 trailblazing creators to inspire your creativity

Mia Moran

Mia Moran is a Latina filmmaker and photographer from the Central Coast of California. Her love for filmmaking was born out of her happy and imaginative childhood, filled with Nerf wars, bike adventures, and plenty of time with loved ones. She’s one of Moment’s regular content creators, creating feature films, short films, and music videos.

Lizzie Peirce

Who is Lizzie Peirce? She is a video producer, photographer, professional salt and vinegar chip eater, and influencer from Canada. Lizzie has been on her own creative journey and experienced many of the hardships that her female peers have been exposed to in the industry. Luckily for Lizzie and her loyal fans, the nay-sayers only fueled her fire, and she started her own production company and YouTube channel. Lizzie and Moment have also created a Filmmaking Techniques course where you can learn “new moves and specific techniques for capturing better footage”.

Lizzie says, “Being a content creator is about making art that inspires”, and we hope that’s exactly what you find from her content. Check out more of her story and what inspires her to be a creator.

Karen X Cheng 

Karen is an award-winning director from San Francisco with over 500 million views. She’s worked with some of the world’s best brands, including Apple, Instagram, Artlist, United Airlines, Lego, and more. She’s truly at the top of her game and certainly an impressive role model for creators everywhere. One of the best things about Karen is that she often shares behind-the-scenes takes of her productions so other creators can learn and be inspired by her work. For example, Karen was commissioned by Lego to create a stop-motion video for their Rebuild the World Campaign. You can check out the creative process in her Instagram post below.

But that’s not all. Karen caters to creators of all levels of experience and budget through her personal projects like low-budget filmmaking. You can learn how to efficiently capture shots that would normally need large crews and expensive equipment with more accessible and affordable tools. Check it out.

Teja Lisjak

Teja is a London-based photographer, filmmaker, and creative. Not only is she creating amazing content for some of the world’s leading brands like Sony, Artlist, and Gymshark, but she also creates educational content to help other photographers. Check out her tutorials on her YouTube channel, or go and listen to her podcast. Teja is passionate about “educating people, creating tools that simplify their creative process, and helping them to develop their own style”. Teja co-hosts a podcast named Trust Your Choices, which is dedicated to everyone within the creative industry.

Colleen Yu 

Colleen is a Toronto and San Fransico-based creator. She describes her channel as a space where storytelling meets personal growth. Colleen aims to connect with her followers across her many channels and offer a supportive and inspirational space. Her videos offer personal insights and help people learn from her life and creative experience. Her content can be wrapped up under the theme, “cinematic learnings of our 20s”. So, if you’re looking for a genuine and inspirational content creator who feels like a friend, mentor, and entertainer rolled into one, check out Colleen’s content.

Atola Visuals 

Kitty, the founder of Atola Visuals, describes her dream team as “an edgy, creative content house dedicated to the crazy world of social media marketing”. They’re known for their innovative brand collaborations and engaging their followers with visual magic. The team at Atola is passionate about filmmaking and exploring all the latest technology and gear to follow and set visual trends. If you’re looking to build your content creator skills, you have to check out their how-to’s and video tips.

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