Motion Array Completely Overhauls Review

Motion Array 01/04/2020 3 min read

When we’re not creating tutorials and adding to our unlimited library we’re working on updating the features of other products. So with that mind, we’re thrilled to announce some new changes to Review – our video review and collaboration platform designed to improve the workflow of filmmakers and editors working remotely anywhere in the world.

Part 1: A New Review

New Aspect Ratios


First up, we’ve opened the door to working with multiple aspect ratios. As well as 16:9 videos, you can now also upload and review videos in square (1:1), portrait (9:16), and other cinematic aspect ratios.

So whether you’re creating a cinematic short film, trailer, or a promo for Instagram Stories, there’s an aspect ratio to suit your needs natively within Motion Array’s Review.

Dark UI Update


Introduce a fresh, modern, professional look to your brand with the updated dark user interface. The design of this UI is easy on the eyes when spending a long time looking at screens and maximizes the viewing experience making reviewing video content, all in all, a much more pleasurable experience. It just looks…awesome

Mobile Optimization


Finally, we’ve updated the mobile optimization features in Review. With busy schedules and remote production the norm, clients, producers and other members of your team won’t always have the luxury of logging onto a laptop or desktop. But with mobile optimization, users can jump into any project on the move and leave comments and approvals effortlessly.

The UI is now designed with mobile use in mind as a priority, so you can review videos horizontally or vertically – whatever works best for you when you’re on the road. Scroll down through the comments without losing track of the video player at the top of the screen. 

Part 2: Learn More About Using Review

Review from Motion Array is designed with ease and efficiency in mind. We use it regularly ourselves and listen to the community to really get to the heart of what the post-production world is looking for in a video review platform. Our goal is to make reviewing and feeding back on content an effortless experience, whether you’re in an edit suite, in a meeting, on the bus, or at home.

Mobile optimization opens an entire world of mobile, remote video production, meaning you can get your content delivered and published quicker than ever.

To learn more about Review and to get the most out of the platform, check out this article.

We’re always looking into how we can improve our services and products, and it’s no different with Review. These new product updates for Review put control directly into the palms of its users, with mobile optimization designed to speed up workflows and keep post-production moving even when your team is on the go. Combine this with the new ability to work with multiple aspect ratios and you’ll find the review process easier than ever.