16 Emotional Royalty Free Dramatic Music Tracks

Royalty Free Music 07/05/2019 3 min read

It’s no secret that choosing the perfect music can make a good film great, especially when it comes to the moments of high drama. To achieve this, you could hire a composer, but that can get costly and time-consuming. Luckily there’s lots of royalty free dramatic music available that can give your video that cinematic feeling.

Ultimately, picking the right music will help a scene or trailer convey the emotional weight of what’s on screen. To get you started, we’ve put together a curated list that you should definitely explore!

Top Royalty Free Dramatic Music to Download

1. Free Epic Staccato

Great if you need to cut an action-packed trailer full of suspense and dramatic moments. The track builds as the strings come in, the beat drives forward, and a choir layer takes the track to its epic crescendo.  

Download Free Epic Staccato Now

2. Free Slow Motion

Opening with a wistful piano that seems to know the true meaning of romance. The track swells as the drums come in like pounding footsteps of lovers racing towards each other through a crowded airport.

Free Slow Motion Download

3. Free Cinematic Suspenseful Piano

A pair of suspenseful piano hits in the same track. Perfect for a scene transition in a murder mystery show or to highlight an important clue for the audience.

Free Cinematic Suspenseful Piano Download

4. Sad Piano Background

Slow and emotional this piano track dances lightly as chimes come in. Use this track if your characters are giving each other a tearful kiss goodbye on a warm summer’s day.

Download Sad Piano Background Now

5. Dramatic Action Drums

This track features shaman-style drumming that instantly sets a high-intensity mood. Perfect for action-packed trailers or a thrilling chase scene.

Download Dramatic Action Drums Now

6. Dramatic Music

A dramatic orchestral track with soft piano interludes and high energy strings. A triumphant tune that would feel right at home in a montage sequences about overcoming adversity.

Download Dramatic Music Now

7. Dramatic Action

String instruments are a great way to signal high drama and suspense. This track opens with big plucking strings to indicate a mysterious plot before bursting out into the open with harmonic strings and bold horns.

Download Dramatic Action Now

8. Dramatic Orchestra Background

A classic orchestral track that steadily builds to its climax. Strings do most of the work, building layer upon layer while drums come into emphasis the building suspense. A great track if your main character is in the midst of drama!

Download Dramatic Orchestra Background Now

9. Dramatic Documentary

What makes this track stand out from other dramatic orchestral tracks that feature the piano is the heavy use of war drums. The thunderous war drums give this track a fantasy or historical feeling, a beat to march to.

Download Dramatic Documentary Now

10. Emotional Sad Dramatic Piano  

This one is a track with a job, a job it does very well, and takes pride in. The emotional piano is precise and accompanies deep orchestral strings that never waiver. Ideal for poignant, sorrowful, and heart-rending moments.

Download Emotional Sad Dramatic Piano Now

11. Dramatic Hip-Hop

A composition that features synth pads and deep bass, along with a thoughtful and romantic piano melody.  This versatile track would be right at home with drone shots of skylines and vibrant lifestyle travel vlogs.

Download Dramatic Hip-Hop Now

12. Dramatic Adventure  

A dramatic track to highlight a lost desert wanderer. This track, with its taut synth elements and striking horn segments, would fit right at home in a classic old west setting.

Download Dramatic Adventure Now

13. Dramatic Synthwave

The synth is strong with this one. Crashing electronic percussion echo into the distance as synth pads dazzle mysterious alongside arcade-style bass hits. This track would give your video a groovy 80’s feeling.

Download Dramatic Synthwave Now

14. Dramatic Film Ambient

A desolate piano introduces this composition and it’s joined by a mournful-sounding string quartet. For sad, desperate, emotionally-charged scenes, this would make perfect backing.  

Download Dramatic Film Ambient Now

15. Ambient Dramatic Electronic

Steady synth pads bring this track to life slowly. Airy drums and hazy electronic elements add to the woozy feel of this background music.

Download Ambient Dramatic Electronic Now

16. Dramatic Film Strings

The harmonic choir is the main element in this track. The strings swell and the synth dances lightly in a track that would work great in a touching goodbye; a fitting track to end our list on.

Download Dramatic Film Strings Now

Music is an essential element of any video production. Climactic scenes that evoke strong emotion from the audience need just the right dramatic music to accompany them.

Hopefully, this list of awesome tracks will get you started on the right path. But remember, Motion Array has thousands of royalty free dramatic music to give your production an emotive edge.