16 Vibrant Royalty Free Cinematic Music Tracks to Download

Royalty Free Music June 11, 2019 4 min read

To enhance a high drama moment in your film or video, you’ll want to include an epic piece of music that intensifies the emotional response felt by your audience. But where do you find quality tracks that will elevate your project? Fortunately, Motion Array has thousands of royalty free cinematic music tracks available and we’ve put together a shortlist of our favorites for you here.

Check out this variety of standout tracks for your cinematic scenes — you’ll be sounding like a big Hollywood production in no time flat.

Top Royalty Free Cinematic Music

1. Epic Cinematic Orchestra Kit

This cinematic track combines 3 different music pieces into 1 combined track, starting with an intricate and beautiful beginning it moves into a climbing full-body orchestra for an inspiring journey. If you’re building an epic fantasy adventure feature or an engaging travel sequence over high hills and rugged mountains, this is your soundtrack!

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2. Moment of Inspiration

This track features violins and pianos in a melodic journey. An inspired opening to a psychological thriller where you want to subdue before scare or the tail end of an epic romance would both be befitting of this track. It could also be used in a wedding video or an inspired advertisement!

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3. Cinematic Suspenseful Piano

This short track features a climbing piano that can put even the most unafraid on the edge of their seats. Perfect for that creepy horror or thriller, and its short bursts of eerie energy would be a perfect ending note for your suspenseful trailer.

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4. Cinematic Orchestral Ambient

This epic track has a slow build into some enrapturing horns before a wistful break that returns to its more ethereal piano. Its melody is fitting of the preparation for an emotional scene.

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5. Inspiring Uplifting Piano And Strings

Featuring a melodic and inspiring piano, this arrangement brings a mellow, but moving theme to any project. Perfect for a heartfelt romance, the opening of an emotional drama or a meaningful advertisement, this track will help you tailor your audience’s emotions.

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6. Cinematic Trap Inspiration

With a powerful, determined beat, this track features a full breadth of sound with horns, pipes, drums, and an array of other collective sounds that bring a listener (or watcher) right into the story. An excellent piece for an action-adventure scene like a character running through a jungle or preparing for battle.

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7. Slow Cinematic Opener

As the name would suggest, this free cinematic music piece would be a fantastic opener for a fantasy film or an enchanting backdrop for a high-end corporate advertisement campaign. It features a range of competing sounds that meld themselves together in an ascending musical melody.

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8. Epic Choir

You’ll be back in Victorian England, or the great hall of a Harry Potter film, with this vocally-lead choir and orchestra ensemble. This track combines a collection of voices backed by a talented accompaniment in a fast-paced, cinematic piece.

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9. Triumph

This slow-paced cinematic music starts with a gradual build into an epic crescendo before ending on a lighter note. Select this composition for a fantasy love story or the heroic end to an emotional film piece.

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10. Magical Cinematic Fantasy

Perfect for an inspiring corporate presentation or the beginning of a fairy tale, this is an energetic track that transports listeners to another world. Using steady percussion to build the mood, the consistent beat is mixed with more playful tones of keys and strings.

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11. Mediterranean Emotional Cinematic

This Mediterranean-inspired composition transports you to the streets of Italy or the bustling ports of Greece with a combination of strings, wind instruments, and percussion. Boost your audience’s understanding of a film’s setting and set the mood.

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12. Cinematic Advertising Piano

Two versions of this track to play with here. A charming, inspiring piano melody that would work well in any corporate or advertising production.

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13. Ambient Cinematic Background

This piece has a sci-fi or otherworldly vibe, combining intense strings with a recurring synth melody. It would also be a fitting choice as the background music for an exciting travel project.

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14. Classical Cinematic Action

If you’re looking for a crescendoing track to underlay the credit roll or the opening sequence of your next legendary project, then this passionate musical option is for you. It combines the suspenseful sounds of an orchestra to create an elegant yet dramatic piece.

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15. Cinematic Adventure

This emotive piano track is suited for a romantic scene, inspired journey, or energetic corporate piece. It’s uplifting beat that combines a collection of bright sounds will help elevate your audience’s mood.

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16. Cinematic Inspiring Dreams

This melodic piece has a vibe that’s reminiscent of classic sci-fi hits with an electronic but tranquil tone. Using a track like this in your classic sci-fi, space drama, or video game inspired piece will connect your audience to your tale.

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Royalty free cinematic music helps set the mood and connect audiences more deeply with your story. Motion Array has thousands of royalty free music tracks available with unlimited downloads that can help improve the production value of your project and take your next piece from great to epic.