Top 23 Dazzling & Lovely Christmas Slideshows for Family Videos

Video Effects 01/12/2021 4 min read

Just because it’s a family and friends project, doesn’t mean you don’t want to add a little sparkle and shine to impress everyone. Finding the right assets to add to your Christmas slideshows can really take your project to the next level — so we’ve curated a list of the best ones you can find on Motion Array to make creating your project easier.

Charming & Enchanting Christmas Slideshows to Create Joyous Memories

1. Ornaments Slideshow

Featuring hanging frames and bouncing ornaments, the Ornaments Slideshow is a fun, festive presentation document. You can edit the 7 titles and frames using After Effects. 

Download Ornaments Slideshow Now

2. Winter Christmas Slideshow

Winter Christmas Slideshow is a versatile After Effects template that you can use to build your next holiday project. There are 20 photo or video placeholders and 12 editable text layers, and you don’t need any plugins to make it work.

Download Winter Christmas Slideshow Now

3. Christmas Slideshow

With 32 editable text spots and 32 media placeholders, Christmas Slideshow is perfect for your next big holiday presentation. With beautifully animated transitions, your photos will look fantastic in the frost-filled frames.  

Download Christmas Slideshow Now

4. Winter Slideshow

Whether you want to show off your winter vacation photos or celebrate your business’s accomplishments from the past year. This template features 11 media placeholders and 2 spots for editable texts so you can make it your own. 

Download Winter Slideshow Now

5. Christmas Slideshow 2

Festively animated, Christmas Slideshow 2 is the perfect holiday template for After Effects. You can use it to display your favorite Christmas photos and videos inside a snowy environment.

Download Christmas Slideshow 2 Now

6. Christmas Sweater

For a cozy, fun design, the Christmas Sweater After Effects template is the perfect holiday presentation theme. Gorgeously designed it features 13 image placeholders, 5 editable text, and 1 logo placeholder.

Download Christmas Sweater Now

7. Santa’s Christmas Photo Album

Blending video and tracked images, Santa’s Christmas Photo Album is the perfect holiday-themed After Effects template. It contains 16 scenes and 11 media placeholders that you can use to make the project your own. 

Download Santa’s Christmas Photo Album Now

8. Christmas Time

Christmas Time is a fun, stylish design that’s editable in After Effects. It makes the perfect introduction to your film or TV holiday project, or you can use it to show off your holiday photos to friends and family. 

Download Christmas Time Now

9. Winter Holidays Promo

Perfect for your next corporate Christmas presentation, Winter Holidays Promo features 20 editable text and 10 media placeholders. It features a slick, holiday theme that’s perfect to show off your products, portfolio, or celebrate the year’s accomplishments.

Download Winter Holidays Promo Now

10. Christmas Slide

Christmas Slide features 12 media, 4 text, and 1 logo placeholder that you can simply drag and drop your video and photos right into. You’ll need After Effects to edit it, but it’s the perfect way to say “Merry Christmas” to your friends and family. 

Download Christmas Slide Now

11. Beautiful Christmas Slideshow

With 19 unique flat-lay scenes, the Beautiful Christmas Slideshow is the ultimate holiday package. Editable in Adobe Premiere Pro, this holiday presentation features 30 media and 21 editable text placeholders with the current footage included.

Download Beautiful Christmas Slideshow Now

12. Christmas Slideshow

Christmas Slideshow is the perfect template for your next holiday Adobe Premiere Pro project. There are 13 flat lay scenes, 14 media placeholders, and 2 editable text placeholders so you can make the presentation on your own. 

Download Christmas Slideshow Now

13. Christmas Frames

If you’re looking for a sophisticated Christmas photo video slideshow theme this might just be it. Christmas Frames features 5 media and 5 logo and text placeholders so you can give your audience a proper happy holidays show. 

Download Christmas Frames Now

14. Christmas & New Year Frames

Featuring a retro photo booth theme, Christmas & New Years Frames make the perfect backdrop for your next holiday party. With 8 media and text placeholders, and 1 logo spot, it’s perfect for the corporate Christmas party. 

Download Christmas & New Year Frames Now

15. Dynamic Christmas Slideshow

Reminiscent of something you’d see in Whoville, the Dynamic Christmas Slideshow features a bright red and green display. There are 15 media and 17 editable text layers that will help you make these Christmas pictures truly yours. 

Download Dynamic Christmas Slideshow Now

16. Gold And White Christmas Slideshow

The Gold And White Christmas Slideshow template features 13 media and 13 editable text placeholders. Perfect for any snowy occasion, this white and gold eye-catching presentation can be used for friends, family, or colleagues.  

Download Gold And White Christmas Slideshow Now

17. Balloons And Confetti Slideshow

Balloons And Confetti Slideshow isn’t strictly a holiday-themed presentation template. Editable in Adobe Premiere Pro, this gold and silver slideshow template can be used for any magical occasion. 

Download Balloons And Confetti Slideshow Now

18. Christmas Opener

A beautifully designed, mesmerizing template set, Christmas Opener features 12 media and 24 editable text placeholders. Built for Premiere Pro, it features fun, festive bright lights and smooth transitions.

Download Christmas Opener Now

19. Christmas Pages Slideshow

Christmas Pages Slideshow is a modular template built for editing in Premiere Pro. It’s easy-to-use and features 12 unique slides that you can slip your own media into for something on the holiday brand and impress the audience. 

20. Christmas Story

Dynamic and magical Christmas Story features 10 media, 7 text, and 1 logo placeholder. Build for Premiere Pro, this slideshow template package is perfect for your next winter holiday-themed presentation. 

Download Christmas Story Now

21. Christmas Slideshow

Built with a modular structure that’s a piece of cake to edit, Christmas Slideshow features a variety of holiday-themed but not over-the-top slides. Whether you’re building something for business or pleasure, this will probably fit the seasonal vibe you’re looking for. 

Download Christmas Slideshow Now

22. Christmas Story

If you’re looking for an enchanting template that comes with a little extra sparkle, Christmas Story is for you. This Final Cut and Apple Motion template has 10 media, 7 text, and 1 logo placeholder, and it comes with a detailed how-to video so you don’t have any problems. 

Download Christmas Story Now

23. Christmas Memories

Christmas Memories is a beautifully animated DaVinci Resolve template that has 19 media and 14 text placeholders. Whether you’re building a slideshow of family memories or sending a holiday message to clients, you’re sure to impress your audience with it. 

Download Christmas Memories Now

Christmas slideshows can make a real splash if you add the right assets. And this season, Motion Array’s collection of professional holiday templates can take your family project to something fit for the big screen. Create something beautiful and magical for everyone to enjoy!

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