25 Free & Paid Video Marketing Templates to Promote Your Brand

Motion Array Video Effects 07/06/2021 8 min read

Whether you are marketing your own business or creating content for a client, video is a powerful tool to use online. Social media moves quickly, so any video marketing content must be quick and easy to create with your branding in mind to engage your audience.

Video marketing templates are an incredible way to create appealing sharable digital content, so don’t miss to check out the top 25 templates to promote your brand. And while you are at it, why not use these templates to participate in the Motion Array Ad Challenge! You have until June 16, 2021, to submit your creative ad.

Part 1: 5 Different Types of Video Marketing

There are many styles of video marketing content that might suit your business or client. However, a key to successful marketing is to understand the intention of the content, what its purpose is, and how you will see the results.

Marketing Videos can be divided into several categories, and different templates will suit different types of content. Let’s have a look at the most common varieties of marketing videos.

1. Cornerstone Videos

Cornerstone videos are those that tell a customer who you are and what you do. You have often seen these videos on the homepage of a website, and they should offer the visitor a welcoming introduction and an overview of your business. They will often feature talking-head interviews and soundbites from the business owner or team members.

2. Product Videos

Everyone is familiar with product videos, and they can be a great help when convincing a customer to buy from a business. Templates are ideal for product videos where you want to show off the item quickly, with lots of helpful information for the customer.

3. Event Promo Videos

Promoting events is a little different from other types of marketing videos because they tend to follow a set structure and will likely include footage/photos of previous events. Creating event promos is one of the most accessible types of marketing videos because you know exactly what the audience needs to find out – what it is, when it is, where it is, and how much it is.

4. Brand Story Videos

Brand story videos can take on many different shapes and forms, usually chosen according to where the content will be shared. Instagram and Facebook Stories are a great way of sharing your brand story, including soundbites from team members, behind-the-scenes clips, and insights into your brand.

5. Explainer Videos

Explainer videos are a great way to take complex and confusing data or methods and simplify them for your viewer. These videos could cover walkthroughs of how a product, service, or program works, as well as facts and data about your industry.

Part 2: Top Video Marketing Tips and Ideas

When it comes to creating your marketing videos, you should put some thought into your messaging and story before looking for a template. It can be challenging to develop a consistent style or tone if you try to fit your message into a template you like. 

Tell a Story

The most engaging Marketing Videos tell a story and take the viewer on a journey. When writing the video messaging, think about the assets available and how those can be structured to create a beginning, middle, and end.

Optimize Your Video Thumbnail

A great way of getting more engagement on your marketing videos is to optimize your video Thumbnails. When uploaded, your video will be given a generic thumbnail, a random frame from your video. By creating a bespoke thumbnail, you can add more information and context to the video, encouraging viewers to click play.

Shamelessly Ask People to Share Your Video

Don’t be ashamed to ask people to share your video, but make sure you give people a reason to do so. Helpful information such as explainer videos is one of the most shared forms of content online, but you can also create incentives for people to share or ask your network for an engagement boost.

Tag People in your Video

A brilliant way of ensuring your videos get shared is to include people who will share them. By tagging people in your video, they will receive notifications every time there is engagement and will often share it to their own pages. Be careful, though, and make sure you are only tagging the relevant people, or else it might look like spam.

Share Your Video in Online Communities

Every social media platform has smaller communities and bubbles of people that you can market to directly. Platforms with specific groups like Linkedin and Facebook are a great place to look for like-minded businesses or target markets. Also, YouTube discussion boards are a great place to share your channel. Reddit can be an awesome tool for getting engagement on resource content.

Put Some Money Behind Your Social Promotions

While we recommend trying the other tips on this list before opting for paid-for promotions, it can be a great way of spreading your message. Using PPC or Facebook Ads can be tricky and confusing, so take your time to understand the platform you want to use and set yourself a budget. Remember, paid-for promotions only work if you have a solid social media presence/website for the viewer to visit.

Part 3: Top 25 Free & Paid Video Marketing Templates

1. Fashion Opener Countdown

The Fashion Opener template is a versatile and elegant design that can be used for far more than fashion videos. The fast-moving shape frames and bold color palette make branding this template ideal for showreels, events, and product videos.

Download Fashion Opener Countdown for Free

2. Instagram Stories Corporate

This pack of corporate-style Instagram Stories contains six fresh and modern designs. Perfectly mixing sleek typography, stock photos, and graphic flourishes, this series is ideal for brand stories, product promotions, and event videos.

Download Instagram Stories Corporate for Free

3. Big Stretch Intro

The Big Stretch Intro is an energetic, clean-looking video template, useful for cornerstone intros and event promos. The template’s modular structure allows you to rearrange the scenes, duplicate or remove them as necessary, giving you endless possibilities from one template.

Download Big Stretch Intro for Free

4. Free Animated Instagram Stories

Ideal for product videos, events promos and sales messages, the Animated Instagram Stories pack is a great addition to your asset library. The stylish and modern design with minimal flourishes makes these 5 free stories templates versatile and easy to brand.

Download Animated Instagram Stories for Free

5. 8 Bit Instagram Slides

The 8 Bit Instagram Slides template for After Effects has a fun and retro-looking design, turning your photos/footage into 80bit style images. The unique and stylized look of these templates won’t suit every business, but for a retro or gaming look, this is the one for you.

Download 8 Bit Instagram Slides for Free

6. 4K Social Media Promo

The 4K Social Media Promo template comes in 2 different versions – horizontal and square, which are ideal for those businesses marketing on YouTube and social media. The fast and clean design, with an easy-to-brand color palette, is sure to grab your audience’s attention.

Download 4K Social Media Promo Now

7. Marketing Instagram Stories

The Marketing Instagram Stories pack contains 6 beautiful and engaging animated templates. The stylized characters and marketing-based iconography make this project perfect for promoting different marketing services.

Download Marketing Instagram Stories Now

8. Modern Typography Promo

If you want to share your marketing video across all platforms, then the Modern Typography Promo might be the one for you. The clean and dynamically animated project comes in horizontal, vertical, portrait, and square formats.

9. Urban Insta Stories

The Urban Insta Stories template contains 8 stylish and creatively animated videos that would suit a wide range of business and content types. The clean and modern design, with a simple color palette, makes adding your own messaging simple and straightforward.

Download Urban Insta Stories Now

10. Fun Logo

Ideal for your intro and outro sequences, the Fun Logo template includes one logo and 3 text placeholders. The bright and bold graphic design, with 3D style shape elements, make this unique template both fun and impressive.

Download Fun Logo Now

11. Live Streaming Bundle

If you are a live streamer, then this awesome After Effects template can help your streams level up. With 3 different designs, the project includes lower thirds, upper menus, intermission and end screens, and face camera panels.

Download Live Streaming Bundle Now

12. Sport Opener

Although called the Sport Opener, this template can be used for various business topics but is best for openers and event promos. The bright color options and fullscreen typography is eye-catching, while the gritty grunge flourishes make the template feel modern and on-trend.

Download Sport Opener Now

13. Web Store Logo Reveal

If you are looking to promote an online shop or ecommerce business, this bright and colorful template is ideal. The short and snappy video, with a stunning liquid feel, can be used again and again for different search terms or products.. 

Download Web Store Logo Reveal Now

14. Energetic Opener

The Energetic Opener is a speedy, dynamically animated template with a bold and trendy design. Offering portrait, horizontal and square modes, this fun and exciting template could be used for products, events and brand stories.

Download Energetic Opener Now

15. Modern Slideshow

If you’re a Davinci Resolve user, then this template could be just what you’re looking for. The clean and corporate style clearly defines messaging and huge image space, while the graphical flourishes offer a modern twist.

Download Modern Slideshow Now

16. Online Courses Promo

The Online Courses Promo is a modular AE template containing 28 text and 18 media placeholders so that you can build long or short-form marketing content. Ideal for educational workshops, training classes or online event promos, with each slide offering a different design for speaker intros, dates, and lineups.

Download Online Courses Promo Now

17. The Online Event Promo

The Online Event Promo template is a stunningly designed and dynamically animated promo video for After Effects. The beautiful camera roll-style video screens allow for plenty of images and video clips, while the clear and clean design makes structuring your message easy.

Download The Online Event Promo Now

18. Dynamic Intro

The dynamic intro is a sequence of slides containing great media transitions and funky, cool-looking typography elements. Rebuild the template as you want, using the dynamic slides to create new content for promos and intros.

Download Dynamic Intro Now

19. Dynamic Opener

The Dynamic Opener is an eye-catching and busy design, with bold text elements and graphical flourishes. With bright colors and full-screen typography elements, this trendy design is ideal for openers and event promos.

Download Dynamic Opener Now

20. New Exceptional Opener

The New Exceptional Opener is an action-packed and creatively animated template with a massive 27 text placeholders. The fast and modern design makes this project ideal for event promos, showreels, and cornerstone opening sequences.

Download New Exceptional Opener Now

21. Business Promo Presentation

The Business Promo Presentation is ideal for business cornerstone or website videos. The neat, corporate style design and clean slide division and layout make structuring your media and messaging straightforward.

Download Business Promo Presentation Now

22. Product Promotion

Product Promotion is a beautifully designed, clean, and modern-looking AE template. The stark white color pallet and thin line flourishes give a technology vibe, similar to Apple product videos in their stunning simplicity. 

Download Product Promotion Now

23. Instagram Monochrome Stories

Instagram Monochrome Stories offers a trendy range of animated Instagram stories which couldn’t be simpler to use. This slick Final Cut Pro template is ideally suited for all things fashion – from promotional videos, product demos to sales and marketing. 

Download Instagram Monochrome Stories Now

24. Big Money Isometric Concept