How To Use The Motion Array Video Review System


Hi guys! Jordan here, and today we’re going to be looking at Motion Array’s Video Review system, so let’s jump right into it!

How To Use Motion Array's Video Review & Collaboration App

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Okay so the place to start is at, and to get to the review system, either go to the tool section and then review, or go to your account settings, and then to review.  From here you can begin the process of getting your video reviewed. The way it works is to start out by uploading your video that you want to be reviewed.

To upload a video, just go to this button that says upload here and click it.  Now you can drag and drop your videos from your computer right into this box here and start the uploading process.  As it’s going, feel free to title your video and add a bit of a description so that your collaborators can have as much information as possible about the project.   

Then make sure that it’s ready for your review section by checking the box for review.  If you’re working on a sensitive project and want that extra layer of security, you can password protect your project so that only your inner circle can see the work in progress.

Great! Once it’s fully uploaded and processed, you can select a thumbnail for your video or upload a custom one from your computer.  But now that our video is done uploading, it’s already got its own review page, we just need to navigate there by going back to our review section, and clicking on our newly uploaded video.  

From there we’re taken to our review section, and whatever you see here on this page is what your collaborators will see as well when you get them to review your video.   So if we wanted to really impress our client, friends, or coworkers, we can actually customize this site to spice it up a little bit.

First things first, let’s make it our own by adding our own company logo.  Thankfully this process is super simple. Up at the top left here you can just drag and drop your logo into this box here and your logo will be uploaded and saved to your review page.  Simple as that.

Cool, next thing before we send this review site off is that we want to customize it so that it appears on our own privately hosted site.  Even if you don’t own your own domain, that’s okay we can still personalize it. So we’re going to go back to our account settings for a second to take care of this.  

So back at our settings, we’re just going to quickly go into our Portfolio section, and then go to portfolio settings.  From here, if we don’t own our own domain name we can work with motion array’s domain. Changing it is as simple as coming up with the url that you want and, if it’s available, start using it immediately.  Each review video will then be an extension of this domain.

But if you have your own domain that you own, you can actually link it up with your motion array account so that it’s all under your personal domain extension.  For more information on how to connect your domain, feel free to contact your domain provider. But I’m just going to stick with a domain for right now.

Okay, so now our website is customized to be our own.  So back here at our review section, let’s go over how to actually use the system.  First thing’s first, how do you send it off to your collaborators for them to view?  Just go to the share button here at the top right. Click on it to add the email of a collaborator, and feel free to include a personal message telling them more specifics.  Once you add them, an email will be sent to their inbox with a link to the site you’re currently on. Great!

Okay, so now when they open up this video to view, they can push play or hit the space bar to watch the video and gather notes.  But if they have any comments about specific parts of the video, they can pause the video, and type in a comment. And you’ll notice that when you start to type a comment, you can see a timecode here above it.  The comment is linked to the portion of the video they are currently at. If you need to be frame-accurate, you can also use the left and right arrow buttons to go forward and backwards by one frame at a time.

So once they post the comment, you can see a little notch here on the playbar displaying exactly where in the video their comment is directed at, in addition to having the specific timecode displayed.  Great!! But if you want even more specificity than that, you can actually click on any part of the video, and then make a comment, to have a little blue indicator help direct exactly where the person is talking about.   Pretty awesome right!?

Okay, so now that our video has been filled up with some comments, what’s next?  You’ve seen the comments and you’re already starting to make changes for the next draft of the video.  So to make sure that you’re collaborators know you’re on the ball, once you’ve made an appropriate change, mark that specific task as done by clicking on the check mark button here.  

Great! But now that your new video draft is done, do you just go through that whole process over again?  Well kind of. But with a very important change. Once you have a new video draft ready, instead of just uploading the new one.  Go to your review section and to the video that served as your first draft. Then under the options here go to manage versions. From this specific location, you can actually upload a new video and it will be designated as the next draft of the same video!

Once it’s uploaded, open up the video and now you have version 1 and version 2.  Version 1 was the original, and the higher the number, the more evolved the draft version.  So you can keep track of all the different versions of the video project and track it’s changes just by looking through the different drafts!

Pretty cool right!?

Well guys, that’s been a quick look at how to use the video review system from Motion Array, I hope you guys found this video helpful.  If you did, feel free to check out our other tutorials right here at

If you’re watching this one, chances are you can benefit from also watching our video on how to use motion array portfolios.  Another totally free service from Motion Array. Thanks so much for watching, and I can’t wait to see you in the next video!

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