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Background music is the unsung hero of many a video, film, or animation. By definition, it’s in the background, so creators often overlook it’s importance. In many cases, a viewer won’t really notice it’s there, but they will notice if it’s not. And they will notice if it doesn’t match the action.

You can almost imagine it as an invisible river. If the scene is the boat for your journey, and there is no river to float down, you just won’t get anywhere. Here’s an example, albeit a little extreme of how important a role background music plays in a scene.

In the famous training scene from Rocky, the hero goes through a grueling training ritual that ends with him running up a set of stairs and cheering himself on. Here’s the end of that scene with the original music that played out underneath.

Now, here’s the same scene but with the music removed and natural sound added in.

It’s pretty obvious that the music is as integral to the scene and the visuals are. Whether you are making a Hollywood film or a corporate presentation, music can and should play a big part in your final product.

But, this post is titled “Free Background Music” so we should probably get to that shouldn’t we?

Motion Array is a creative asset marketplace with all types of assets from After Effects templates and Premiere Pro templates to, of course, stock music. The paid portion of the asset library, which is subscription based, houses over 8,500 stock music tracks with a wide range of genres, moods, and tempos.

But, if there is one thing we love to do around here, it’s give away free things. Our main goal is to help you make better videos, so if we can do that with a free asset, we are more than happy to.

Over the past few years, we’ve given away tons of items, including lots of free background music, so we decided to collect them here for easy access and review. Below is a roundup of all of the free background music that you can find at Motion Array. All you’ll need is a free Motion Array account that takes seconds to set up.

For starters, last year we began offering Music Kits to our members. A Music Kit is an enhanced piece of background music that comes with stems, stings, transitions, and the like so the user can edit together the perfect track for their video. In honor of the release, and so users could get a feel for it, we gave away a free Music Kit called “Pop Rock Music Kit. Here’s the link.

Download Pop Rock Music Kit

Here’s a free piece of background music called “Corporate Harmonics”. It’s bright and inspirational throughout, but subtle until the big build up at the end. It’s a great piece for lots of corporate projects, and you can get it free from the link below.

Download Corporate Harmonics

In a totally different direction is “Acid Network.” This background track is fierce. With highly charged techno elements and a tight rhythm, this piece of music could work for anything from an action movie trailer to an extreme sports montage. Since it’s free, you can use it for both.

Download Acid Network

Don’t let the name of this next free track “Technology” fool you. Sure, the consistent rhythm on the guitar works great for a technology driven corporate video, but it also has an emotional drive to it that could bring forth a sense of longing or travel. This one will fit into a lot of pieces in a lot of ways.

Download Technology

“Make It Loud” is a jumping indie rock track complete with hand claps. Anything with a youthful vibe could get punched up with this great piece if background background music that is.

Download Make It Loud

One the lighter end of the spectrum is “Happy Ukulele”, a soft and happy piece of background music that can find its way into a wedding video or a commercial with kids or a bunch of friends. It’s uplifting and full of fun spirit. No doubt, you’ll find plenty of ways to incorporate this one.

Download Happy Ukulele

How about a track the has a nice throwback feel to 80’s and 90’s alternative rock? “Acoustic Rock Song” has that. The energy level is high, it’s loaded with drive, and it’s got a pop sensibility to it. It’s built to sell products and ideas.

Download Acoustic Rock Song

While there are plenty of tracks in our free background music selections that are pumping with energy and drive, there are times when you want to create a sentimental mood instead. If a sense of longing or nostalgia is what you are looking for, then “Slow Motion” will fit right in for those moods. It’s got soaring guitars and a tempo that oozes longing.

Download Slow Motion

“Pump” is another one of our slower pieces that could fit into a lovely wedding video, or a reflective moment. Layers of piano and acoustic guitar with a soft backing rhythm glide along and take you on a slow journey.

Download Pump

If you want a little exotica in your life...think pumping organ and driving drum samples, “Door Punch” is your track. The organ leads way to surfy, reverb heavy guitar leads that will make you wish you were in a spy movie. This one says adventure, action, and style all the way.

Download Door Punch

We’ve got another great corporate inspirational piece for you called “Going Up”. This one use light guitars and piano lines to sail across the breeze. It will be great to show off the rising growth of your business, to sell an inspirational idea, or even as a background to a wedding or real estate video.

Download Going Up

The last track in our collection of free stock background music is called “Corporate Timeline”. Its another track with lots of use cases. It’s subtle and perfect for really living in the background where it won’t interfere with your message. But as it builds, it will drive your message home in the perfect way.

Download Corporate Timeline

There you have it, 12 beautiful and fun free background tracks for your videos, films, and animations. We’ll be adding more in the future, so be sure to keep checking out our free items section of the site. At Motion Array, we believe it should be easy to find and use great creative assets like background music, so all of our assets are free to use on any personal or commercial project of any size.

We hope you downloaded all of these tracks and find ways to use them that we didn’t even think of. If you do use a track in a video that you are particularly proud of, add a link in the comments below.

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