30 Chique Fashion Intros for After Effects to Show Off All You Got

After Effects 29/08/2020 6 min read

Whether you are creating fashion promo videos, or need an intro to your fashion-based YouTube channel, template projects are a great way to create stunning openers quickly and easily. There are hundreds of suitable template projects available online, but we wanted to save you some time. So, we’ve put together a list of 30 of the best After Effects Fashion Intros, available for you to download today.

Part 1: 30 Amazing Fashion Intro Templates for After Effects

1. Fashion Intro

The Fashion Intro Project is a speedy, glitchy slideshow, ideal for events promos and video openers. The colorful palette and funky graphic design make this sequence feel fresh and modern.

Download Fashion Intro Now

2. Intro Fashion

This clean and dynamically animated opener uses quick slide and wipe transitions to take your audience through your media. The simple color options and cool graphic elements add an interesting flair to your video projects.

Download Intro Fashion Now

3. Fresh Fashion Intro

The Fresh Fashion Intro project seamlessly mixes full screen typography elements with your media elements. The fast paced slide transitions and Alpha text elements make this template a unique and stylish intro.

Download Fresh Fashion Intro Now

4. Fashion Colorful Intro

The Fashion Colorful Intro is indeed colorful, with tons of customizable large graphic shapes and text animations. With 10 text and 5 media placeholders, this short and exciting project is sure to wow your audience.

Download Fashion Colorful Intro Now

5. Fashion Dynamic Intro

Perfect to text heavy intro sequences, the Fashion Dynamic Intro project contains just 5 media placeholders, and a massive 36 text placeholders. The modern design with a simple color palette makes for a striking opener to your Youtube and Website videos.

Download Fashion Dynamic Intro Now

6. Stylish Intro

The Stylish Intro template is one that definitely works best with still images. The cool and fun cut out images, with bright bold backgrounds perfectly highlight your messaging, whilst the dynamic, fast-paced movement keeps your intro interesting.

Download Stylish Intro Now

7. Relaxing Intro

This smooth and clean intro sequence is perfect for a wide range of video types, including events and product promos, and YouTube content intros. With 12 Text and 5 Media Placeholders, this glitchy, dynamic sequence can make your project stand out from the crowd.

Download Relaxing Intro Now

8. Rhythmic Intro

The Rhythmic Intro template is a super short and stylish opening sequence, which can be used across a wide range of project types. The minimal text and media elements are bold and eye catching, with a simple color palette for easy branding.

Download Rhythmic Intro Now

9. Modern Opener

This upbeat and dynamically animated opener includes 16 media placeholders and 14 text elements. The stylish design turns your media into sliding panels that neatly come together, and finish with a speedy camera zoom effect.

Download Modern Opener Now

10. Stylish Intro

The Stylish Intro Project is a super fast and creatively designed project, with a lot going on. Fast zoom transitions, graphical flourish and light effects work together to create a beautiful and imaginative opener for your videos.

Download Stylish Intro Now

11. Colorful Stories

Colorful Stories is made specifically for Instagram Stories, and contains 4 media and text placeholders. Combining full screen typography and cool light leaks, this sequence can be used in parts as individual Stories, as a stand alone video or as an intro to your daily Stories.

Download Colorful Stories Now

12. Urban Fashion Opener

The Urban Fashion Opener is an action-packed intro sequence, with would work well as a showreel as well as an opening to longer video content. The two tone tint and text colors might be limiting to some, but provide a unique and bold look to your video.

Download Urban Fashion Opener Now

13. Trendy Fashion Intro

This short and neat looking template is stylish and creatively animated, with 10 media placeholders and 6 text elements for your messaging. The continuously sliding panels move your media on, off and around the screen smoothly, with bold unique typography shouting your messages.

Download Trendy Fashion Intro Now

14. New Fashion Slideshow

This sleek and modern template is perfect for your fashion and events videos. The big bold design with simple color palette highlights your media and text, with smooth transitions and graphical flourishes for an eye-catching look .

Download New Fashion Slideshow Now

15. Minimal Fashion Opener

The Minimal Fashion Opener might have simply designed transitions, but the cool glitch effects and film noise make this intro far from Minimal. With stunning gradient backgrounds, tints and text effect, this intro is sure to grab your audience’s attention.

Download Minimal Fashion Opener Now

16. Clean Fashion Intro

The Clean Fashion intro is a modern and simple design, with bold messaging and fun media transitions. This template is ideal for your fashion videos, but would work equally as well for slideshows, business presentations and promotional videos.

Download Clean Fashion Intro Now

17. Perfect Fashion Intro

Make your presentations, commercials, or social media content stand out from the crowd with this dynamic template. Featuring 8 video placeholders, 1 logo placeholder, and 8 editable text layers, this eye-catching template is a must have.

Download Perfect Fashion Intro Now

18. Free Style Fashion Intro

The Free Style Fashion Intro sequence comes with two versions for both landscape and portrait platforms. The artistically designed template uses brush stroke transitions, and cool photo elements to create a modern scrapbook style opener.

Download Free Style Fashion Intro Now

19. Nature Fashion Intro

The Nature Fashion intro is a gorgeous video intro that offers two versions; one for still images and a second for video clips. With swift, smooth media transitions and dynamic text elements, the fresh foliage and plant life flourishes give this template a distinctly summer feel.

Download Nature Fashion Intro Now

20. New Fashion Opener

This urban infused After Effects template has a lot to offer with 13 text and 9 image placeholders. Energetic and contemporary transitions, and easy to use, the New Fashion Opener will dazzle your audience for all your events, product, or showcase videos. 

Download New Fashion Opener Now

21. Fast Fashion Slideshow

This action-packed template offers 26 image and 12 text placeholders, making it not only an amazing intro sequence, but a super cool modelling or photography showreel. The fast sliding panels form a range of split-screen layouts with your media, seamlessly transitioning to full-screen text elements.

Download Fast Fashion Slideshow Now

22. VHS Fashion Promo

Need an ultra-modern fashion geared template for your slideshows, presentations, live event videos, or vlogs? The VHS Fashion Promo intro has got you covered, highly customizable, and versatile, this bold template is sure to make an impact. 

Download VHS Fashion Promo Now

23. Intro Fashion

Intro Fashion offers a stunning selection of fresh transitions with 31 editable text layers, 1 logo placeholder, and 19 image or video placeholders. Kinetic and sparling, this has everything to make your event videos, product launch, lifestyle content, and slideshows shine. 

Download Intro Fashion Now

24. Fashion Bloggers

Give your fashion blog or vlog a professional makeover with this vibrant After Effects template with 4 editable text layers and 12 video placeholders. The Fashion Bloggers Intro is excellent for product or promotion videos.

Download Fashion Bloggers Now

25. Fashion Slideshow Intro

The Fashion Slideshow Intro provides a tastefully modern range of fast-paced transitions that are guaranteed to pull focus. Make your fashion slideshows, event, or brand launch videos pop with elegance.

Download Fashion Slideshow Intro Now

26. Fashion Modern Intro

This outstanding After Effects temple is perfect for creating that fashion show vibe with stylish transitions and dapper text animations. Add a touch of sophistication to your product videos, fashion slideshows, or even your portfolio. 

Download Fashion Modern Intro Now

27. In Split Fashion Slideshow

This Fashion Slideshow is a fantastic all rounder with its straightforward and stripped-back design for crisp and clean messaging. Add that extra something to your slideshows with the simple to use color controller to make sure your colors are on-brand. 

Download In Split Fashion Slideshow Now

28. Fashion Lookbook

If you’re looking for something elegant yet contemporary then  Fashion LookBook has what you need. Stylish yet minimal, this template will give that London Look to your social media, event, or slideshow videos.

Download Fashion Lookbook Now

29. Fashion Style Slideshow

This After Effects template is ideal for skillsets of all varieties with an array of colorful and trendy transitions. It’s super simple to use and produces a glossy impactful end result that’s perfect for fashion show indents, product or brand videos, and short online commercials.

Download Fashion Style Slideshow Now

30. Demo Reel Opener

Demo Reel Opener offers an energetic yet modern design for your presentation, online advert, or events videos. Wow your audience with a wide range of editable elements to get that perfect look. 

Download Demo Reel Opener Now

Part 2: How to Edit and Apply Fashion Intros in After Effects

After Effects Templates are designed to be as simple to use as possible. In fact, using templates is a great way to get started with Motion Graphics, as it will teach you some of the basics while giving you a real project to work with.

  1. Download and unzip your chosen template.
  2. Open the After Effects Project. You should immediately see the Final Render Comp with the complete project in the player.
  3. In the Project Browser, locate the Edit folder; there will usually be separate comps for each text and media element.
  4. Double click a Media Comp and drag your footage to the timeline. Change the scale and position to fit.
  5. Once you have added all of your Media, you can work your way through the Text Edit comps, changing the titles to suit your needs.