Check Out 23 Most-Liked After Effects Title Templates (Free & Paid Downloads)

After Effects 29/04/2020 5 min read

Creating trendy typography is a lot of fun, but can take vast amounts of time if you are creating them from scratch. If you want to create eye-catching titles, After Effects has several preset animations, but using them can be frustrating, especially for beginners. Fortunately, After Effects Title Templates are a simple solution to creating fun and exciting text animations.

Part 1: What is an After Effects Title Template?

Within After Effects, you can use combinations of effects and keyframing to create dynamically animated titles. An After Effects Title Template is a project containing a series of pre-animated titles, which you can customize with your text, background, and colors. Title templates give you the ability to build a library of pre-animated text effects, which can be used in any of your projects.

Part 2: 23 Amazing AE Title Templates

1. Free 12 Modern Titles

This set of 12 Modern Titles is perfect for your social media videos and business promotions. The clean style and simple, bold messaging make these titles versatile and a must-have for your Title library.

2. Free Flipped Titles

The Minimal Titles pack offers seven unique and stylish titles, perfect for business presentations, showreels and slideshows. The flipping effects make these titles usable for a wide variety of title styles, including lower thirds.

Free Flipped Titles Download 

3. Elegant Cinematic Titles

The Elegant Cinematic Titles is a beautiful template of 21 dynamically animated text elements. The slow fade and subtle tracking effects make this template perfect for opening title sequences for your films and documentaries.

Download Elegant Cinematic Titles Now 

4. Grunge Lower Thirds

The Grudge Lower Thirds template includes 7 energetic and uniquely designed text animations. The bold text and glitchy distortion effects make these titles perfect for events and music videos.

Download Grunge Lower Thirds Now 

5. Title Pack

This Title Pack contains nine stunning typography slides, which can be used individually as social media posts, or together as a longer motion graphics video. The sleek design and bright color palette make this pack perfect for digital content creators.

6. Shape Titles

The Shape Titles pack is a super fresh and unique set of 12 title animations. The fun cartoony style offers a range of elements, including flames, smoke, and bubbles, great for any video project that needs a fun and exciting flourish.

Download Shape Titles Now 

7. Urban Slideshow

The Urban Slideshow template contains 15 text animations, along with nine image placeholders for motion graphics videos. The big, bold text animations with glitchy RBG distortion are well suited to music videos, events promotions, and showreels.

Download Urban Slideshow Now 

8. Free Simple Titles

This pack of 14 modern titles is a must-have for any animator creating promotional video campaigns. The clean, minimalistic design and simple color palette make these titles super easy to brand, and incredibly versatile.

Free Simple Titles Download 

9. Minimal Typo Titles

The Minimal Typo pack contains 15 modern, colorful typography elements, which can be used as both main titles and lower thirds. The titles range from bold single word elements to full paragraph text boxes, allowing plenty of options for messaging.

Download Minimal Typo Titles Now 

10. Creative Titles

These beautifully designed, dynamically animated titles would be used well in creative projects, fashion videos, and agency promos. The colorful design and smooth animations are sure to impress your viewers. 

Download Creative Titles Now 

11. Stranger Titles

If you are looking to create titles inspired by Stranger Things, then this is the template for you. The template is best used for opening titles rather than as typography, but the enormous glowing text will give you an impressive intro.

Download Stranger Titles Now 

12. Titles

The Titles pack is a collection of modern, dynamically animated title elements, from simple, bold titles to longer paragraph text. The sleek design and bright color palette make this project perfect for social media video posts.

Download Titles Now 

13. Free Flipped Titles

Free Flipped Titles includes seven full-screen text animations, with a quirky, twisted flip animation. With a bouncy, wiggle effect, these titles are best used in fun and exciting video projects, such as event promos, photo slideshows, and Youtube videos.

Free Flipped Titles Download 

14. Corporate Titles

If you regularly produce business promotions, presentations and training materials, then this is the template for you. The simple, modern design with colorful box elements make this pack versatile, and a great addition to an animators toolkit.

Download Corporate Titles Now 

15. Titles Lower Thirds Auto

If you regularly produce business promotions, presentations, and training materials, then this is the template for you. The simple, modern design with colorful box elements make this pack versatile, and a great addition to an animators toolkit.

Download Titles Lower Thirds Auto Now 

16. Animated Titles with Backgrounds

This awesome pack of typography slides is excellent for social media updates and digital content creators. The fun range of text animations and graphic flourish backgrounds are bright, bold, and sure to catch your viewers attention.

Download Animated Titles with Backgrounds Now 

17. Slit Titles

Slit Titles template project provides a unique and stylish animated title design. With a drop shadow element and simple slide animation, these titles appear to be sliding on screen from a split in your image or background.

Download Slit Titles Now 

18. 6 Free After Effects Titles

The 6 Titles pack is a great starter project for anyone venturing into After Effects, but this free pack is also a great addition to your animation tool kit. Simple, clean design, smooth animation, and colorful box elements make this one not to miss.

Free 6 After Effects Titles Download 

19. Action Titles

Action Titles would work well in movie trailers, event promos, and music videos. The bright neon flashing transitions and neat camera movements make an impressive title sequence to your film. 

Download Action Titles Now 

20. Titles Trailer

The Titles Trailer project is a simple and stunning opening title sequence. The text slow fades in and out, while the beautiful abstract light backgrounds give the video a sci-fi feel, great for tech-related video projects.

21. Titles Elegant Intro

The Elegant Intro is not just a project of title animations, but a full opening title sequence with media placeholders. The beautiful design, with smooth transitions and text, make this the opener to choose for fashion, music, and events videos.

Download Titles Elegant Intro Now 

22. Transform Titles

The Transform Titles template is an incredibly uniquely styled project. Isometric Rotation effects turn, divide, and multiply your text elements into 3D cubes and grids for a refreshingly modern design.

Download Transform Titles Now 

23. POP Titles

POP Titles contains a set of 25 dynamic title animations with a flashing glitchy style. The diverse effect mixes and flicks through randomized letters before landing on your title, while the animated box elements flicker and glitch behind your message.

Download POP Titles Now 

Part 3: How to Use Title Templates in After Effects

Once you’ve downloaded your chosen After Effects Title Template, you will want to jump straight into customizing them. There are a lot of title templates available online, all of which will have variations on the available customizations, but all work in a similar way. 

Step 1: Once downloaded, double click the project to open in After Effects. If you have a project and want to add the titles to it, go to File > Import and select the Template Project.

Step 2: The Preview composition will show you all of the available titles, choose the one you want to use, and find the corresponding composition in the Final Comps folder in the Project Browser window.

Step 3: Drag the Title Comp to your Timeline, and position as desired.

Step 4: In the Project Browser, go to the Edits > Text folder, and find the associated text composition. Double-click to open it.

Step 5: Change the message, font, and weight.

Step 6: Go back to your Main Comp, and the text will be updated in your title.

Step 7: To change the color, go to the Project Browser and find the Color comp in the Edits folder. Double-click to open the comp.

Step 8: Select the Controller in the Timeline and go to the Effect Control Panel, here you can change your colors. This will update your Main Comp.

So, there you have it, 23 of the most liked After Effects Title Templates for you to download and use in your projects. Using title templates can save you a lot of time and energy, creating them from scratch, and also help you create looks you’d not considered. Now you know where to get After Effects Title Templates, and how to use them, get stuck in and have some fun.

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