How to make a wedding invitation video in After Effects

Software After Effects Premiere Pro 18/07/2023 5 min read

A wedding invitation sets the tone for the start of your big happy day. So why not do something a little different and wow your guests with a video invitation masterpiece? 

Wedding invitations have evolved from traditional paper cards to captivating digital experiences with After Effects. You have the power to craft personalized and stunning video invitations that will leave your guests in awe. 

In this blog post, we’ll guide you through the process of creating a video wedding invitation in After Effects, from selecting your perfect template from Motion to adding custom text, images, and more. 

The first thing you’ll need to do is choose your template. There are loads of options on Motion Array, and they’re all customizable, so whether you’re looking for something traditional, simple, or out of this world, there’s a template for you. 

We’ve also created this video tutorial so you can follow along in video format and use this blog to create your special wedding invitation.

Choose your template

To get started, you’ll need to choose a template. For this tutorial, we are using the classy and chic Floral Wedding Slideshow template. 

Download the template 

The font is one of the details that make this template stand out, so you’ll want to ensure you have it downloaded and installed on your computer. 

To install the font:

  1. Open the fonts file

2. Copy and paste the link into your browser

3. Once it’s downloaded, double-click on the font and hit install on your computer 

Now you can open the After Effects template that you downloaded and start experimenting with the template within After Effects. 

There are a bunch of different scenes, like photos of the couple, and the date of the wedding, so you can feel free to personalize the template with the details of your wedding and add as many photos and special elements as you like. 

Customize your template

It’s time to turn your template into a masterpiece with personalized elements. 

Change the text

  1. Go to the project panel

  2. Click on the text and choose a composition that you like 

  3. Double-click on the text to customize it 

If you want to go back and see how your customized text looks, simply click on Wedding Intro composition in the top panel. You should be able to see your changes immediately. 

Add images 

It’s so easy to import your own images, and it will make a world of difference. It might be a fun idea to take your guests on a journey down memory lane and use a variety of pictures from your relationship. Think of old vacation photos, holiday images, pictures with family and friends, and more.

If you want to go all out and stick to your invitation theme, you could even arrange a custom photo shoot just for the video, wear matching outfits or tie your template’s colors to the image backgrounds. 

Choose your images wisely, as this will impact the overall look of your video. 

To bring in your own media, go to File > Import > File, or an even easier way is to drag the media (images) from your computer and drop them into the Project Panel. 

To place these images into your video, go to the images folder > and double-click on a sequence or select individual photos and drag them to the composition where you want them to appear.

Immediately you should see the images appear in your larger video.

If you’d like to adjust the size of the images, you can do that by clicking the photo or the photo layer and press the ‘s’ key. Now you can scale your image up or down.

Add videos

Follow the same steps above; they’ll work just as well in your video. Just ensure they are long enough to be visible the whole time so they don’t disappear while you watch them. 

Remember, whether you’re using images or videos, you’ll want to find the highest-quality versions possible so that the finished product looks professional and sleek. 

Edit color 

Now that you’ve added your images and videos, you can customize your video even further to make it look exactly how you want. 

You’ll notice that your images are in black and white by default. This may not be the case for every template. If you want to change the image from black and white to color or another effect, here’s how:

  1. Go to the color folder
  2. Double-click on this composition and highlight the layer
  3. Go to effect controls 

You can find many editing options for your entire video in the effect controls panel. You can change the color of text elements and graphics from black to whatever color you’d like, and the same for the background. Maybe you want white text on a dark background or dark text on a white background — you have complete control over what this looks like. 

Edit music

Everyone loves a good wedding song, maybe you want to pick something personal to you, or you can explore music from Motion Array and add anything you like. 

By default, your video template will come with music to set the mood, so if you like it, there is no need to change a thing. 

Pro tip: make sure you pick your favorite part of the song and time it with your video. If your entire video is only 1 minute long, you won’t need to use the whole track.

Loads of people have issues adding audio in After Effects, so we’ve created this tutorial to help you fix audio problems in After Effects.

Final Steps

You’ve picked your template and added your event details, media, and music. Congratulations — your video looks great. Now all that’s left to do is export it. 

  1. Go to file > Export
  2. Click add to render queue 

We like to choose the export settings quick time and animation, then click ok.  

  1. Click render, and you’re done!

If you need any more help with this final stage, you can watch our How to Export from After Effects tutorial.

So now you know how to create an amazing wedding invitation video in After Effects. Enjoy exploring Wedding Invitation templates from Motion Array and create your own today. Here are our favorite 3 templates to inspire your masterpiece.

3D Save the Date

3D Wedding Slideshow

3D Wedding Invitation Box