New: find easy-to-use templates to simplify your workflow

Creative Assets Software Home Motion Array 15/08/2023 3 min read

We’ve introduced a new filter on Motion Array to help you find our simplest templates faster than ever. Whether you’re a beginner video editor or you’re just looking for a simple, quick solution, now you can find all of our easy-to-use templates with a dedicated filter. 

All the easy-to-use templates come with detailed tutorials, are ready to import right into your editor, and help you transform your video with a few quick customizations. So now you can pick a simple to-edit template, get all the instructions you need and start creating faster than ever. All while keeping the wow effect you know and love from Motion Array. 

How to find easy-to-use templates from Motion Array 

  1. Go to Motion Array
  2. Choose templates from the top bar
  3. Click the easy-to-use templates check box in the left side panel 
  4. Pick a template and start creating with ease

10 Motion Array easy-to-use templates you need to know about

After Effects 

Multi-Smooth Screen Intro

Featuring a seamless display of multiple screens, this After Effects template adds a touch of elegance and modernity to your video projects. With easy customization options, you can effortlessly incorporate your own media and text, creating a captivating intro that engages your audience right from the start.

Download Multi-Smooth Screen Intro

Plasticine VFX

This unique After Effects template adds a playful and whimsical touch to your videos by blending real-world elements with digital effects. With its charming plasticine animation style, you can effortlessly bring your ideas to life, making your content stand out and leaving a lasting impression on your viewers.

Download Plasticine VFX

Stylish Slides

This sleek and polished template is perfect for showcasing images, videos, or text. It features stylish transitions and elegant animations that bring a professional flair to your projects. Whether you’re creating a corporate presentation, a portfolio showcase, or a creative project, this template provides a visually appealing way to captivate your audience.


Download Stylish Slides

Color Bold Titles

Make a bold statement with the Color Bold Title template from Motion Array. Designed to grab attention and add vibrancy to your videos, this After Effects template offers a range of eye-catching title animations. Whether you’re producing a promotional video, a social media post, or a creative project, you can easily customize the colors and text to match your brand or theme, creating impactful titles that leave a lasting impression.

Download Color Bold Titles

Street Opener

This template will give your video a dynamic and energetic introduction. With its urban-inspired design and fast-paced transitions, this After Effects template is perfect for adding a sense of excitement and movement to your content. Whether you’re creating a travel vlog, an event promo, or a sports highlight reel, the Street Opener design adds a fresh and engaging visual appeal that will help you connect with your audience.

Download Street Opener

Premiere Pro

Supreme Cinematic Titles 

With its elegant and cinematic text animations, this Premiere Pro template is perfect for creating impactful intros, trailers, and credits. The template’s dynamic transitions and easy customization options make it a versatile choice for filmmakers and video editors aiming to elevate their visual storytelling.

Download Supreme Cinematic Titles

Drawn Transition

This transition template brings a unique artistic flair to your video edits within Premiere Pro. You get access to a creative selection of hand-drawn transitions, seamlessly blending scenes and adding an organic and highly visual touch to your content. Whether you’re working on a travel vlog, an animated project, or any creative endeavor, these drawn transitions add a playful and fun element to your storytelling.

Download Drawn Transition

Paper Logo

This sophisticated Premiere Pro template adds an elegant twist to logo animations. Using a paper-folding animation style, this template beautifully unveils your logo with a touch of class. Perfect for corporate branding, presentations, or intros, it provides a professional and artistic way to showcase your logo and leave a lasting impression.

Download Paper Logo

Modern Stories Pack

This template pack is a complete collection designed specifically for social media videos. The template has a modern and trendy design. You can access a range of animated elements, including text, images, and videos, perfect for creating engaging stories on platforms like Instagram and Facebook. The templates are easy to customize and offer a well-thought-out visual identity for your brand or personal content.

Download Modern Stories Pack

Blueprints Graphics Intro

Blueprints Graphics Intro is a captivating Premiere Pro template that adds a tech-savvy and futuristic touch to your video intros. Through dynamic blueprint-inspired animations, it provide a visually stunning way to introduce your content. Ideal for technology-related videos, sci-fi projects, or any subject with a futuristic theme, this template offers a professional and attention-grabbing introduction to your videos.

Download Blueprints Graphics Intro

Final thoughts 

Now it’s even easier to create a wow effect with user-friendly, easy-to-find, easy-to-use templates. Simply use the new filter to find our easiest-to-edit templates, download your favorite into your editing software, and start creating your dream video project today.