New Luminous Transition Plugins for Premiere Pro

Motion Array Premiere Pro 24/09/2019 2 min read

Today Motion Array releases its newest transition pack in its ever-growing Adobe Premiere Pro plugins library. Luminous is a set of 5 native transition plugins which all focus on light manipulations including bokeh blurs, light streaks, leaks, flares, and more. These transitions can be used as a stylistic choice or often to signal to an audience a beautiful look, nostalgic memory, premonition, or dream.

Check Out the 5 New Luminous Transition Plugins

The Luminous plugins come in 5 distinct styles each with several versions including:

1. Luminous: Bokeh

Create a gorgeous natural-looking wide aperture bokeh blur transition effect.

2. Luminous: Light Leak

Change the overall tone of your project with this natural organic looking light leak transition. 

3. Luminous: Light Streak

Drag and drop cinematic linear light streaks with ease.

4. Luminous: Light Trail

Easily add a colorful cinematic light trail effect often seen in low light urban scenes. 

5. Luminous: Flare

Apply the raw look of lens flares between clips for a quick, professional feel. 

Work Faster and More Efficiently with Plugins

Video editors can quickly create a range of soft and elegant light transitions with a simple drag and drop. The native plugins give editors creative freedom with customizable controls over scale, rotation, direction, blend mode, color, and more. Best of all, Luminous is a native plugin and not a template, so these transitions will not create overly complex and unmanageable timelines. 

Luminous Transition Settings

Luminous is available now and comes at no extra expense with all paid plans. It’s free to try on other plans as well. Speed up your workflow, have more control, and create something amazing with us. Download Luminous today!

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