Review And Portfolio Are Perfect For The Modern Filmmaker

Motion Array December 29, 2018 2 min read

Hey guys! So you may have noticed quite a few changes around here lately and before you start freaking out and demanding to know “Wha da fugh?” we’d like to hop on the front foot and do some explaining.

In a nutshell, Motion Array has just added two new services that are going to make working on video projects a whole lot easier.


The first of these is Review, a real-time video collaboration tool through which you’ll now be able to share videos with clients and collaborators and receive instantaneous, frame-accurate feedback. The best way to think of Review is kind of like Google Docs but for video. It eliminates the hassle of having to export and share video over email and condenses the entire collaborating process into one big happy cloud-sharing experience.

But the fun doesn’t stop there. Review also offers a customizable interface, password protection, and the ability to upload multiple versions of the same project, thereby making it super simple to track progress and present a range of options to clients. Exciting, no?


The second new service we’re wheeling out is called Portfolio and is essentially a place for artists to showcase their work, flaunt their skills, and land those sweet, high-paying gigs. But before you go passing it off as just another run-of-the-mill website builder, you might want to learn about what extra features our Portfolio platform has to offer.

For starters, Portfolio supports video covers (shwing!) and parallax scrolling (double shwing!) to help give your video portfolio website that super sleek, immersive look. It’s also fully customizable, so you can tweak your website to whatever style, typeface, or shade of purple fuschia your heart desires. Oh, and because we love you guys so so so so much, we’ve also decided to throw in personalized domain names for free!

But that ain’t all. Portfolio is also fully integrated with our Review system which means you’ll now be able to move a Review video to a portfolio with the click of a mouse. That’s right—no more coding and no more having to go through the painfully tedious process of importing your video samples one-by-one into a third-party website builder.

Okay so by now you’re probably beginning to wonder how much all these new bells and whistles are going to cost. And the answer is, well… nothing. That’s right, we’ve integrated both of our new services—not to mention a spruced up Marketplace loaded with a range of new products—into our existing subscription plans for no additional fee!

We know, we know. This is a lot of awesomeness to digest in the space of one blog post and some of you are probably sitting there trying to make sense of what it all means. So, let us sum it up for you: with the release of Review and Portfolio, you can officially say RIP to the days of relying on multiple subscription-based services to get one project done, and “Well HELLO there!” to a new era of faster, more integrated video post-production.

It’s really that simple. As of now, making, sharing, and showcasing videos is going be a whole lot easier, cheaper, and most importantly fun!

But remember: we’re all in this together fam. So if you have any questions, comments, or feelings about our new Review and Portfolio services, please hit us up in the comments section below!