Motion Array’s Premiere Pro Plugins Have Arrived!

Motion Array September 8, 2018 2 min read

Yep, that’s right. This summer our development team has been hard at work busting out a selection of our very own Premiere Pro plugins.

First off the production line is SHIFTER, a package of several free sleek, drag-and-drop transitions like bounce, elastic, stutter, and ease in. Given how critical variable keyframe interpolation is to the production of clean, crisp, natural movement, it’s a little surprising Premiere Pro doesn’t already come with tools like this pre-installed. Perhaps in time, they’ll get there, but until then, we’re determined to keep filling the gaps.

For a lot of you, SHIFTER might look a lot like one of our regular ol’ Premiere Pro templates. But that it is not! SHIFTER offers free native transitions that work just as seamlessly as those found within Premiere Pro. Where template presets need to be populated with video shots, these transitions can simply be dragged and dropped directly into your timeline, enabling you to speed and ease workflows.

And why’s that? Well, because at Motion Array, we’re all about bringing as much value to our subscription packages as possible. Providing exclusive tools and resources that help streamline the work of our members and make their videos shine is our numero uno priority. And our plugins, some which are free, are just one of many new features that have been designed to do exactly that.

Oh, and before you ask, no — our plugins won’t come at an additional cost. Motion Array members will have access to them through their existing subscriptions. Just bear in mind that in order to continue using plugins, you will need to maintain an active paying membership.

These plugins are included in your membership at no additional cost, just be aware that you will need a paid membership to continue using them, easy!

Okay, enough information-dumping! Now it’s time to learn how to install and use Motion Array plugins which you can do with this quick video tutorial.