Introducing Stretch: The Plugin That Lets You Extend Objects in Your Videos

Motion Array 08/10/2018 < 1 min read

In case you haven’t heard, Motion Array is now cooking up its very own Premiere Pro plugins. Last week marked the release of our first one, SHIFTER — a pack of several awesome drag-and-drop transitions. And today, we’re back with our very first video effect plugin: Stretch!

As you can probably guess from the name, Stretch is designed to stretch objects within your videos—whether they be characters, text, motion graphics, whatever—thereby giving them that trippy-dippy, magic mirror look.

When thinking about this effect, sci-fi is the main genre that comes to mind. But the possibilities for application—excuse the pun—stretch way beyond that. If anything, we see music videos, concerts, and promos being where this plugin will truly shine.

Just like all other Motion Array plugins, Stretch is GPU-accelerated, helping to make each effect as quick and responsive as possible! Not only that but the effect is fully customizable, allowing you to keyframe and manipulate your stretching in any direction, so you won’t be limited to just horizontal and vertical movements!

However, the best thing about this plugin would have to be its convenience factor. Up until now, the only way to achieve this kind of stretch effect with Adobe (at least in a way that doesn’t bog down your computer) was with After Effects. Not anymore. Once you’ve installed Stretch into Premiere Pro, all you’ll need to do is select the effect and drop it like it’s hot onto your timeline.

In terms of how to get your mittens on this impressive little plugin, it’s easy! Stretch is already available for download right here and for no additional cost to all paying Motion Array members. Just remember that it’ll only stay active for as long as your membership is active.