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After Effects is an incredible piece of software with a set of fantastic tools for Motion graphics artists and editors. However, while you can build super complex animations, the lack of presets and ready-to-use elements can be frustrating. Whether you are an experienced AE user or a newbie, you will probably spend hours creating transitions, lower thirds, and social icons. Don’t worry! Motion Array has some incredible packs available to supercharge your AE capabilities, and here are our top 10.

Why use Motion Array After Effects Templates?

Motion Array After Effects templates are premade animations that can be opened, directed in AE, or imported into your projects. Each pack includes a range of animated elements you can simply drag and drop to the timeline and customize in various ways.

Using AE templates doesn’t replace the work you need for individual projects, but it can save you tons of time and energy in creating titles, transitions, lower thirds, and animation shapes. With our top 10 AE packs, you’ll have a vast library of effects on hand whenever needed.

110 Social Media Lower Thirds

The 110 Social Media Lower Thirds toolkit includes everything you need to add like, follow, and subscribe buttons to your videos. The set includes 5 different animation styles for 21 of the top social media platforms and websites.

You Can quickly adjust the font to match your branding and type in your platform handles. The Social Media icons have a modern and clean design ideal for use across various projects. 

Download 110 Social Media Lower Thirds Now

229 Flat Icons Pack

If you produce a lot of corporate promotions and business presentation videos, you need to keep the 229 Flat icons pack on hand. The massive set includes everything from business-based iconography to travel, technology, and seasonal elements.

The flat design allows simple color combinations, easily customizable via the color picker. At 4K, these loopable animations are fully scalable, with option reflection and long shadow effects.

Download 229 Flat Icons Pack Now

100+ Shape Elements Pack 4K

The 100+ Shape Elements Pack is a must-have for any After Effects editor, giving you all the bursts, lines, and geometric shapes you could need. Each animation is fully scalable and comes with an easy color controller.

The set features 11 categories, including backgrounds, circles, flowers, lines, splashes, and transitions, while the fun and minimal designs include hand-drawn, corporate, and brush strokes.

Download 100+ Shape Elements Pack 4K Now.

Instagram Toolkit Pack

Ideal for Instagram Influencers and content creators, the Instagram Toolkit Pack comes with 61 elements that can be customized for your videos. The set contains 15 icons, 15 overlays, 10 swipe-ups, 6 titles, 5 quotes, 6 ribbons, and 4 Instagram stories.

Each element offers a smooth, dynamic animation with subtle gradient color and glow effects. The Instagram Toolkit Pack is an incredibly versatile set of beautifully rendered animations.

Download the Instagram Toolkit Pack Now

50 Lower Third Pack

Lower Thirds are an essential part of any video editor tool kit, and this set of 50 sure packs a punch. While the set is called Lower Thirds, the scalability makes these animations ideal for full-screen titles, end cards, and information badges.

The elements range in cop-space – some offer a simple name and job description space, while others include whole paragraphs. The designs are simple and modern, giving you plenty of options to add your creative spin. 

Download 50 Lower Third Pack Now

500 Transition Mattes Toolkit

After Effects is limited on transition presets, and creating mattes of your own can be challenging, so the 500 Transition Mattes Toolkit is your new best friend. Featuring 13 different categories, the pack includes brush strokes, shapes, liquid, and pixels.

As if 500 new transitions weren’t enough, you can add your effects to create new and unique looks with blurs, glows, and textures.

Download 500 Transition Mattes Toolkit

Frame By Frame Hand Drawn Arrows

Arrow animations are incredibly helpful, highlighting elements in your composition and adding a fun and playful animated element without distraction. The Frame by Frame Hand Draw Arrows toolkit includes over 100 incredible drag-and-drop designs.

Each arrow is different, including curly lines, zigzags, and 3D shadow looks. The designs are all cute and fun, with a jittery, stop-motion animation and movement. 

Download Frame By Frame Hand Drawn Arrows Now

Timer Toolkit V2

Timers and countdown animations can take quite a while to create from scratch, especially if you need to change the time or speed. The Timer Toolkit V2 can save you the hassle with 37 incredible timer designs.

The pack includes 6 full-screen countdowns, 16 line designs, and 15 cycle timers, each with duration control and customizable colors and font. You can even reverse the timer with a single checkbox click to count up or down.

Download Timer Toolkit V2 Now

300 HUD Element Pack

Crossing slightly into VFX, the 300 HUD Element pack is an excellent collection of effects that can be combined and overlaid to create unlimited designs. The set is divided into 20 categories: data, lines, and load bars.

The high-tech designs are ideal for tech videos and science fiction projects. They can be used as fun motion graphics elements or overlaid on the footage to create a realistic heads-up display visually.

Download 300 HUD Element Pack Now

Mini Glitch Pack Free

If you’re not a Motion Array member, you can download the Mini Glitch Pack for free to see all the fuss. This fantastic toolkit includes 6 transitions, 3 logos reveals, 3 title animations, and 21 elements.

The fun, glitchy design is ideal for fast, upbeat content with a technology vibe. If you’ve never used an AE template before, don’t worry; the pack includes video tutorials to get you started.

Download Mini Glitch Pack Free Now

After Effects is fun, and creating elements from scratch can be incredibly rewarding. However, suppose you’re looking for more tools to make content creation quicker and easier. In that case, these incredible After Effects Templates can help you build a library of pre-animated elements ready to drag and drop into your compositions. If you’re not an AE user, check out our Adobe Premiere, Final Cut Pro, and Davinci Resolve templates.

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