Are Premiere Pro Templates a Threat or Treat?

Premiere Pro November 23, 2018 3 min read

In the ever-evolving world of post-production, budgets are continually shifting, along with tighter deadlines, and fewer resources. This certainly isn’t always the case, but the internet has seen a boom in content generation, and it’s sometimes hard to keep up with the demands.

We at Motion Array are constantly trying to find ways to help post-production artists get a jumpstart on their process with tools that make them more efficient at their jobs. 

That’s why we created free Premiere Pro templates for our community to try out. Motion Array’s creators have crafted fun edits, used royalty free music, added text, light leak effects, and more. Completed templates are very organized, and each shot can easily be updated with your own for a personalized edit that would take just a few minutes.

How Were the Templates Received? 

But here’s what we want to talk about today. When we put our free Premiere Pro CC template out into the world, we didn’t know what to expect. Would people love the ease of use and quick update options, or would they feel threatened by the simplicity of it? 

Turns out, both. We got a lot of great feedback from the users of the Editors sub-Reddit. And even we were surprised at what people had to say! 

Positive Feedback 

Some people loved the idea. Commenters on the positive side said things like: 

“I don’t feel the need to reinvent the wheel on every corporate or commercial project I get. I enjoy what I do, but also enjoy meeting deadlines and making money. Templates help me do that.” – Reddit User tylerdoubleyou 

Mixed Feelings 

We found some editors that thought there was a place for Premiere Pro templates, but with some reluctance, like this comment: 

“Yeah, I see the market. But I also see where something like this could potentially push producers to use templates rather than experienced MGA or editors for small budget projects. Just playing devil’s advocate, but I think there’s def a market. Good work.” – Reddit User BrockAtWork 

Not a Fan 

But, we also found some editors who didn’t like the idea of having a template in their workflow. Take these comments for instance: 

“Why let someone else who’s designed a template that you’re working with make all of your creative decisions for you? Subjectively, templates and automation for video editing is lazy.” – Reddit user Uncouth-Villager

“The reason I would think this would be down-voted is because you are in a roundabout way trying to automate the work of an editor.” – Reddit User BrockAtWork 

It’s clear from our first Premiere Pro CC template that there is a divide in the mindset of video editors about the use of templates.

Our Thoughts 

Here’s what we think about it. We’ve built a marketplace around generating tools for artists and post-production professionals to get their job done more efficiently, while also inspiring them and giving them a jumping off point. 

Many people felt the same way about After Effects templates when they first came to market. Some people felt like it was an easy (and lazy) way out. But eventually they became an important tool — sometimes as an easy solution for a tight deadline or budget, a learning tool for a beginner just getting started, or as a base for something bigger and better. 

We hope that a larger audience will feel the same about Premiere Pro templates one day. We will continue to offer new tools to our community and use your feedback to create the assets you want to use. One commenter took this idea up a notch: 

“I’d like to see it go a step further, I’d like to see a Premiere/After Effects combined template. Give me the production value of a good AE template on a Premiere timeline. Let me edit timings and content in Premiere but keep everything dynamic linked back to AE so I can jump back if needed.” – Reddit User tylerdoubleuyou 

Maybe in the future? 

Let Us Know What You Think! 

Tell us what you think of Premiere Pro templates! Do you think a template would help you get jobs done faster, save time and money, and maybe even a few headaches? Or do you think Premiere Pro templates are an easy way out where there shouldn’t be one? Are they a treat to help the post-production process, or a threat to the true skill behind video editing? Leave your comments below to keep the conversation going!