Top 25 Royalty-Free Podcast Intro Jingles & Background Music (+Tips)

Royalty Free Music 04/04/2022 6 min read

Like YouTube videos, live videos, and vlogging, podcasting has experienced a dramatic surge in the last few years. The famous and memorable podcasts, also have the most compelling music. Without music, your podcast isn’t going to be quite as engaging. Your intro music helps get your audience ready, and identify your show if they’re listening to a playlist. But what kind of music are you looking for? These 25 podcast royalty-free music tracks are filled with great options.

Part 1: Best Royalty-Free Podcast Music to Use in Your Vodcasts & Audiocasts

Royalty-Free Podcast Background Music

1. One Step Further

One Step Further is a folksy tune that features live vocals, soft percussion, acoustic guitar, piano and synth melodies, and claps. This inspiring and upbeat podcast music is perfect for your next self-care-themed show.

Download One Step Further Now

2. Grooving Roots Of Blues

If you’re looking for something more rock-inspired, Grooving Roots of Blues fits the bill. This moody tune features piano solos and guitar riffs that invoke a festive and fun atmosphere for the background of your show. 

Download Grooving Roots Of Blues Now

3. Swing It Bert

Happy and sassy, Swing It Bert is a fun-filled but easy-listening piece. This royalty-free podcast intro music features a happy flute and an upbeat trumpet for an easy beginning, or simply a background track.

Download Swing It Bert Now

4. Set To Stun

If you’re looking for something with a more exciting flare, Set To Sun is for you. This indie-rock tune mixes synthpop for a great background piece. Whether your podcast covers travel, fitness, or something else, it’s for you.

Download Set To Stun Now

5. Neon Road

Retro and groovy, Neon Road features a synth bass, analog leads, cool guitar solos, and a punchy 80s beat. If you’re looking to bring a little pop into your podcast, this is the track that can help you do that.

Download Neon Road Now

6. Tech Knowledge

Tech Knowledge has a cozy feel to it, even though it’s filled with modern electric sound. This royalty-free podcast track feature plucks, backing vocals, airy synths, glitch-pop, swells, mallets, and cool, laidback beats.   

Download Tech Knowledge Now

7. Don’t Wanna

Don’t Wanna is funky and upbeat. This pop song is perfect for a modern-focused podcast. It features sax winds, percussion, drums, and male vocals. This cool tune is a great addition to your podcast.  

Download Don’t Wanna Now

8. Energy Bomb

If you’re looking for a loud royalty-free piece of stomp rock. This track features percussion, claps, electric guitars, bass, and drums. Whether you’re ramping up for the beginning of your show or ending on a high note, this track is for you.  

Download Energy Bomb Now

9. Late Saturday Night

Late Saturday Night is a disco-funk music track that’s perfect for a podcast looking to add a retro vibe. It features a combination of guitars, bass, drums, an electronic piano, synths, percussion, and strings. 

Download Late Saturday Night Now

10. Rising Waves

For truly tight beats there is now the Rising Waves. This groovy, atmospheric track features synth bass, trance synths, and distant vocal chops. It’s the perfect musical addition to your rocky and bold podcast. 

Download Rising Waves Now

11. Good Mood For No Reason

Filled with a mixture of bells, strings, synths, guitars, and vocal cuts, Good Mood For No Reason is a great addition to your next podcast. It’s a cool, trendy mix that will get your audience groovin’ to the music.  

Download Good Mood For No Reason Now

12. City Lifestyle

City Lifestyle is the perfect opener for your inspiring and fun podcast. It features a combination of stylish low-fi chill-hop, mixed with jazzy melodies filled with emotion for the perfect podcast mix. 

Download City Lifestyle Now

13. Time For Cadillac

Time For Cadillac mixes jazzy and soulful beats perfect for your next podcast episodes. It features a mixture of trumpets, double bass, drums, and cozy pianos that are perfect for your transition from one segment to the next.  

Download Time For Cadillac Now

14. States Tribute

If you want groovy and stylish, States Tribute is a piece of royalty-free podcast music you need to hear. It combines vocal cuts, hip-hop beats, keys, and spicy guitars which makes for a stellar background track.

Download States Tribute Now

15. Percolator

Percolator is the perfect track if you want to start your show off with a little suspense. It features a combination of body slaps, bottle hits, large drums, and handclaps. It crescendos into the perfect climax for your action-related shows.

Download Percolator Now

Royalty-Free Podcast Intro & Outro Music

1. Follow The Fashion

Follow The Fashion is a groovy beat that combines pads, bass, synths, vocal chops, percussion, SFX, and synths. This Hip Hop Urban style is perfect for your next lifestyle-focused podcast.

Download Follow The Fashion Now

2. Shoes And Laces

If you’re looking for a quick acoustic jazz guitar opener, Shoes And Laces is for you. This piece of royalty-free music is whimsical and only lasts 10 seconds. 

Download Shoes And Laces Now

3. Public Dance

Energetic and fiery, Public Dance is the perfect piece of royalty-free percussion music for your podcast intro. It combines claps, congas, vocal shouts, and big stomps for a powerful show opener. 

Download Public Dance Now

4. Heavy Particles

Dramatic and unique, Heavy Particles is a good podcast intro choice if you need something quick that won’t take away from your show. This track combines stomps, percussion, taikos, and claps for an engaging sound. 

Download Heavy Particles Now

5. Embrace Yourself

For short, sweet, and catchy, Embrace Yourself is perfect. This energetic track only lasts nine seconds, but it’s filled with hybrid rock and modern track elements. If you’re looking to pump up your audience, this is the 

Download Embrace Yourself Now

6. Special Expectations

Special Expectations brings a slow, retro vibe, perfect for your podcast exit. Combining a combination of organ, piano, guitar, bass, and drums, it’s a short but memorable choice for your podcast music. 

Download Special Expectations Now

7. Salsa De Los Andes

Looking for an opening for your next travel-focused podcast episode? Salsa De Los Andes has a real Latin Salsa vibe, it features strings, piano, brass, percussion, bass, guitars, and drums. 

Download Salsa De Los Andes Now

8. This Is Going To Be Fun

This Is Going To Be Fun is an upbeat and piano-driven track perfect for your next intro or exit. In addition to the smooth piano, it features cymbals and strings giving your podcast a cool, engaging vibe. 

Download This Is Going To Be Fun Now

9. Lets Start From Here

If you’re looking for something elegant, modern, and short, the Lets Start From Here track is perfect for you. This track features snaps, piano, plucks, and a big hit, all in under 16 seconds. It’s perfectly inspiring for your next show.

Download Lets Start From Here Now

10. Hit That Slap

Hit The Slap is action-packed, the perfect track to pump up your audience. This short and sweet podcast intro features hits, gongs, handclaps, and stomps to create an energetic ambiance.

Download Hit That Slap Now

Part 2: 6 Important Tips on How to Use Podcast Music

1. Make Them Short & Sweet

Your podcast intro music shouldn’t go on for too long. Try keeping the track between 7 and 12 seconds, otherwise, you might encourage your audience to skip to another show. You’ll want to keep your exit short too.

2. Use in Segment Change Transitions

Don’t forget about transitions between segments. Sometimes referred to as bumpers, you’ll want to add a memorable piece of music roughly 3 to 7 seconds long. This can help your listeners get ready for the transition as well.

3. Match Them to Show Mood/Genre

Spooky music isn’t a great opening for a self-care show. You want to pick music that you like, but it should also match your show’s overall mood and genre. 

4. Watch Your Levels

There’s nothing worse than listening to a podcast and suddenly being blasted with a loud track. You want to make sure that your audio levels are even throughout the show, this way no one’s ear drugs get hurt. 

5. Spice Up Your Ad Sections

In-show ads are way better when there’s music backing them. Music helps keep make your ad seem more credible. You’ll also want to include words like “presented by,” “sponsored by,” or “partnered with” so your audience knows it’s an ad they’re listening to.

6. Use in Podcast Short Trailers

Creating a short preview of your show can help you attract new listeners. Music is the perfect backing for these. 

Looking for the perfect track podcast royalty-free music track for your show? The right fitting intro and background music will hook new listeners and they’ll be instantly engaged by your music. This is a great tool to build some momentum for new topics you plan to launch. Find and download these 25 tracks, and even thousands more on Motion Array!

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