16 Eye-Catching Logo Animations to Customize Your Brand

Video Effects 22/07/2020 5 min read

Your logo is important. It’s the representation of your brand. The shape, colors, image, tone, will all work together to convey a particular emotion you’d like your brand to reflect. When making videos, it’s often enough to simply end or begin with your logo as it is. But why not animate it to make it stand out even more? The Motion Array library has a wide variety of logo animation templates that are easy to use. Check out the logo animations below and find the perfect one for your brand.

Part 1: 16 Logo Animations for All Your Project Needs

1. Free Simple Photo Logo

This free logo is fully customizable in After Effects. Choose your photos, add your logo, and watch the magic happen as the logo resolve animates to reveal your chosen logo. No plugins needed, so just jump straight in.

Free Simple Photo Logo Download

2. Free Logo Reveal After Effects

Another free template to add to your list of favorites. This one has a beautiful glistening particle effect, giving your logo a clean, professional glimmer.

Free Logo Reveal After Effects Download

3. Quick Logo Animation

Choose your favorite from the two versions included in this brightly colored animation pack. Vibrant, bouncy animations with geometric shapes make these logo animations the perfect addition to your YouTube videos.

Download Quick Logo Animation Now

4. Shimmer Sphere Logo

An animated logo to use in DaVinci Resolve. Elegant, clean, and premium, it works great with any logo and gives it a shimmering, high-quality look. No plugins needed, with great results every time.

Download Shimmer Sphere Logo Now

5. Black And White Minimal Logo Animations

Two colors are all you need. Get clean, simple, instant results with these black and white animations. There are three options to choose from, each with a replaceable logo asset and an editable text layer.

Download Black And White Minimal Logo Animations Now

6. Black White Glitch Logo

If you work in Final Cut Pro, this logo animation is for you. Give your logo a futuristic glitch animation with plenty of very cool detail. Perfect for an introduction to your YouTube videos, TV programs, or documentaries.

Download Black White Glitch Logo Now

7. Glitch Logo – Animation

This is a grungy digital distortion to use in your Premiere Pro projects. The noisy particles and neon effects combine to make an awesome edgy intro to your videos. No plugins needed and the pack contains 3 different versions to choose from.

Download Glitch Logo – Animation Now

8. Classic Logo Reveal

This After Effects template gives your logo a premium 3D effect. Glossy, high quality and eye-catching, this stroke logo animation will give your brand video an eye-catching opening. There’s only space for one logo and one editable text layer but it’s such a cool design you won’t need anything else.

Download Classic Logo Reveal Now

9. Geometric Flat Logo Animation

With colors and shapes that pop and dance, this is a super fun geometric logo animation. The 2D effects combine to make this a lovely, energetic intro logo for your cartoon or YouTube channel.

Download Geometric Flat Logo Animation Now

10. Abstract Glitch Logo

Another one for DaVinci Resolve. An impactful logo animation with warping digital noise that would be perfect for a tech-themed YouTube channel. No plugins needed so just jump right in and swap out your logo.

Download Abstract Glitch Logo Now

11. Fast 3D Logo

Give your logo a 3D effect that jumps and pops, thanks to this vibrant After Effects template. Totally customize the colors to your liking and use it to open your social media videos and pull the audience in.

Download Fast 3D Logo Now

12. Circles Logo

This is a beautiful, elegant logo resolve that incorporates photos in a slick circular motion. Swap out the assets to include photos of your liking, change the logo and the text, and you’re good to go. No plugins needed in After Effects.

Download Circles Logo Now

13. Dark Energy Logo

If you’re a Final Cut Pro user and want a logo animation with an impactful heat effect, you can’t go wrong with this. The tearing cloth and glowing metal in this animation reveals your logo in a very cool way that audiences will love.

Download Dark Energy Logo Now

14. Glitch Logo

Give your logo some digital noise and a futuristic glitch effect in DaVinci Resolve. Change the colors and text to your liking and stick it at the front of your gaming themed YouTube channel.

Download Glitch Logo Now

15. Epic Photo Logo

Fast-moving and modern, with space for over 30 images, this is a fantastic logo animation to begin your videos with. Simply import your logo, change the images to photos of your liking, and you’re done. 

Download Epic Photo Logo Now

16. Drawing Logo

Messy, hand-drawn scrawls create this artistically animated logo resolve. This After Effects project even comes with sound effects. It makes a great opening for your commercials, TV shows, and social media videos.

Download Drawing Logo Now

Part 2: How to Use Logo Animations for Your Next Project

The process of incorporating your own logo is pretty straightforward. Once you’ve got your logo, choose your favorite logo animation to bring it to life. Download everything so it’s all to hand. Then:

Step 1: Open up the After Effects project.

Step 2: Import (CMD/CTRL+i) your logo file and any other images you want to use in the animation. Use the original vector file so it doesn’t lose quality in the video.

Step 3: Open up the Images folder. It should be full of precomps.

Step 4: Open up one of the images precomps. If you can’t see any layers, see if the Hide Layers icon is toggled. Untoggle it to reveal the layers.

Step 5: Simply add your chosen images into the image precomps of your choice.

Step 6: One of the image precomps will contain the logo file. This will be clearly labeled.

Step 7: Swap the placeholder logo for your own logo.

Step 8: Hit S on the keyboard and scale your own logo up and down as needed.

Step 9: Head back to the Final Comp. You should now see your own logo replacing the placeholder logo.

Step 10: And you’re done! Simply render the Final Comp to your liking.

Logo animations are a brilliant way to bring your logo to life and create a really engaging opening to your videos. Use them for commercials, documentaries, social media videos, or YouTube videos – anything that needs some branding can include a logo animation. Simply download the template from Motion Array and swap the logo placeholder for your own logo file. Use vector files wherever possible to retain quality, and try not to make the animation too long. You don’t want the audience to be bored and tune out before the content has even begun. But for the most part, using logo animations will increase the quality of all of your videos.