22 Dynamic Electric Background Templates for Impressive Videos

Video Effects 24/07/2020 6 min read

If you’re looking for something to step up the quality of your videos, try injecting them with some electric buzz. Whether you’re making a music video, a looping video to accompany your DJ set, or some stock footage to use in your short film, there are 22 dynamic electric backgrounds to choose from. The Motion Array library is packed full of versatile content to use in any situation, so dig into the electric background templates listed below. Keep reading for tips on how to use the templates in your videos.

Part 1: Top 22 Electric Backgrounds to Try Out for 2022

1. Electric Light Backgrounds

Thrilling, neon blue circles of power, shooting jagged rays off the screen. There are four styles of light structure to choose from and each is seamlessly looped which makes them perfect for live music videos.

Download Now Electric Light Backgrounds

2. Light Structure Backgrounds

Throw your audience into the middle of a lightning storm with these four looping backgrounds. Electric blue forks against a black sky make this in exciting, moody atmosphere. Use this stock footage in any of your videos.

Download Now Light Structure Backgrounds

3. Super Power 4K Background

Blue electrical currents flicker and flash across the screen as the camera glides gently forwards. This stock footage would be perfect for any sci-fi or superhero videos. The file is a massive 4K resolution so it would look great on big screens, or you can scale it up on HD devices.

Download Now Super Power 4K Background

4. Electricity Background Package

Thin colorful trails of sparks shoot out from the center of the screen in this pack of looping stock videos. There are seven 4K videos to choose from so you’re bound to find something that works for your video project. 

Download Now Electricity Background Package

5. Electric Neurons Background

Get an insight into the world of the microscopic with this mesmerizing electric neurons background. Stunning colors and fascinating moving shapes would make this stock footage a perfect fit for a large installation, event, or even the opening credits of a TV show.

Download Now Electric Neurons Background

6. Electric Nucleus and Waves Background

Ever wanted to see inside someone’s mind? This is what this electric nucleus video feels like. The HD clip looks like the camera is floating through firing neurons or the electrical core of atoms. Use it in your events or installations to step up the production quality.

Download Electric Nucleus and Waves Background Now

7. Electric Waves VJ Background

If you’re looking for inspiration for your next projection mapping project, look no further. These fascinating orange and yellow animated lines are mesmerizing and would work brilliantly in an event or installation. What are you waiting for? Download the HD stock clip today.

Download Electric Waves VJ Background Now

8. Digital Electric Waves

The electric purple lines in this 3D space are seriously cool. This would be perfect to use in the background of a DJ set, installation or projection mapping event. It’s a huge 4K file to play with so you can adapt it to fit with your project.

Download Digital Electric Waves Now

9. Electric Spiral Rings Background

Check out this smoky, wispy, colorful effect spinning in spirals. Try it out in your music videos or motion graphics creations to step up the quality of your videos. There’s one single 4K included in this pack, so download it now and try it out.

Download Electric Spiral Rings Background Now

10. Electric Lights

Grab these awesome electric backdrops and use them in a credits sequence in your films and TV shows. Choose from two color combinations and combine them with text and footage to make a slick, electric video.

Download Electric Lights Now

11. Electrical Engineering Pack

This pack contains four clips of different colors, each one 15 seconds long. The camera pans slowly across an electrical grid of energy, making this perfect for any computing or electrical engineering project. 

Download Electrical Engineering Pack Now

12. Electric Cosmos

Take a flight through deep space and uncover the secrets of the universe with this electric cosmos background. Maybe it’s a ship flying through an electrical storm. Maybe it’s a time tunnel taking you to another dimension. Whatever it is, it’s awesome and needs to be downloaded right now.

Download Electric Cosmos Now

13. Electricity Tunnel Abstract Background

Doctor Who, anyone? The journey through this electrical tunnel is dangerous and exciting, so take your audience along for the ride. This bright blue vortex of static electricity is a huge 4K file that can be used in any of your projects. Have fun with it.

Download Electricity Tunnel Abstract Background Now

14. Electric Matrix Lasers

Take a trip back to the 80s with this retro pattern of electric lasers, lighting up the screen in a brilliant grid. Perfect for night clubs, music videos, events and sci-fi films. Download the HD file now and try it out.

Download Electric Matrix Lasers Now

15. Moody Electronics Loop

Get up close and personal with this electronics grid. The camera follows pulses of electricity through the motherboard in this motion graphics stock clip. The camera scrolls endlessly, making this a great background for text.

Download Moody Electronics Loop Now

16. Electric Explosive Abstract Strips Pack

Tear through the cosmos with this thrilling electric journey. The pack includes four exciting clips that feel like the viewer is traveling inside an electric current. Download this 4K file and start using it right away.

Download Electric Explosive Abstract Strips Pack Now

17. Rainbow Lights Loop

Psychedelic rainbow colors flashing across the screen make this stock clip perfect for a music video or background video for a DJ set. 

Download Rainbow Lights Loop Now 

18. Cybernetic Webs

Plug into the grid with this electric network background video. Use this HD file as an overlay by changing the blending mode, combine it with text or use it as a standalone clip. Bright colors and dancing lines make this an eye-catching, engaging asset.

Download Cybernetic Webs Now

19. Energy Current Swirling Ring, In-Out

Gentle, mysterious swirling energy wraps around itself in this beautiful stock footage clip. Use it as a vortex of mystical energy or combine it with text and footage to create something completely bespoke for your video project.

Download Energy Current Swirling Ring Now

20. Electrifying spheres Loop Pack

Choose from four seamlessly looping spheres of electrical energy. These would be great for any kind of DJ set or projection mapping, or even to include in an outdoors event or art installation. The possibilities are endless, so download the 4K files and get stuck in.

Download Electrifying spheres Loop Pack Now

21. Power Electric Abstract 4K

Brightly colored geometric shapes swirl in a beautiful spiral in this stock clip. Fill your video with electricity by combining this with footage and changing the overlay settings. It’s available in 4K resolution so you can use it in any way you like.

Download Power Electric Abstract 4K Now

22. Monitors and Lightning Explosion

Send your viewers on a journey through an electrical tunnel made up of screens and a jagged blue lightning bolt. The continuously moving camera would make this a great asset for any kind of project.

Download Monitors and Lightning Explosion Now

Part 2: How to Apply Electric Backgrounds for Your Footage

When you’ve chosen your favorite electric background, you need to incorporate it into your footage. There are several ways you can do this. Let’s take it step by step.

Step 1: Import your chosen electric background by going to File > Import and selecting the video file.

Step 2: If you want to use it as a standalone clip, you can drag it onto the timeline like a regular video file.

Step 3: If you want to combine it with existing footage, drag it onto the layer above the clip you want to combine it with.

Step 4: Select the electric background clip, then go to Opacity > Blending Mode. Select your favored blending mode, for example, Multiply.

If you want a looping video of electrical energy, there are plenty to choose from in this enormous library of downloadable assets. Each stock clip can be used on its own as a shot, or as a looping video for a festival or art installation, or combined with footage by changing the overlay settings. Whatever you decide to use it for, have fun and get creative with any number of these clips.