32 Glamorous Sparkle Video Effects for Creatives

Video Effects 06/10/2021 5 min read

If you want to add a little magic to your next project then finding the perfect sparkle video effect is key. Whether it’s glitter, bokeh, light particles, or full-on fireworks, a little light and shimmer go a long way!

We’ve found 28 amazing effects for your next video project. Whether you work with After Effects, Premiere Pro, or DaVinci Resolve, and are looking for a great logo, title, transitions, overlays, or motion graphics templates, there’s something here for you.

After Effects

Looking for the perfect sparkle video effect for your next After Effects project? Here are some great picks!

1. Particle Presets Kit

The Particle Presets Kit creates a magical firefly effect for your next fantasy film. It features fluttering blurred sparkles oscillating on the screen.

Download Particle Presets Kit Now

2. Glitter Particles Logo

A slowly rotating, up-close version of your logo is done in brown and gold flecks in this After Effects template. Perfect for the opening of your product announcement.

Download Glitter Particles Logo Now

3. Elegant Particle Logo

Elegant Particle Logo sees a wash of sparkly particles form together to create your title or logo. It would be a great choice for a stunning corporate presentation.

Download Elegant Particle Logo Now

4. Glitter Fantasy

Creating a fairytale feature? Glitter Fantasy features 6 whimsical editable text spots, plus an orange and gold background with sparkles floating around the screen.

Download Glitter Fantasy Now

5. Particle Glitter

Twirling glitter and particles burst across the screen in the Particle Glitter template, leaving your chrome title in its wake. This would be a great opener for your next adventure flick.

Download Particle Glitter Now

6. Cinematic Title 02 Gold Edition

With dripping lines of golden sparkles and 4 editable text layers, Golden titles would be perfect for your reality show teaser.

Download Cinematic Title 02 Gold Edition Now

7. Magic Graphics

Featuring a logo, two lower-thirds, and a paragraph placeholder, use this magical template for a fashion presentation.

Download Magic Graphics Now

8. Golden

In a very dramatic soap opera-esque nature, the Golden template features 11 placeholder images or videos with glamorous sparkle overlays.

Download Golden Now

9. Golden Titles

Download this majestic collection of titles; perfect for an awards show video. Watch the gold sparkles dance slowly across the screen as winners are revealed.

Download Golden Titles Now

10. Glam Text

A powerful, fun, and completely glam set of 5 editable text pieces are featured in this After Effects template. It’s perfect for your reality show opening.

Download Glam Text Now

11. Party Times

Creating a backdrop presentation for a party? The Party Time After Effects template features 5 editable text pieces and a collection of firework graphics.

Download Party Times Now

12. Sparkle Slideshow

Perfect for a corporate presentation, Sparkle Slideshow features 31 placeholder images and 21 instances of editable text overlaid with subtle flickering light circles.

Download Sparkle Slideshow Now

Premiere Pro

If you’re looking for great stock products to use in your Premiere Pro CC project, check out these downloads.

13. Glitter Particles Logo

A magical opening the Glitter Particles logo features sparkly orange lights rushing towards the camera before slowing down for the logo reveal. It’s ideal for your pre-feature production logo reveal.

Download Glitter Particles Logo Now

14. Bokeh Logo Reveal

A quick and inspired motion graphic Bokeh Logo Reveal. It features a high-energy beam of light with a sparkle trail moving across the screen before revealing your logo.

Download Bokeh Logo Reveal Now

15. Glow Particles Logo Reveal V2

With a collection of colorful sparkles and geometric shapes, this motion graphic is a hip and effective opener.

Download Glow Particles Logo Reveal V2 Now

16. Christmas Seasons

Perfect for your next Christmas rom-com, the opener features a variety of sparkles, light specs, and snowflakes moving across the picture mixed in with a fairytale beam of light circling around.

Download Christmas Seasons Now

17. Diamonds Opener

It might just be the thick sparkly diamonds talking, but if you’re designing a magical jewelry commercial, this is the sparkle effect for you. It features 21 editable text layers with diamonds moving across the screen.

Download Diamonds Opener Now

18. Elegant Gold Slideshow

If you’re looking for a way to opening an award show, the 17 editable templates in the Elegant Gold Show effect will work wonders for you! It features different arrangements of light particles floating around image placeholders.

Download Elegant Gold Slideshow Now

DaVinci Resolve

Video editing in DaVinci Resolve? Try these sparkle effects on for size!

19. Particle Sparkle Logo

A Disney-inspired, Particle Sparkle Logo features two beams of light sliding across the screen before a flat beam of light brings in your slogan.

Download Particle Sparkle Logo Now

Final Cut Pro

Need to add some sparkle, bling, and glitter to your edits in Final Cut Pro? These templates will make your videos stand out!

20. Elegant Lines Opener

Start your movies and trailers with dramatic yet elegant gold text effects, with smooth shiny threads floating to create the perfect opener.

Download Elegant Lines Opener Now

21. Short Inspire Trailer

If you are looking for a bright and modern trailer opener, you can’t go wrong with these lens flares, dazzling particles, and golden text effects!

Download Short Inspire Trailer Now

22. Luxury Particle Titles

Impressive particle animations and golden ambiance make this titles template the best choice for your next movie opener or teaser, as well as wedding announcements.

Download Luxury Particle Titles Now

23. Magic Bling Effect

Add a touch of sparkle to your party event or fashion shoots! These bling effects will enhance the look of your light ambiance to sparkle.

Download Magic Bling Effect Now

Motion Graphics

Looking for sparkly motion graphics? We’ve got you covered!

24. Sparkles Pack

A simple design the Sparkles Pack includes six clips of sparkles and dots of light of different intensities moving across the screen.

Download Sparkles Pack Now

25. Sparkle White Background

With its classic white background, this download would make a perfect motion graphic accent for your next wedding production.

Download Sparkle White Background Now

26. Blue Sparkles Festive Background

As its title implies, this download features a blue backdrop with shimmering sparkles moving up the screen.

Download Blue Sparkles Festive Background Now

27. Big Bokeh Sparkles Background

Big Bokeh Sparkles Background is the perfect motion graphics effect to transition to a nighttime scene. The orange, gold, and red sparkles give a blurry city lights feel.

Download Big Bokeh Sparkles Background Now

28. Diamond Cuts Sparkle

Featuring a slowly rotating diamond, this motion graphic would be suited for the opening of a heist-comedy film.

Download Diamond Cuts Sparkle Now

29. Glittering Particles Form

In this motion graphic, a wave of glittering particles move across the screen. It would be a grand opening to fade into an evening-time beach scene.

Download Glittering Particles Form Now

30. Gold Particles

Featuring a background of fixed orange and gold light particles, download this option if you’re working on a luxury product promotional video.

Download Gold Particles Now

31. 6 Sparkling Transitions And Overlays

With 6 different choices, these sparkle transitions and overlays are perfect for your next holiday video. They feature enchanting dust particles weaving around the screen.

Download 6 Sparkling Transitions And Overlays Now

32. Glittering Stars Background

Looking for some sparkly star motion graphics? This download is great for your next corporate celebration video.

Download Glittering Stars Background Now

The perfect sparkle video effect can add magic, majesty, and wonder to your next video project or film. Add a little shine and shimmer and take the viewing experience to a whole new level with one of these tremendous effects.

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