12 Easy to Use Call Out Titles for DaVinci Resolve 17 (with Tutorial)

DaVinci Resolve 01/09/2021 4 min read

Call-out titles do exactly what they say, calling out something in your video that you want your audience to pay specific attention to. They are very popular in a variety of video styles e.g. real estate and product videos where you can use a call-out title to draw attention to a specific feature.

DaVinci Resolve 17 has built-in simple call-out titles and then we show you how to use this call-out as well as track it to an object. You will see it is easy to use.  Making your own call-out title, well that is not so easy. That’s why Motion Array has a library full of professionally made call-out templates and macros for you to use.

Part 1: Top 12 Creative Call Out Titles for DaVinci Resolve

1. Modern Call Outs

These 9 elegant call-out titles come as macros for DaVinci Resolve and are very easy to use. Just drag and drop then change the text and settings to your needs. They have a great-looking design and are strikingly animated.

Download Modern Call Outs Now

2. Corporate Call Out Titles

Perfect for real estate or product promos this template has 9 stunning animated call-out titles in HD resolution. You can add close-up photos and text to make your video stand out!

Download Corporate Call Out Titles Now

3. 20 Clean Callouts

Another fantastic macro-based call-out title pack with 20 beautiful clean titles covering any option you may need. You can even change the colors to match your brand or video style.

Download 20 Clean Callouts Now

4. Unique Callout Titles V1

This template has 5 unique call-out titles available in HD resolution. Change the text, color, and other properties to make the titles match your project or brand style.

Download Unique Callout Titles V1 Now

5. Call Out Titles

This is an amazing template with 10 great-looking animated call-out titles. Easy to use and well-organized project ideal for travel promos, commercials, and real estate videos. 

Download Call Out Titles Now

6. Map Call Out Titles

This is not your regular call-out title pack but an unusual DaVinci Resolve template with amazing flag animations. This pack of 10 call-out titles could look great in any project, especially historical videos!

Download Map Call Out Titles Now

7. Measurement Titles

Another unique template with 6 measurement call-out titles for illustrating dimensions in your video. These would be great for a DIY tutorial or real estate video where you need to show the dimensions of something.

Download Measurement Titles Now

8. Unique Callout Titles V2

This call-out title pack for DaVinci Resolve with 5 stunningly animated call-outs that would stand out in any project. They are fully customizable as well – change the color, text, images, and many other properties.

Download Unique Callout Titles V2 Now

9. Call Out Titles

This template contains 8 dynamically animated call-out titles that you can use to highlight important subjects in your video like places, products, or features. Easy to use and available in HD.

Download Call Out Titles Now

10. Call-Outs Title

There are 13 very good-looking title animations in this DaVinci Resolve template. If you need simple yet modern call-out titles for your project that do not take too much of the screen, these are exactly what you need.

Download Call-Outs Title Now

11. 20 Clean Callouts V.2

This template is simply stunning with 20 great-looking call-out text animations that you can use to highlight important subjects in your videos. Just drag the title into your timeline and edit the text and parameters you need.

Download 20 Clean Callouts V.2 Now

12. Callout Titles V1

A beautifully designed and animated call-out title template with 5 unique titles that could fit into any video by customizing the text and colors. With smooth animations and gradient style titles, this is a must for your next fashion or stylish project!

Download Callout Titles V1 Now

Part 2: Quickly Create Call Out Titles in DaVinci Resolve 17

DaVinci Resolve comes with a simple built-in call-out title. It’s a great way to get started with call-outs. Follow the steps below to track this simple call-out to follow an object in your video.

  1. On the Edit page, in the Effects window, look for the Call-Out Title under Titles. Drag the title onto your footage in the timeline
  2. Change the Text, Font, Style, Color under the Title options and Position under the Settings options in the Inspector to match what you want the call-out title to look like and roughly where you want it to be.
  3. If you have a moving object you will need to track the call out to the object so it can follow the movements of the object. Right-click on your call-out title and change it into a New Compound Clip.
  4. Then select both the compound clip and the clip you want to track right-click again and create a New Fusion Clip.
  5. In the Fusion page work out which clip is which and name the media nodes correctly to make it easier.
  6. Add the Tracker to your video clip by right-clicking and searching for it in the Select Tool pop-up window.
  7. Once you have placed the tracker point on the object you want to track for the call-out to follow, press on Track Forward.
  8. Change the tracker Operation to Match Move and connect the Call-out node to the Tracker node. It will now follow the tracked movement.
  9. Use a Transform node to change the position of your call-out to match the object and you are done.

DaVinci Resolve 17 has a simple built-in call-out title that is easy to use and works well when tracked to follow an object in your video. More advanced call-outs can be hard to make by yourself but Motion Array has a wide range of call-out templates and macros available for DaVinci Resolve that give you the benefit of professionally designed and animated titles without the need to spend hours or days making them yourself.

If you are looking for additional templates for DaVinci Resolve, here is a great list of lower thirds and intro templates