20 Engaging DaVinci Resolve Templates for Video Editors

DaVinci Resolve 25/01/2020 4 min read

Templates are a great option for many video editors who are looking to create finished, polished products on a deadline. That’s hard to do when you’re making everything from scratch. Templates make the job easier, and without further ado, here’s our selection of the best DaVinci Resolve templates you should check out today! Let’s dive in!

Part 1: Top DaVinci Resolve Templates

Openers and Intros

1. Urban Opener

There’s something deeply satisfying about the stylish array of effects that open up to introduce your media in this template. 22 placeholders and 33 text layers make it extremely versatile and adaptable to your video’s needs. This pack also works very well with both video clips and images.

Download Urban Opener Now

2. Action Sport Opener

When you need something fast-paced and engaging, the Action Sport Opener may do the trick. This eye-catching and dynamic template is sure to draw your audience’s attention. Download and go—no plugins required!

Download Action Sport Opener Now

3. Cinematic Dynamic Opener

Great movie openings are some of the most compelling visual and audio experiences that people remember. Leverage that power today when you use the Cinematic Dynamic Opener DaVinci template! 26 media placeholders and 22 editable text layers give you multiple levels of customization for your opener.  

Download Cinematic Dynamic Opener Now

4. Cinematic Trailer 

Check out this great option for trailers, promos, event videos, and more. This template includes 15 text placeholders and 16 media placeholders with tons of customizations available. 

Download Cinematic Trailer Now

5. YouTube Promo

If you’re a YouTuber, this is the perfect template for you. Easily promote some of your most popular video content and drive more subscribers and likes to your channel. Download it today to give your YouTube brand a boost. 

Download YouTube Promo Now

6. Modern Promo

Clean-cut, chic, and sharp are all words that could be used to describe this Modern Promo template. It’s a great way to show off new products, fast-paced scenes, all sorts of fashion, and eye-opening news. It’s that versatile. 

Download Modern Promo Now


7. Scribble Grunge Logo

Reveal your logo in an engaging way with cool animated scribbles, grunge, and glitching effects. This Scribble Grunge Logo reveal is sure to delight viewers in the fashion, alternative, and music worlds.

Download Scribble Grunge Logo Now

8. Colorful Zoom Logo Reveal

Take a journey through bright colorful pops of neon towards your logo with this Colorful Zoom Logo Reveal! Featuring a stylish combination of effects, this reveal is especially good for children, animals, and party themes. Simply drop your logo in and away you go!

Download Colorful Zoom Logo Reveal Now 

9. Simply Logo

This template is made up of animated bouncing balls that fall away to reveal a logo, tagline or website. All colors can be changed with the click of a few keys and the simple animation is great for hundreds of different applications.

Download Simply Logo Now

10. Digital Logo

This Digital Logo Reveal is best suited for a sci-fi, technology, or cutting-edge project with its computer themed background and fast animations. Check it out today and see what you think!

Download Digital Logo Now

11. Logo Reveal Strips Opener

In just 12 seconds, this modern template will help you grab your audience’s attention in a hurry.  Within a few clicks, you can change the logo, text, and colors to suit your video’s needs. 

Download Logo Reveal Strips Opener Now

Titles and Text

12. Free Simple Titles

Use this template to create a beautiful title sequence in mere minutes. With its customizable color, size, font, and position parameters, Simple Titles will give your video style. 

Free Free Simple Titles Download

13. Titles Corporate 4K

If you are not sure what you want, this Corporate Title pack may be just right for you! Check out these 6 uniquely animated titles make sure that you have options for all your corporate and professional needs. 

Download Titles Corporate 4K Now

14. Modern Titles

If you appreciate the simplicity and ease of a template, but you need lots of flexibility to customize, this modern title pack may be for you. Easily change up its parameters to make it your own. 

Download Modern Titles Now

15. Vintage Titles

Many wedding, floral, child, photographer and other professionals appreciate a pretty vintage flair to their materials. This includes all their videos and that need is what this template is designed to fill. Simply edit the text and choose your background and you’re good to go!

Download Vintage Titles Now

16. Final Credits

This DaVinci Resolve template will help you create a final credit sequence in a flash. Add the final touch to your documentary, short film, or anywhere else that needs a list of credits at the end. Video tutorial included!

Download Final Credits Now


17. Action Seamless Transitions (Pack 1)

Check out this pack of transition templates with tons of movement. This well-organized and easy to use template will help take your videos to the next level. 

Download Action Seamless Transitions (Pack 1) Now

18. Seamless Transitions V.1

Select one of the 100 transitions ranging from stretch, blur, flat, and more make up a great starter package for all your transition needs.

Download Seamless Transitions V.1 Now

19. Split Transitions

This carefully curated collection of 28 different split transitions is designed for all different sorts of applications. Check it out today!

Download Split Transitions Now

20. Light Leaks Transitions

Light leak transitions are great for situations where you need a halo of light effect, a soft glow, or other gentle blurring effects across your viewers’ screens. If that’s what your projects need, check out these 20 different light leaks, and see which one would work best for you! 

Download Light Leaks Transitions Now

Part 2: How to Use DaVinci Resolve Templates

Now that we’ve covered some of our favorite templates, you might be wondering how you can get started. It’s really quite simple. To use them in your projects, simply download the template that you want, add it to your DaVinci Resolve folder, and put it to work in your editing room. For more details on how to install and customize templates, check out this helpful tutorial.

We hope these DaVinci Resolve templates help you edit faster and produce high-quality videos. With a few clicks and customizations, these titles, transitions, logos, and openers will help your videos stand out from the rest!

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