14 Free & Paid Mesmerizing Ink Templates for Final Cut Pro

Final Cut Pro 06/08/2021 4 min read

If you’re looking for a beautiful and artistic feel to your video projects, then you can’t go wrong with trendy ink effects. Including a variety of transitions, alpha channels, and video masks, these top 14 templates are sure to add a dash of creativity to your next Final Cut Pro project.

Part 1: Top 14 Final Cut Pro Ink Templates for Creatives

1. Ink Flow Transitions

This stylish Final Cut Pro template features 10 stunning transitions to move from one sequence to the next boldly. Ideal for opening credits, product videos, live events, or why not add some impact to that presentation. 

Download Ink Flow Transitions Now

2. Free Ink Transitions

This pack of free Ink Transitions has an eerie look ideal for your spooky horror films. The beautiful transitional effects are smooth and slow as the ink splashes creep across the screen.

Free Ink Transitions Download

3. Free Ink Transitions FCPX

The Ink Transition FCPX free pack offers 14 stunning watercolor style ink drops. Ideal for photo slideshows and showreels, the speedy transitions give the impression of ink splashing on wet paper.

Free Ink Transitions FCPX Download

4. Ink Slideshow

The Ink Slideshow template provides 16 media and text placeholders in a beautiful 90-second composition. The ink splash transitions take your viewers swiftly through your media, while the text is highlighted with circular inky flourishes.

Download Ink Slideshow Now

5. Ink Opener

The Ink Opener template is an atmospheric title sequence composition with stunning liquid effects. From full transitions to floating ink media masks, this gorgeous template is sure to set the mood for your next TV show or movie.

Download Ink Opener Now

6. Ink Fantasy

Ink Fantasy is a gorgeous, vibrant composition with smooth, subtle ink media windows. The template stands out due to its fullscreen letter elements to reinforce your title messaging, providing a unique branding opportunity.

Download Ink Fantasy Now

7. Cinematic Ink Double

The Cinematic Ink Double template is ideal for fantasy, drama, and romance opening title sequences. With a smooth, smoking ink mask, and double exposure effects, this composition is sure to set the tone.

Download Cinematic Ink Double Now

8. Ink Slideshow

The Ink Slideshow template offers incredibly detailed ink-on-water style transitional effects. The text elements are highlighted by delicate ink sprays, with rainbow light leaks providing a beautiful color palette. 

Download Ink Slideshow Now

9. Ink Cinematic Titles

Ink Cinematic Titles provides 24 media and 12 text placeholders, ideal for title sequences and photo slideshows. The bold alpha channels give the impression of ink sinking in water, with dramatic curls and waves.

Download Ink Cinematic Titles  Now

10. Ink Opener

The Ink Opener is ideal for photography slideshows with a massive 32 media and 16 text placeholders. The bursts of ink fill the screen to reveal your images and video clips with elegant and subtle titles.

Download Ink Opener Now

11. Ink Transitions

The Ink Transitions pack offers an incredible 52 high-quality ink transitional effects. The vast range includes ink bursts, wipes, and Venitian blind style movements.

Download Ink Transitions Now

12. Ink Slideshow

The Ink Slideshow template includes 14 slideshow titles and 10 transitions, allowing you to build a slideshow from scratch. The ink effects are cloudy and natural-looking and work perfectly with a bright and colorful palette. 

Download Ink Slideshow Now

13. Ink Slideshow 5

Ink Slideshow 5 has stunning and dynamic ink transitions, with a unique double opacity feather effect. The splashes are detailed and feathery, with fun graphical flourishes floating on the surface.

Download Ink Slideshow 5 Now

14. mTransition Ink

The mTransition Ink pack includes 30 organic, transitional effects with a beautifully realistic feel. The effects mix dynamic motion with double exposure effects, blurring, and distortion for a unique style.

Download mTransition Ink Now

Part 2: Create Amazing Intros with Final Cut Pro Ink Templates

Template files come in two variations; Plugins, which work in the same way as FCP native effects and transitions, and Alpha Channels, which need a little work to add to your compositions. We’re going to quickly take you through both ways to use these incredible downloadable assets.

Using a Plugin

A plugin will need to be installed on your machine before using it, and there are two ways to do so. Before anything else, however, make sure you close Final Cut Pro.

If you have Apple Motion installed on your device;

  1. Using Finder, go to the Movies folder and find the Motion Templates folder. Inside you will find four folders: Titles, Generators, Transitions, and Effects
  2. Open your zip folder. Inside will usually be some instructions and licenses and another folder filled with the effects.
  3. Drag the Effects folder to the relevant Motion Templates folder.
  4. Launch Final Cut Pro and your effects will be in the relevant panels, ready to drag and drop to your media.

If you don’t have Apple Motion installed on your device:

  1. In Finder, go into the Applications folder and find Final Cut Pro.
  2. Right-click on the icon and choose Show Package Contents.
  3. Then, go to Contents > Plugins > Media Providers > MotionEffect.fxp > Contents > Resources.
  4. In another Finder window, open the downloaded Zip folder and find the folder filled with the effects.
  5. Drag the Effect folder to one of the relevant Resources Folders: Titles, Generators, Effects, or Transitions.

Working with Alpha Channels

The template you download may consist of a library of black and white video files. At first look, you might be confused about how they can hold your media, but it is surprisingly straightforward.

  1. Edit your clips in the timeline as required.
  2. Drag one of the alpha videos over the clip you want to add the effect.
  3. Go to the Effects panel, search for Luma Keyer and add it to your alpha clip. The black should immediately be removed.
  4. Go to the Effects Control panel and adjust the Luma Keyer settings to get the look you want.

Ink video templates in Final Cut Pro are powerful effects to use in the right project. If you’re looking for a passionate, artistic feel to your composition, you can’t go wrong with the inky style. Now you know where to download your ink templates, try mixing and matching to create something new.

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