How to Create an Attractive YouTube Subscribe Button in Final Cut Pro

Final Cut Pro 29/06/2022 5 min read

Animated Subscribe Buttons are a fantastic way to encourage viewers to follow your channels and look amazing. Thankfully, adding animated subscribe buttons is a piece of cake with Final Cut Pro X title presets. In this tutorial, we’ll show you how to use these incredible assets, with 15 of our favorites you can download today.

Part 1: Best Practices for Using the YouTube Subscribe Button

Subscribe buttons come in all shapes and sizes; some are simple titles, while others will include media dropzones to add your photos and logos. While adding the subscribe button animation is super simple, there are a few things to consider about your compositions.

Create Platform-Specific Buttons

While it can take a little time, it is essential to create/use buttons specific to the platform you’ll be publishing your content. For example, YouTube is THE place for Subscribe buttons, as that is what you want the viewer to do. For other social media channels, you can use Follow, Like or Comment buttons, depending on your needs.

Customize to Suit your Brand

FCPX presets are all highly customizable, and you can use this to create something unique to your channel and brand. Use your preferred fonts and colors to match your lower thirds, logo, and title cards. Think about what will be in the background and use footage, photos, or color mattes accordingly.

Try Not To Overdo It

It is super important to remember that your audience is watching your video for the content. So while you may want them to subscribe, the button only acts as a gentle reminder; the content will guide their decision. Your Subscribe button is best placed at the start or end of your content, but you can also put it on screen if you mention subscribing in the content.

Leave Space for Platform Elements

YouTube and Social Media have different elements you can add to your videos. YouTube, for example, allows you to add Cards and a clickable Subscribe button to the end of a video. So when you design your outro, consider the elements you want to add through the platform and leave an appropriate space.

Part 2: 15 Stylish YouTube Subscribe Buttons

1. Stylish Subscribe Buttons

The Stylish Subscribe Buttons pack includes 10 fantastic cartoon-style buttons with a cute, colorful design. Each button features a cursor clicking on a Subscribe, Like and Notification icon, which is ideal for ending your YouTube videos.

Download Stylish Subscribe Buttons Now

2. YouTube Subscribe Buttons

The YouTube Subscribe Button pack includes 10 clean designs with dynamic, cartoon-style animation. The simple look includes an additional title placeholder to personalize your message.

Download YouTube Subscribe Buttons Now

3. Subscribe Buttons

The Subscribe Buttons pack includes 10 fantastic cartoon options for your video. Each design features a simple YouTube-style Subscribe Button with different comic-book-style elements, including electricity, flames, liquid and smoke.

Download Subscribe Buttons Now

4. Social Media Subscribe Buttons

The Social Media Subscribe Buttons pack includes 10 energetic cartoon animations featuring flames, lightning, colorful smoke, and energy pulses. The title placeholders allow you to use these buttons for any platform with your own messaging.

Download Social Media Subscribe Buttons Now

5. Neon Subscribe Buttons

The Neon Subscribe Buttons pack features 10 glowing badges, including Subscribe, Follow, Like and Comment. Each neon-light style badge includes platform-specific elements such as the Facebook and Instagram logos.

Download Neon Subscribe Buttons Now

6. YouTube Reminders Pack

The YouTube Reminders pack is a clean and stylish set of 9 template elements with a distinct YouTube design. The button designs feature media dropzones, allowing you to add your photo, channel art, and even video previews to your buttons.

Download YouTube Reminders Pack Now

7. Social Media Snow Subscribers

The Social Media Snow Subscribers are ideal for your festive content with their chilly cartoon style. Each element features a cursor clicking a subscribe, like, and notification bell, with bursts of fluffy snow.

Download Social Media Snow Subscribers Now

8. YouTube Subscribe Elements

The YouTube Subscribe Elements includes 5 clean and minimalist designs, ideal for the start and end of your YouTube videos. The elements include background colors, allowing you to create full or partial screen subscribe cards.

Download YouTube Subscribe Elements Now

9. YouTube Subscribe Generators

The YouTube Subscribe Generators pack includes 6 buttons and 2 transitions, each with a fun cartoon style. The fun designs include smoke, flames, starburst and liquid splash, with intelligent color control for easy customizations.

Download YouTube Subscribe Generators Now

10. YouTube Subscribe Elements

The YouTube Subscribe Elements pack includes 4 3D designs with a fun jump-out animation. Each button features an animated card and cursor, with Like and Notification Bell icons that jump out and spin before returning to the card.

Download YouTube Subscribe Elements Now

11. Liquid YouTube Buttons

The Liquid YouTube Buttons pack includes 9 beautiful designs with a dynamic liquid splash flourish. The bright color palette and clean design highlight the quivering liquid edge effect and drifting bubbles.

Download Liquid YouTube Buttons Now

12. Subscribe Lower Thirds

The Subscribe Lower Thirds pack includes 10 presets with text and media placeholders. The design transition is quirky, with a fun bouncy style, while the flourishes include flames, starburst, smoke, and scribbles.

Download Subscribe Lower Thirds Now

13. Social Media Starter Pack

The Social Media Starter Pack includes 10 stunning designs with a modern and professional look, ideal for business channels. The simple title elements allow you to add several buttons together to create a clean and well-composed outro.

Download Social Media Starter Pack Now

14. YouTube Subscribe Elements

The YouTube Subscribe Elements pack includes 5 beautifully rendered 3D buttons with a textured gradient look. The clean and stylish buttons include a media placeholder and channel slogan title layer.

Download YouTube Subscribe Elements Now

15. Social Media Subscribers

The Social Media Subscribers Pack is a complete collection of 13 buttons, including Twitter, Instagram, Twitch, YouTube, Facebook, Snapchat and Vimeo. The beautifully designed elements are ideal for content creators and marketers. 

Download Social Media Subscribers Now

Part 3: How to Customize Your YouTube Subscribe Button in Final Cut Pro

The first step to using these incredible Animated Subscribe Buttons is downloading and installing your set. If you’ve never done this before, don’t worry, we’ve written a complete guide to show you how.

  1. Search for your Subscribe button in the Titles menu and drag it to your timeline.
  2. In your timeline, select the layer and go to the first tab in the Effects Control Panel.
  3. Scroll through the settings adjusting the title message as needed; below each title, you can change your text’s size, weight, and font.
  4. You also have some fine-tuning position tools; adjust the X and Y settings to move the title around the window.
  5. To change the colors, click on the color box alongside each element setting; use the picker or Hex codes to adjust your colors.
  6. If you want to reposition the whole button, go to the Video tab in the Effects Control Panel; adjust the Scale and Position as you would a standard clip.

Animated YouTube Subscribe buttons are a fun and trendy way to finish your social media videos, but they can also help build your audience. The more subscribers you have, the more reach your content has when published, and a cool animated reminder to Subscribe might just be the push your viewer needs.