Using Call Out Title Templates in Premiere Pro

Premiere Pro 11/01/2019 4 min read

If you’re working on a video and you want to draw special attention to something, like an item or a product, call out titles are a great way to highlight it in a way that’s both impressive and professional. In this tutorial, we’ll show you how to use Premiere Pro call out title templates in your video projects. Let’s jump in!

How to Edit Call Out Templates in Premiere Pro

Working with call out titles inside of Premiere Pro is a very simple process when you’re working with a template. Here’s the one we used in the video example above if you want to follow along. 

Step 1: Import the Template File

Bringing a template into your current project is as simple as dragging and dropping the template in. Once you find your project and drag it in, you’ll find that an “Import Project” box will pop up. In that box, select Import Entire Project and Create Folder for Imported Items and click OK

The template folders will be imported into your Project Manager.  

Step 2: Select Your Prefered Template Option

If you navigate to your project manager and select the Arrow next to the folder, your newly imported template will open up. Underneath you’ll have several options that will appear. 

Those these options can vary from template to template, but you’ll likely come across the following:

  • Replace Media Folder
  • Final Folder
  • Other Folder

If you navigate to the Final folder, you should see an option to Preview All. Double-clicking on this sequence allows you to see all of the call outs that are part of this particular template package. Previewing all the templates can be helpful, especially if you have one for use in mind. 

Once you note it in Preview All, you can navigate to that specific template directly via the All Call Out folder in the Final folder. Find the corresponding number and simply drag and drop it into your project.

It’s important to keep in mind that when you drag and drop a call out into your timeline, it is not only a clip but also a nested sequence. You can discover all sorts of hidden assets inside of the sequence by double-clicking. 

Step 3: Make Basic Template Customizations

When it comes to customizing call out titles, there are a few ways you can make it your own. Here are the most common things you might want to do:

Positioning a Call Out

Positioning your call out is easy. Click on the clip in your timeline and go to Effect Controls. From here, you can position it like any other clip you would work with, moving it around with the position sliders until you find the right spot. Once moved, the call out will maintain its normal animation in the new spot.

Changing the Text

To customize the text in the call out for your video, you need to take a note of what number your particular clip is. Head to the Replace Media folder and find the corresponding call out title that you’re using and drop down that folder. 

From there, you can double-click on the file that says Text and a text edit box will appear. Type in the text that you want to appear in your call out title, and once you go back to your original sequence and you should see the new text appear.

Changing the Image

If you’re using a call out that has images, you can change those in a similar manner to the text. Head to the Replace Media folder and find the corresponding call out number.

From there, double-click on the image sequence. Drag and drop the image you want to use and position it within the borders of the composition trying to keep it as centered as possible (unless you have a specific reason not to). Go back to your original sequence and take a look. Your image should now appear!

Step 4: Advanced Customizations (Optional)

If you want to work with slightly more advanced customizations for your call out titles, there are a few things we can recommend:

Change The Direction

If you’re interested in changing the direction of where your call out title is pointing you need to double-click on the sequence clip. From here, you will see three layers:

  • Call Out Title
  • Line
  • Circle Animation

To change where your new line stems out from, go to the Line layer and change either the Rotation or Position to choose your new look. Then go to the Circle Animation layer and use the position sliders to line it up with the bottom end of your new line. Finally, go back to your normal sequence and fine-tune where your new call out title stems from. 

Change Colors

If you’re interested in modifying the color of your call out Title navigate to the Other folder in your project manager and select the folder called Solids. Double-clicking on any one of the files will allow you to change the color of that aspect. Note that this will impact all of your call out titles.

With these tips, you’ll be well on your way to creating awesome call out titles in Premiere Pro to enhance your project! It’s important to keep in mind that every template pack is unique and yours may look and behave differently. All of the basic principles can be carried over to different templates but you may have to do a tad bit of experimentation to see what works best for your template. 

If you’ve never downloaded any templates before Motion Array has a wide selection of call out titles for you to choose from. Check them out!