How to Install and Use Adobe Motion Graphics Templates

Premiere Pro 09/07/2022 3 min read

In this tutorial, you will learn about the new motion graphics capabilities available inside Adobe Premiere. With this new function comes the ability to use third-party templates to enhance your projects. But first, it is essential to understand how to utilize these new templates to maximize their impact.

Part 1: Downloading and Installing Motion Graphics Templates

Hundreds of motion graphics templates are available online, and catalogs like Motion Array allow you to search for Premiere Pro-specific templates. The file type of a Motion Graphics Template is .MOGRT.

  1. Find a template you like, download it and open the Zip folder.
  2. Open Premiere Pro (version 2017 or later) and start a New Project.
  3. On the top menu bar, click the Graphics tab and go to Install Motion Graphics Template
  4. Navigate to your downloaded .MOGRT, select it and hit Open.
  5. Your preset will now be installed in your Essential Graphics Tab.

Part 2: Adding and Customizing Motion Graphics Templates

The Essential Graphics tab is where you can find all your motion graphics templates and all the customizations for each design. If you can’t see the Essential Graphics Tab, go to Window > Essential Graphics.

Step 1: Adding a Motion Graphics Title

Motion graphics title templates will all have different customization options, and sometimes it can take a while to find one that does everything you want. So it is always worth exploring template customizations, as they can dramatically change the look of the preset.

  1. Open the Essential Graphics tab and go to the Library menu.
  2. Search through the presets until you find the one you like.
  3. Drag it to the timeline and position it above your chosen footage or background.
  4. Drag the ends of the template to shorten or lengthen your title.

Step 2: Customizing the Titles

When you add a title, there will be generic text in the design that you need to change to your message. While many templates allow you to adjust the text box size, you should always try and find a design that uses a similar number of words.

  1. Select the title in the timeline and go to the Essential Graphics tab; click the Edit tab in Essential Graphics.
  2. Each text box will be numbered based on the order in which it appears in the template.
  3. Go through each title box and adjust the text to your messaging.
  4. Below, you can change the font and weight of your title.

Step 3: Customizing the Look

Changing the title message is the most basic customization any motion graphics template will allow. Still, many have advanced options that allow you to create a look of your own.

  1. Scroll through the Essential Graphics Edit tab to look at the options.
  2. Use Scale controls to increase the size of various elements in the template, including the overall size of the graphic.
  3. Select the Color Boxes and adjust the colors used in the design; these are usually named after the elements, such as Title 1 Color or Box Color.
  4. Play around with all of the Customization controls to learn what they do.

Through this video, we explore how to import and customize motion graphics templates and gain a deeper understanding of how to access these features within Premiere as a whole. It is important to remember that while basic principles will remain consistent, each individual template will look different and include different functions for customization. So it is highly encouraged that you explore and experiment with templates available to you to gain a better first-hand understanding.

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