28 Royalty-Free Funny Sound Effects Most Used by YouTubers

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Funny sound effects really make the cartoon. What would Road Runner be without that wildly long anvil drop and speedy foot pattern when he runs? But finding good sound effects can be challenging if you don’t know where to look (or what to look for). Luckily, we’ve gathered up 28 of the best funny sound effects for you to use in your next project. 

Top Funny Sound Effects for YouTube Videos

1. Pop Up Sound Pack

Bubbles popping can be an effective way to draw your audience’s attention to an element of your project. The Pop Up Sound Pack features 13 bright, fun single and multi pop sounds.

Download Pop Up Sound Pack Now

2. Cartoon Slip

Imagine slipping on a banana peel in a cartoon — that’s what you get with Cartoon Slip. A classic, high-pitched, slip screech that’s perfect for your next animation project.  

Download Cartoon Slip Now

3. Air Horn

Air Horn features five distinct air horn clips for you to choose from. Whether you’re editing a stadium scene or putting together a cinematic air raid, this might be the perfect pick for you.

Download Air Horn Now

4. Stop Tape – Failed

The Stop Tape – Failed sound effect features four different synthesized tape stops. Whether you’re looking for something to add to your vlog stop sequence. 

Download Stop Tape – Failed Now

5. Cartoon Slap

If you’re looking for a traditional cartoon slap, this is the sound effect for you. This pack of royalty-free funny sound effects gives you eight sounds to choose from.

Download Cartoon Slap Now

6. Cartoon Boing Jump

Another classic sound is the jump boing. This funny sound effect pack comes with four different doink jump sounds for your next retro cartoon project. 

Download Cartoon Boing Jump Now

7. Child Ha-Ha SFX

There are six child-like laugh variations in the Child Ha-Ha SFX. If you’re looking for your perfect Teletubby-like laugh you might just find it here.  

Download Child Ha-Ha SFX Now

8. Cartoon Laugh

With 11 amusing cartoon-ish laughs, the Cartoon Laugh sound effects pack is great for adding a little joy to your next project. Use them in your fun animations, fail videos, or even your next hit game.

Download Cartoon Laugh Now

9. Fairy Godmother Arrival

Your cartoon fairytale deserves magic, twinkling chime, and Fairy Godmother Arrival delivers. Featuring a harp and a bell, it’s perfect for those more theatrical scenes.  

Download Fairy Godmother Arrival Now

10. Smelly Farts

If gross and squishy sounding is on your sound effects list, then the Smelly Farts pack is for you. This comical pack features five different loud and funny fart sounds. 

Download Smelly Farts Now

11. Funny Falling Whistles

We’ve all had to listen to that oddly long falling whistle sound when an anvil drops or a character falls from an impossibly tall height. If you’re looking to make your own version, Funny Falling Whistles is for you. 

Download Funny Falling Whistles Now

12. Cartoon Comical Pack

Featuring swooshes, bells, bubbles popping and an array of other fun sounds to use in your next comical project. These are perfect for your next game, animation, or comedy. 

Download Cartoon Comical Pack Now

13. Doing Doing

Looking for a Tigger-like doing to add to your next project? The Doing Doing funny sound effect pack features four humorous renditions that are ready for anything. 

Download Doing Doing Now

14. Cartoon Whistle

If you’re looking for funny sound effects YouTubers use, look no further than the comical Cartoon Whistle. Featuring five variations, you’re bound to find something that works for you in there.  

Download Cartoon Whistle Now

15. Cartoon Voice Uh-Oh

Looking for comic relief when something goes wrong in your animation project? Cartoon Voice Uh-Oh provides a baby-like cartoon “uh-oh” that’s perfect for those scenes.  

Download Cartoon Voice Uh-Oh Now

16. Human Whistling

You can whistle in a lot of ways and the Human Whistling sound effects give you nine different choices. From a whistle call to the beginning of a bird-like toon, you should be able to find one for your next project. 

Download Human Whistling Now

17. Cartoon Funny Whistle Fx Pack

If your whistle needs a little more kick to it, the Cartoon Funny Whistle Fx Pack features a classic clown-like whistle. There are nine different choices, so chances are you can find your fit. 

Download Cartoon Funny Whistle Fx Pack Now

18. Cartoon Fast Chattering

Whether you’re making the latest and greatest game based on The Sims or you have a fast-talking cartoon character, Cartoon Fast Chattering is for you. It features nine different fast-talking gibberish characters.  

Download Cartoon Fast Chattering Now

19. Comedy Wah-Wah Trumpets

Wah-Wah is a classic comedy trope for when something goes really wrong. Accompanied by an old-timey ragtime piano, these seven different iterations are great for your next animated mistake. 

Download Comedy Wah-Wah Trumpets Now

20. Funny Liquid Sound Effects

A little grosser than classy, Funny Liquid Sound Effects features 12 different fart-like gargling liquid elements to add a little humor to your next piece. 

Download Funny Liquid Sound Effects Now

21. Slurred Speech Pack

You can’t make out any of the words in the Slurred Speech Pack but, then again, that’s the point. It features three different choices for unintelligible slurred speech to spice up your next project.  

Download Slurred Speech Pack Now

22. Funny Voice Escape Exclamation FX

The Funny Voice Escape Exclamation FX features three different amusing voice effects. Whether you have goofy thieves or silly pirates in your project, these exclamations can help add a laugh or two.

Download Funny Voice Escape Exclamation FX Now

23. Cartoon Voice Bla Bla Bla

What project doesn’t need a baby-sounding cartoon-ish voice repeating “bla bla bla” — if yours does, you’re in luck. There are four comical variations included in this funny sound effects download.  

Download Cartoon Voice Bla Bla Bla Now

24. Vibration Wobble

If a wobbling vibration would add a little life to your next project the Vibration Wobble sound effect has three rattling spring wobbles to choose from.

Download Vibration Wobble Now

25. Cartoon Voice Uweee

There are 3 different variations of a cartoon-like voice yelling “uweee” in these funny sound effects buttons. Expressing joy, satisfaction or victory has never been easier. 

Download Cartoon Voice Uweee Now

26. Laughing Duck

If you’re looking to add a little comedy to your next project, Laughing Duck might just be for you. It features quack-laughs fit for an amusing scene.

Download Laughing Duck Now

27. Lo-Fi Electronic Toy Like

Lo-Fi Electronic Toy Like is a sound effect that’s built for a project set in the 80s. With beeps and creaks like they’re coming from an old video game, it’ll fit perfectly in your funny video.

Download Lo-Fi Electronic Toy Like Now

28. Sneezing

This Sneezing sound is definitely reserved for a cartoon instance as it doesn’t sound like a real person — but if you’re looking for a cute amusing sneeze, this might be the effect for you. 

Download Sneezing Now

The right funny sound effects can take your project from the kind of comical to knee-slapping funny. But you need to find just the right one. With thousands of sound effects to choose from, Motion Array is the best place to find the right funny fit.

For additional sound effects that you can download from Motion Array, check out our list of transition sound effects, scary sound effects, and popular YouTube sound effects.

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