31 Energetic Royalty Free Dubstep Music Tracks (Free & Paid)

Royalty Free Music 09/05/2019 5 min read

Dubstep is a type of electronic dance music that can be used to bring about a techno or trance-like feeling to your scene. If you’re keen to use high-energy music in your project, Motion Array has a vast range of royalty-free dubstep music for you to choose from.

On this list, you’ll find both free and paid royalty-free music options. “Royalty-free” simply means that you can use the music without owing the owner royalties for continued use. Browse through these dubstep tracks and see what you like, or come back here and search when you need something specific while editing a scene.

Top Royalty Free Dubstep Music to Download

1. Free Sport Rock Dubstep

To start, we have a dubstep rock track that will make a great accompaniment to any scene that calls for something upbeat and loud. Perfect for any kind of action videos, from games to commercials to promos.

Free Sport Rock Dubstep Download

2. Cinematic Dubstep

This track begins fairly quietly and then launches into a high-energy, melodic musical piece with unique elements sprinkled throughout. This one is definitely worth having in your collection, as it works for a variety of styles and scenes!

Download Cinematic Dubstep Now

3. Free Future Bass

Adventure and sports videos would benefit from this high-energy, upbeat soundtrack. It brings about a feeling of content excitement and would be a great background to anything that inspires a bit of low-key adrenaline.

Free Free Future Bass Download

4. Chillstep

The name really says what this one is about – when you mix dubstep and chill, you get Chillstep! A down-tempo melodic piece that is warm and atmospheric, and could be used in any easygoing video.

Download Chillstep Now

5. Epic Dubstep

Fast-paced and cinematic, this modern twist on the classic hero-quest music is exciting and engaging! It definitely gets the heart pounding and blood pumping.

Download Epic Dubstep Now

6. Dubstep  

An urban, new-age beat sprinkled with vocal cuts and synth waves on a foundation of deep bass. Use it as a motivational track in your next commercial production.

Download Dubstep Now

7. Dubstep Dark

A steady drumbeat layered over by diverse synth elements, this track is a mind-bending piece of music. It would work well with suspenseful action scenes.

Download Dubstep Dark Now

8. Dubstep Trailer

This is a dramatic dubstep piece, with orchestral strings under a modern dubstep beat. Use this one when you need a backing track to a high-energy, action trailer, or gaming video.

Download Dubstep Trailer Now

9. Dubstep Cinematic Drama

This track has a great mix of orchestral instruments and synth, making this a unique dubstep option. There are 5 different versions included in the download.

Download Dubstep Cinematic Drama Now

10. Dubstep Party

An upbeat and vibey piece of music, this one will definitely brings the party! Ideal for sports, adventure, or travel videos.

Download Dubstep Party Now

11. Angry Dubstep

This one starts slow and morphs into a raving, aggressive piece of music packed with overdrive wobble effects, growls, and high-energy vocal cuts. The beat takes a break halfway through to allow the high emotion of the synths to come through, before launching back in enthusiastically. Add it to any glitchy, action-packed scenes!

Download Angry Dubstep Now

12. Sport Dubstep

Here we have an energetic track with a funky melody line throughout. This would make great background music for sports or video game projects.

Download Sport Dubstep Now

13. Dubstep Pop

This upbeat track makes you want to dance! It brings to mind epic adventure and adrenaline and will be sure to add some great vibes to your project. It would be a great musical addition to promo videos or commercials.

Download Dubstep Pop Now

14. Dubstep Electronic

An electronic track that is fast-paced and invigorating, this piece of music would make an awesome backdrop to a high-energy scene. Filled with bright synth riffs and sub-bass lines, you won’t be able to avoid bopping your head at this one.  

Download Dubstep Electronic Now

15. Epic Sport Loop

When you need something dramatic and anticipatory, this track works perfectly! It’s a short one but created specifically for looping in the background of your video.

Download Epic Sport Loop Now

16. Chaos Glitch Drop

Download this funky, driving track to use as behind your action footage in your next project. It’s underscored by a solid drum beat and synth patterns and overlaid by some cool sound effects. This could be used in anything from fight scenes to trailers.

Download Chaos Glitch Drop Now

17. Dubstep

A party tune that begins with piano and some epic vocal atmospherics, this track would make a great backing to adventure, travel, or promo videos. It’s chilled but epic!

Download Dubstep Now

18. Epic Cinematic Dubstep Energy

Beginning with a piano, strings, and cello trio, this arrangement captures attention right from the start. The beat comes in confidently and brings with it some magical synth melodies.

Download Epic Cinematic Dubstep Energy Now

19. Dubstep Motivational

This tune brings to mind a busy club, and a crowd brought together by positive, uplifting music! Use this one when you want something dynamic and inspiring to bring your scene together.

Download Dubstep Motivational Now

20. Hybrid Action Dubstep Ident

A short but sweet cinematic dubstep ident. Perfect for intros that need a bit of action!

Download Hybrid Action Dubstep Ident Now

21. Dynamic Freaky Drop

When your scene calls for something fast-paced and adrenaline-pumping, this track would be ideal. Epic dirty dubstep layered with sound effect elements, this one will add a buzz to any edit!

Download Dynamic Freaky Drop Now

22. Dubstep

This tune is high-energy and fun, combining various synth elements to create a funky atmosphere. It can be used in virtually any scene that needs something upbeat and groovy!  

Download Dubstep Now

23. Extreme Dubstep Action Sport

This piece is an electric, action-style track that would work great for sports, video games or promo videos. It’s high-energy and motivating.

Download Extreme Dubstep Action Sport Now

24. Dubstep Aggressive

As its name suggests, this one is fast and dirty. Download this electronic track to use as a backing track for any energetic scene.

Download Dubstep Aggressive Now

25. Cyborg Fight  

In Cyborg Fight, a solid drum and bass foundation is interspersed with some impressive synth growls and other effects. This one has deep space sound written all over it.

Download Cyborg Fight Now

26. Summer  

Here’s another full-length track that’s very danceable. Backed by a solid beat, and sprinkled with dynamic, epic sound effects and synth pieces, this track will add some energy to your edit!

Download Summer Now

27. Dubstep Logo Ident

This quick intro piece is fast-paced and powerful! This is the musical equivalent of a logo for your film or promo video.

Download Dubstep Logo Ident Now

28. Dubstep House

This tune is a seamless melding of dubstep and house music, creating an intense sound experience. Use this in any high-energy scene!

Download Dubstep House Now

29. Epic Motivational Orchestra Dubstep

Epic and motivational describe this track to a T. A sweeping, dramatic piece mixing and matching a symphonic orchestra and some dubstep synth sounds, this musical gem is uplifting and inspiring.

Download Epic Motivational Orchestra Dubstep Now

30. Dubstep Special Promo Intro

An intro that features a glitchy drum beat and is accompanied by hypnotizing synth. This track is easy to listen to and would go well in any chill scenes.  

Download Dubstep Special Promo Intro Now

31. Emotional Dubstep


If you thought upbeat music couldn’t inspire emotion, think again! This modern piece of music will take you on an electronic journey and have you feeling all the feels.

Download Emotional Dubstep Now

Using dubstep in your projects can add some intense energy and dramatic effect. The genre is intended to be vibey, heavy, and energetic, which makes it perfect for creating a certain mood in a scene.

Motion Array’s stash of royalty-free dubstep music should cover every style, mood, and atmosphere you could possibly need. Have a browse and download what you want!

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