16 Finest Club & Birthday Party Sound Effects for Your Events in 2022

Royalty Free Music 22/02/2022 4 min read

If your next project has an energetic party scene, you’ll need the right sound effects to pair with it. Party sound effects can take your club or school dance scene from mediocre to amazing. Focus on the scene actions and enhance the film to be more realistic for your audience. Take a look at this handy list of our 16 popular options to get a head start on your edit!

Part 1: The Best UpBeat Party Sound Effects for Your Biggest Celebrations

1. Fireworks

It’s not a New Year party or the 4th of July celebration without the knowing crackle of fireworks off in the distance. Whether your next rom-com includes a holiday date night, or you’re celebrating the end of an era on your podcast, Fireworks gives you 5 different effects to help up the fun factor.

Download Fireworks Now

2. Party Popper

Party Popper features three different “party popper” sounds that feature confetti flying and loud bangs. It’s the perfect foley for any project that features a rockin’ party!

Download Party Popper Now

3. Short Crowd Cheering

Getting a real-life, in-person recording of a crowd cheering can be quite a feat, which is why using a sound effect is much easier. Short Crowd Cheering features 8 select choices of shouts, whistles, and ovations.

Download Short Crowd Cheering Now

4. Party Whistle

Party Whistle features 6 variations of celebratory noisemakers that fit your next children’s party or holiday celebration scene. Whether you are looking for a short clipped whistle, or something a little longer, this sound effects pack has you covered.

Download Party Whistle Now

5. Clink Glasses

There’s no need to break half-a-dozen champagne glasses on set trying to achieve the perfect clink. With Clink Glasses, you have 5 different variations that you can add to your next film or animation project. 

Download Clink Glasses Now

6. Champagne

It might seem like a small addition, but the popping of a champagne bottle, the fizzle of bubbles, and the pouring of the liquid can really make a scene. The Champagne sound effect gives you 3 different length choices to pick from. 

Download Champagne Now

7. Cheers And Shouts At Rock Concert

Cheers And Shouts At Rock Concert features human ovations, shouts, and whistles at a rock concert – a total of 8 different royalty-free tracks that can be used together. Whether you have a scene that needs a background ambiance at a concert or if you are ending your film with a fun group party scene, this might be the perfect pack for you.

Download Cheers And Shouts At Rock Concert Now

8. Large Pub Ambiance With Music

Large Pub Ambiance With Music features three different choices of ambient bar sound effects to help illustrate your next night at the pub scene. The crowd and music are cheery and fun, creating an uplifting atmosphere.

Download Large Pub Ambiance With Music Now

9. Voice Happy Birthday New Year Merry Christmas

If you’re looking for a female voiceover with celebratory exclamations here is a great option with Happy Birthday, Happy New Year, or Merry Christmas! Including 10 different variations, you can use this in your social media reels and videos as a background to your party scenes. 

Download Voice Happy Birthday New Year Merry Christmas Now

10. Air DJ Horn Sound

Air horns can be loud and annoying, but it’s the perfect sound effect for some scenes. Whether you’re matching it with a sports game or fun cartoon, Air DJ Horn Sound has 3 variations to choose from.

Download Air DJ Horn Sound Now

11. Tape Rewind

The sound of a tape rewind can mean a whole host of things in audio-visual products. If you’re looking for the perfect one, the Tape Rewind party sound effect has 12 to choose from.

Download Tape Rewind Now

12. Vinyl Scratch

Vinyl Scratch features 3 different variations of vinyl scratches that can fit right into any DJ scene. Whether you’re adding sound to your podcast or creating a fun video game, you can add a tad bit of a retro vibe in with this DJ sound effect.

Download Vinyl Scratch Now

13. Dance Elements

There are 10 different looped elements included in the Dance Elements sound effects pack. These funky, modern beats are perfect for your next club scene.

Download Dance Elements Now

14. Drums EDM Uplifter

If your next project features a teen party scene or young adults having a night out at a club, Drums EDM Uplifter is for you. It features 5 energetic tracks that pair hats, snares, noise sweeps, and low deep impact together for a great background shot.

Download Drums EDM Uplifter Now

15. Vigorous Beat Sound

Built for those looking for a great glitchy texture track that features spacey pads, punchy hits, and drops. This sound effects pack features 3 different choices to pair with your next project.

Download Vigorous Beat Sound Now

16. Technology Sound Bass

Featuring three modern club party sound effects, Technology Sound Bass is a great pack to match with your visuals. You’ll hear groovy electro beats paired with bass, risers, and synths—open your next project with a futuristic and powerful sound.

Download Technology Sound Bass Now

Part 2: Tips and Techniques for Using Party Sound Effects

Match Visual to the Beat

Your visuals should match the beat. Pairing a beautiful piano melody with a hopping club scene probably won’t compel your audience to keep watching. Make sure your visual matches the track, and the beat fits the scene. 

Pair Tracks for Realism

Just as the beat needs to match the visual, the tracks should fit the scene realistically. If you’re creating a soft, romantic scene that involves a celebratory glass of champagne but your party sound effects are cartoony, it can pull your audience out of the scene. Make sure the tracks you choose are realistic to the visual you’re trying to put forward.

Songs Need Transitions Too

It can be jarring to switch from one track to another without anything in between to soften the blow. You can use transitions to switch between different sound effects and scenes to make your film seamless to your audience.

Don’t Be Afraid to Use Pauses

Pauses can be just as effective as finding the perfect piece of music to back your visual. No sound is just as powerful as a loud boom or a sweet melody, so don’t be afraid to add in a little bit of silence.

Matching the perfect party sound effects with your visuals might be the thing you need to make your project memorable. Need more sound effects? Check out options like cinematic sound effects, movie sound effects, podcast sound effects, and even TikTok sound effects.  You can find thousands of more choices on Motion Array – the perfect mixture of ambiance and music is just a few clicks away.

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