13 Scary & Horrifying Scream Sound Effects for Editors

Royalty Free Music 02/10/2022 3 min read

Can’t decide how to finish your current thriller or horror movie edit? Explore our selection of royalty-free scream sound effects and select from scary and terrifying to funny – easily download and use within your different projects. Add a sense of drama, suspense or fear to your scenes and intensify your audience experience. These excellent sound effect tracks will fit perfectly with Halloween or zombie videos.

1. Screams Designed And Distorted

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Build up to the perfect horror and suspense opener or trailer, featuring your best thriller scenes and titles for your Halloween videos. Filled with a loud scary set of screams, create your own unique signature style.

2. Female Screaming And Shivering

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Enhance the sound of your female lead while screaming her lungs out and hiding or running from a killer or monster. You can also use it as a background if more than one person or a small crowd is being attacked and warn the audience that danger is imminent.

3. Designed Male Freefall Scream

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Perfectly designed for your fight scenes on a mountain or industrial location, the Designed Male Freefall Scream is a great set to use when someone falls from a high place. Develop a storyline that creates a strong connection with your viewers.

4. Pterodactyl Scream

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If you are working on a sci-fi dinosaur project, look no further than the Pterodactyl Scream, which is perfect for your animations, video games and fantasy videos. This pack will also be very useful for sounding aliens, mutants, zombies and other large and dangerous creatures!

5. Cave Monster Scream

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Crafted explicitly for your prehistoric sci-fi-related projects, this frightening royalty-free SFX set is an excellent addition to your music arsenal. Add more intensity and overall drama to your scenes and visuals today with these high-quality monster scream sounds!

6. Woman Scream

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No horror movie is complete without a scream. The Woman Scream sound effect features a handy pack of 11 loud and intense screams suitable for various scenes. They are also well suited for your horror or sci-fi movies and trailers, cartoons and video games.

7. Demonic Scream

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Looking for a versatile pack of scream sound effects? The Demonic Scream includes 4 dark female and male screams. These loud and frightening sounds of evil will deliver unique and dramatic features to your fantasy and horror media projects!

8. Scream

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By using enhanced scream sound effects, ensure your audience feels the chills and shivers. This pack features 5 scary female shouts and pain cries, ideal for your trailers, short Halloween promos and suspenseful sequences.

9. Scream Big Monster Pack

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Featuring dark, loud and blood-freezing monster screams, the Scream Big Monster Pack is a powerful package to add a more realistic sound to your sci-fi or animation fight scenes. Add more scary elements to your next big project!

10. Scream Horror Girl

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Make your next projects sound louder and stronger by using this awesome royalty-free SFX pack filled with these bizarre blood-chilling horror screams. You can create the perfect suspenseful scenes in a haunted house or graveyard with additional impacts and hits.

11. Animal Scream

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Are you working on footage from deep within the jungle? Or possibly your story ends up in a dark lab with animal testing? The Animal Scream features frightening and distorted shrieks and roars, ideal for games, horror, and sound design.

12. Crowd Scream Tortured

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If you are working on scenes with groups of persons being attacked, then the Crowd Scream Tortured is your best bet! Terror screams and shrieks will fill the screen to create the perfect scary scenes for your next Halloween or horror-themed project.

13. Cartoon Scream

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Take your animation and cartoon projects to the next level with 5 loud and high-quality child-like screams. Create a sense of fear and fright from a spooky sight! You can also use this pack in Halloween-themed trailers, games, and promos.

Royalty-free scream sound effects are a great way to enhance your funny or dark scenes with quality. That’s true whether you want to create a more comedic effect, like the Wilhelm scream, or a more scary effect, like in Psycho. Browse our list and download as many sound effects as you need to create your own signature sound design. Create the perfect short films that will for sure impress your viewers!

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