100+ Fresh & Modern Animated Emojis You Should Use Today

Video Effects 13/07/2020 5 min read

What’s your favorite emoji? Grinning emoji? Nervous emoji? Thumbs up emoji? The little characters and icons are a mainstay of today’s mobile culture, and you’ll find them in every messaging and social media platform. So if you’re making videos for social media, it can be fun to use animated emojis to emphasize key moments. They work pretty well when you’re making bitesize content for people to zip through on Instagram Stories or Snap, and they don’t take long to put together.

Motion Array’s library has over 100 fresh and modern animated emojis to download and use in your projects. So if you’re looking for emoji animations, look no further.

Part 1: Check Out 100+ Animated Emojis Every Filmmaker Can Use

1. 28 Animated Emoji

These clean, fun, stylish emojis are available in an After Effects template. Creatively animated and featuring 28 designs to choose from, you can use these animated emojis in any social media or YouTube videos.

Download 28 Animated Emoji Now

2. Animated Emojis

This pack of 92 different emoji animations goes for a 3D style effect. All of them are animated fully with quirky little touches that make them a lot of fun, but the best part is that this pack is a Premiere Pro Motion Graphics Template. Drag and drop these loopable emoji animations into your Premiere Pro project.

Download Animated Emojis Now

3. Emojis Pack

Here’s a pack for the Final Cut Pro users. This is a downloadable pack of 13 emojis that you can use in your next infographic or social media video. The animation is a gentle pop, and the design is clean and flat. Adjust the properties within Final Cut Pro to get the best results.

Download Emojis Pack Now

4. 3D Emoji

These emojis have been fully animated in 3D within Adobe After Effects, and include the shading to add them into a 3D space. Infinitely loopable, you’ll need Video Copilot’s Element 3D to use the project. It’s well worth it.

Download 3D Emoji Now

5. Emoji 3D

With slick in and out animations, this pack of 27 animated emojis will bring some fun to any social media video. The files are rendered as Quicktime MOVs with an alpha channel so you can’t edit them, but you can drop them into any of your existing videos.

Download Emoji 3D Now

6. 15 Animated Emojis

If you’re looking for flat, clean emoji animations then these are for you. The vector files can be infinitely scalable to fit your project, and the Motion Graphics Template is compatible with Adobe Premiere Pro.

Download 15 Animated Emojis Now

7. 15 Flat Emojis Presets Pack V2

The 15 unique downloadable emoji animations in this pack are clean and simple, but still professional. Use the full color controllers to customize them within After Effects, and add some fun to your social media videos.

Download 15 Flat Emojis Presets Pack V2 Now

8. Facebook Emoji Reactions Pack

You know those emoji reactions you can respond to Facebook posts with? Thumbs up, thumbs down, laughing, that kind of thing? This downloadable pack contains a whole range of animations with alpha channels to drop into your projects. If you’re making a video that features Facebook engagement, these animations are a great accompaniment.

Download Facebook Emoji Reactions Pack Now

9. Emoji Instagram Transition Toolkit

If you’re looking for a fun way to get from shot to shot in your Instagram Story videos, check out these transitions. There are four options to choose from, each with a range of styles and effects. Fill up the screen with color and laughs with this After Effects project. 

Download Emoji Instagram Transition Toolkit Now

10. Emoji Super Reaction Pack

These explosive animations bring the Facebook reaction emojis to life in an eye-catching way. The rendered files come with alpha channels so you can add them wherever you like in your videos.

Download Emoji Super Reaction Pack Now

11. Emoji Titles V3

This After Effects project is rammed with creatively animated emojis. These ones come with text straps so you can edit the titles and control the colors to create a truly unique experience.

Download Emoji Titles V3 Now

12. Emojis Particle Overlays

Is one emoji not enough? How about filling your screen with these emoji particle effects? In a few clicks, your videos will be swarming with emoji particles of all sizes and kinds. These HD elements with alpha channels would be great on their own or enhancing other 1920×1080 videos.

Download Emojis Particle Overlays Now

13. Glitch Emoji Package

Bring your emojis into the future with this pack of glitch effects. These 4K videos come with an alpha matte so you can incorporate them into your own videos. Great if you want to give your emoji animations a kind of retro glitch buzz.

Download Glitch Emoji Package Now

Part 2: How to Apply & Use Animated Emoji Packs

Using the animated emoji packs is very straightforward. If you’re already working on a video, you can download the After Effects project from Motion Array and import it into your existing project. To do this:

Step 1: Go to File > Import or hit CMD+i in the Project window

Step 2: Select the After Effects file you want to import – the emojis project you have just downloaded.

Step 3: There should be a comp in the new project featuring all of the emojis together, to help you quickly view what is available.

Step 4: Within that comp, double-click on a precomp to open up the details of a specific emoji animation you want to check out.

Step 5: Copy (CMD+C) and Paste (CMD+V) the emoji into the comp you’re already working in.

Step 6: Use the Transform tools to move it into position as usual.

And there you have it – a wide range of emoji animations, downloaded and ready to use in your project.

Animated emojis are great fun and help inject a lot of fun and color into your projects. Emojis are part of the everyday culture so don’t be afraid to use them in your video content as well – particularly in videos that feature on social media like Instagram Stories. Download any number of animated emojis you want to use and simply import them into your project.