20 Kinetic Typography Templates Plus Tutorial

Video Effects 21/07/2020 6 min read

Creating animated text sequences from scratch can take a lot of time, even for the most experienced editor. Kinetic Typography templates and generators are a great energy saver, as you can quickly create customized title animations with a few clicks. Check out our list of 20 kinetic Typography Templates, ready to download today.

Part 1: 20 Kick-Ass Kinetic Typography Templates

1. Kinetic Typography Opener

The Kinetic Typography Opener for Final Cut Pro is a project template with 13 media placeholders, 17 text elements, and one Logo placeholder. The short video opener is an ideal intro to your Youtube videos and web series.

Download Kinetic Typography Opener Now

2. Kinetic Typography Titles

This After Effect typography pack contains eight experimental and mind-bending full-screen title animations. Turning your text layers into 3D warped waves, tunnels, and moving shapes, these stunning typography slides are sure to impress your desired audience.

Download Kinetic Typography Titles Now

3. DaVinci Typography Titles

This DaVinci Resolve project offers a range of clean and stylish header titles. The striking design and dynamic animations make this pack great for events promos, music videos, and promotional campaigns.

Download DaVinci Typography Titles Now

4. Kinetic Typography 1

Offering the same animations as number one on this list, the Kinetic Typography pack comes ready for Premiere Pro. Once installed, these awesome animated presets can be dragged and dropped onto the timeline, with all the same color customizable as After Effects.

Download Kinetic Typography 1 Now

5. Kinetic Titles and Presets

This Premiere Pro pack contains 24 preset animations ready for your typography video projects. The bold design with cut out backgrounds makes these titles ideal for big bold messaging and fast-paced animations.

Download Kinetic Titles and Presets Now

6. Kinetic Typography

The Kinetic Typography pack contains 15 stunning 3D animated text elements. Perfect for corporate videography and digital content creators, the versatility of this pack makes it a must-have for any editor.

Download Kinetic Typography Now

7. Fast Kinetic Typography

This Premiere Pro pack contains nine modern and dynamically animated title elements. Ideal for digital content creators, these titles would be great for Youtube videos and Facebook/Instagram Stories.

Download Fast Kinetic Typography Now

8. Kinetic Typography

Kinetic Typography is an After Effects project containing 16 creatively designed and stunningly animated titles. Impress your audience with these snappy and versatile text elements.

Download Kinetic Typography Now

9. Final Cut Pro Kinetic Typography

This massive set of 20 Kinetic Typography animations for Final Cut Pro is so versatile it is a must-have for any editors toolkit. The fun and trendy animations would work perfectly in corporate presentations, promotional videos, and creative pieces.

Download Final Cut Pro Kinetic Typography Now

10. Bouncing Kinetic Typography

If you use After Effects, this is the pack for you; 45 stunning bouncy titles ready to drag and drop into your projects. This impressive pack is gorgeously designed with simple and dynamic movements.

Download Bouncing Kinetic Typography Now

11. Elegant Kinetic Typography

The Elegant Kinetic Typography pack for Premiere Pro contains 12 Corporate style title animations. Perfect for business presentations, slideshows, and social media content, this pack is a helpful addition to your toolkit.

Download Elegant Kinetic Typography Now

12. Kinetic Typography Titles

This fresh and trendy pack of 9 Kinetic Typography Titles is a powerful addition to your Premiere Pro title effects panel. Once installed, you can drag and drop these stunning titles directly to your timeline, and customize as you wish.

Download Kinetic Typography Titles Now

13. Kinetic Typography – After Effects

Including the same title animations as number ten on this list, the Kinetic Typography pack is also available for After Effects. The same stunning animations with the bonus of being able to add even more effects and customizations.

Download Kinetic Typography – After Effects Now

14. Brush Kinetic Typography

This After Effects project contains 16 beautiful brushstroke style title animations. The dynamic effect brushes your text on and off-screen with a colorful paint stroke background, perfect for art-based video projects.

Download Brush Kinetic Typography Now

15. Kinetic & Simple Titles

This set of 10 impressive Premiere Pro title animations are an excellent addition for any digital content creator. Use in corporate videos, promotional campaigns, and events coverage, and be sure to grab your audience’s attention.

Download Kinetic & Simple Titles Now

16. Virus Kinetic Typography

As businesses adjust to new COVID guidelines, the Virus Kinetic Typography pack is a must-have asset for any Premiere Pro editor. The Virus theme is professional and dynamically animated, uniquely suited for guideline updates and company policy videos.

Download Virus Kinetic Typography Now

17. Kinetic Typography

The Kinetic Typography pack for DaVinci Resolve is a creatively animated set of 8 rotating titles. Turn your text into a 3D scrolling tube, with a range of angles and speeds, and customizable fonts & colors.

Download Kinetic Typography Now

18. Kinetic Typography Instagram Stories

This fantastic pack of 18 uniquely designed titles comes ready for use in Instagram and Facebook Stories content. Turn your titles into scrolling 3D sequences, twirling ribbons, and rolling doughnuts; this pack is as stunning as it is strange.

Download Kinetic Typography Instagram Stories Now

19. Kinetic Title Animations

The Kinetic Title Animations pack for Premiere Pro contains 9 corporate style typography sequences. The speedy and straightforward animations, with bold messaging design, make this pack perfect for typography videos and business presentations.

Download Kinetic Title Animations Now

20. 70 Kinetic Titles

This massive pack of 70 Kinetic Titles is a must-have for any Final Cut Pro editors. The sleek and modern animations and bold text elements allow you to create typography videos quickly with a simple drag and drop, with full text, font, and color customization.

Download 70 Kinetic Titles Now

Part 2: How to Install & Use Kinetic Typography Templates

Once you have downloaded your template file, you will want to get stuck into customization. For most templates, all you need to do is double click the file to open.

Step 1: In the Project Browser Panel, choose the title you want to edit and double click to open.

Kinetic Typography

Step 2: Next go to the ‘Other’ Folder and select the associated Text Comp.

Step 3: Select the text layer and change your messaging, font, and size.

Step 4: Finally, go to the associated Color Control layer, and change the colors in the Effects Control Panel. Return to the Main Comp and your text has been updated.

Part 3: Tips and Tricks for using Typography Templates

Once installed, Typography template packs are easy to use, but there are still some tricks and tips you can use to make them look even more awesome.

Don’t Mix Styles

When you have a considerable number of designs to choose from, it can be tempting to throw everything at your video project. You should be careful of how many styles you put into one video, as it can be disorienting for the viewer.

Timing is Key

If you are using Typography slides with footage and/or music, timing is incredibly important. The better timed up your titles are to the shot or music, the more impressive the effect will be.

Don’t use too much text

A lot of the title elements will have a set number of words in each. While you can change this, the structure of some animated sequences means your text might look odd or obscured it you use too many words. Use the template example as a guide to how much text you can fit in.

Kinetic Typography Generators can not only save you time but can provide you with new styles and designs to try out. Whatsmore, you can build a library of Kinetic Typography templates which you can use across multiple videos and projects. Why not get downloading now and give it a go!

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